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Want to affiliate? E-mail me (Kimberly); please read this page in full before applying. Thank you!

Note: Rules below are general guidelines for affiliation; while external links are reviewed regularly, this site is not responsible for the content of affiliated, linked, webring, top sites or fanlistings.

Rules for new affiliates: Updated August 2014Deerling (Summer form)

Pokéball Content:

  • Site must be about Pokémon (pro-Pokémon obviously); whole or part (sites exclusively about Pokémon preferred. I would prefer not to affiliate with sites shared with Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Beyblade, Bakugan, Redekai, or other monster/TCG/battle-based Pokémon rip-offs); especially interested in sites that include AAP sections (but not a requirement). I'm always happy to affiliate with up-and-coming sites, but please be sure you have some Pokémon-related content uploaded before applying. Sites that later change in full to a non-Pokémon format (ie graphics/tutorials, personal, other animé/games/characters, etc.) will be removed; if your site is changing formats entirely, please let me know in advance if you no longer want to remain affiliates

  • NO hentai/porn

  • No illegal content (game hacks, etc). Also, only non-profit sites are accepted (exceptions, such as custom arts & crafts, are made only at my discretion); others (including those dealing in hacked games) will be removed or denied

  • NO hate; if you have a Pokémon fan site, but publicly state how much you hate Ash and/or Pikachu or other Pokémon/characters, the animé, games, generations, voice actors, etc.. OR contains any content (including fanwork) that portrays Pokémon in negative or inappropriate context, your site will NOT be accepted; this is the single most important content requirement! Sites later found to contain inappropriate content will be removed

  • Sorry, not accepting forums, blogs, oekakis, RPGs, or profile/social media pages only (must be part of a larger or personal Pokémon site). I do however welcome independent character-based Pokémon sites/shrines; Pokémon fanlistings may apply for affiliation with my fanlistings for Ash/Satoshi and/or Pokémon Ranger.
Pokéball Site:
  • Main site must be functioning (no 'site coming soon', offline for updates, hiatus, etc. when applying). Dead links are removed regularly (link will be reinstated when site is back online if reciprocal link is still displayed). Sites that are 'closed' (but still online) or on 'open hiatus', or that have been inactive (based on updates) for one year or longer will be moved to the Older Links and Affiliates page. Inactive affiliates are never removed entirely due to lack of updates, however sites that are not functioning properly or that do not meet the updated requirements will be removed

  • Main site must be able to be viewed by everyone; no "members/friends only" or password-protected sites (site may contain exclusive sections [forums, groups, online gaming, etc.])

  • Site must be in English; sorry, I cannot read/understand any other language. Foreign-language sites are only accepted if they have been personally authored by the webmaster(s) in more than one language (one being English); no external translation tools

  • Site must be safe; if any threats, viruses, or intrusion attempts are detected (may vary among anti-virus programs), your site will not be accepted and/or removed. Sites with few or no ads are preferred; no pop-ups. Please e-mail me if your link has been removed in error or to report any affiliated sites that are suspicious or unsafe

  • If your site has been removed for technical reasons stated above and the issues have since been resolved (changed hosts, etc.), please feel free to re-apply for affiliation
Pokéball Contact:
  • When e-mailing, please no chat/txt speak

  • Please include your name, e-mail address (so I can write back), the name of your site, and your site's URL/address

  • Please tell me a little about your Pokémon site and why you wish to affiliate

  • Please no generic or impersonal messages, such as those sent to multiple recipients; suspicious e-mails/sites will be ignored
Pokéball Linking Back:
  • Reciprocal link/button must be displayed once your site is accepted. Non-reciprocal links will be temporarily moved the Old Links/Affiliates page until link is added/reinstated or it will be removed permanently. Non-reciprocal links are removed regularly; please e-mail me if your link has been moved or removed in error

  • Please upload button/ribbon to your own server

  • Link and/or button/ribbon must be displayed on every page (exceptions are made only at my discretion)

  • If using a text link, please use this site's correct and full name (We All Live in a Pokémon World...); it is NOT "Pokémon World", "Kimberly's Pokémon Site" or "kimsites" (the domain name). "Pokémon" can be abbreviated as "Pkmn" or "PKMN" if necessary

  • Please use the correct URL to link back (http://www.kimsites.net/pokemon OR http://www.kimsites.net/pokemon/index.html), which is currently the splash page and the permanent URL to the site's entrance; Do NOT link directly to http://www.kimsites.net/pokemon/index_main.html, as this link will be invalid if the splash page is removed

  • Note that this site does not rank affiliates; everyone is treated equally. Please do not ask to affiliate with my site and then place it in some 'junior', 'elementary', or other lower rank category based on # of pages. The purpose of this site is NOT to offer gaming help, submit fanfic/art/sprites, provide web script/graphics tutorials, etc... so it's unlikely the # of pages will increase just to meet another site's standards, as there are only so many categories necessary for the defense of Pokémon (that's a good thing!). I'm not necessarily expecting 'top affiliate' (as many top affiliate requirements expect 75+ pages or some other unrealistic number that their own site may not even meet!), but anything less than normal or regular is just not worth the affiliation

No page #, hit, layout, or update requirements...just your support! Why?

Page #s... Quality over quantity; a site can have 5 pages of detailed content or 50 pages that say nothing. Some people do not even count "About me" or "About site" pages as content, however, I think that if someone takes the time to add these personal touches to their Pokémon site, it often says more than what's normally considered 'content'.
Hits... Some larger sites require 'the same amount of hits' as they have or a very high amount, which is often unrealistic and unfair to a smaller site or a site just starting out, as sites gain visitors through affiliation
Layouts... In recent years, many Pokémon sites have adopted more sophisticated css-based layouts featuring columns, drop-down menus, style switchers, etc., that is quickly becoming the standard, as opposed to simple HTML. I do not know css, and therefore do not require affiliates to know it.
Updates... And this is often the most unfair of any affiliate requirements, as no one has the right to dictate when someone else must work on their site. It's more important for a site to be maintained than continuously stating that it's been updated. If there are pages that were never completed, graphics (on your server) that don't show up, and half the affiliate links are dead, it's likely that the site is no longer active. Some sites that are no longer active, however, still contain valuable content.

One last thing, when applying for affiliation, you will never be required to type a stupid, irrelevant phrase in your email request to this site!

If for any reason, I do not accept your application, I will tell you why, and offer suggestions on how to improve the content in question so it will be acceptable.

Gastrodon (East Sea, West Sea)
Buttons, etc.

To link back to my Pokémon site, please use a ribbon, button, or banner (click the [URL] below the graphic).
URL: http://www.kimsites.net/pokemon/

Please be sure to use the correct URL (splash page); as stated above, do not link directly to kimsites.net/pokemon/index_main.html (as this page only exists when there is a splash) OR kimsites.net (this is my homepage, not my Pokémon site)

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Pokéball Even if you're not affiliating, feel free to place a ribbon or button on your website and link back to http://www.kimsites.net/pokemon/ to show that you support Pokémon! Note: Ribbon stencils look best on white or light background; if you would prefer an older ribbon (transparent background), please ask! Please email me if you are linking to my site or any of its articles/pages. Thank you!

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"With a friend, you laugh twice for happy things, and you cry half for sad ones. That is the joy of living with Pokémon."
-Ace Trainer Junko (Pokémon Black & White)

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