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"My Little Pony" - 1984
(a.k.a "Rescue At Midnight Castle" and "Firefly's Adventure")
(shown in two parts in syndication)

In 1984, My Little Pony made her television debut in a half-hour special and featured the ponies from Year 2. It starred Sandy Duncan as Firefly and Tony Randall as the Moochick. It was simply called "My Little Pony", but went by the title "Rescue At Midnight Castle" as a "My Little Pony" two-part episode. One section including the song "A Little Piece of Rainbow" was edited out. The special was then released uncut on video in Year 9 and called "Firefly's Adventure" and came with a new Firefly. It was previously released on video, but only for rental.

'Talking pony!'
'Behold the power of darkness!'
The Little Ponies are happily frolicking in Dream Valley. Firefly is showing off her flying stunts and attempts her famous double inside-out loop. Medley tells her it's too dangerous, but Firefly doesn't listen and crashes into Applejack and her basket of freshly picked apples. But everyone still laughs about it. But darkness begins to fall over Dream Valley and the ponies are attacked by the Stratadons from above. They are ordered by Scorpan to capture the ponies. They try to run back to Dream Castle, but Moondancer and Cotton Candy are caught. They are takes to Midnight Castle as Scorpan threatens the capture of all the ponies. But Firefly can't stand by and let this happen and she flies off to find help. At Midnight Castle, Scorpan places the ponies in the dungeon. His pal, Spike, a baby dragon, begs him to come along on the next raid. Their master, Tirek is displeased that Scorpan only brought back two ponies when Tirek asked for four. He needs four ponies to pull his chariot and put to use the contents of the pulsating bag that waits on his throne. He orders another raid at once.

Sea Ponies come to the rescue
'No time for thanks!'
Elsewhere, a young girl is grooming and talking to her pony. They are both startled by something that falls from the sky into her well. She pulls up the bucket and is shocked when a pony, Firefly, says "hello" to her. She introduces herself and says she can fly too. The girl introduces herself as Megan, and also introduces her pony, T.J. Firefly runs off until she reaches the edge if a cliff. Seeing that it's high enough, she tells Megan to get on her back. She makes sure that Megan can ride, and then they take off. On the way, she explains the situation in Ponyland, but Megan insists that she can't do anything to help them. They arrive in Ponyland in time for the next raid. A Stratadon grabs Megan, but Firefly frees her. As she is falling she is then grabber by Scorpan and dropped on the ground. He tells her to leave and that this is not her fight. Megan yelled back and Firefly was impressed, but the Stratadon's captured Bubbles and Ember. At Midnight Castle, the four ponies are brought before Tirek in chains, but Ember is taken to the dungeon because she is too small to pull the chariot. Tirek open his bag and unleashes the power of darkness on the three ponies, transforming them into monstrous creatures of the dark. But Tirek wasn't satisfied. He threatened that if Scorpan didn't bring him a fourth pony by Midnight, Spike's head would roll.

Tirek's Chariot if Darkness
The Rainbows of Light and Darkness
Megan, Firefly, Twilight, Bow Tie, and Applejack head for the Mushromp to seek out the Moochick who has powers to help them. But on their way, Megan and Applejack fall through an old bridge. Under water, they are rescued by the Sea Ponies, incredible singing creatures of the deep. Seawinkle, Sealight, and Wavedancer give Megan a tiny shell to signal them the next time they're in danger. When they arrive at the Mushromp, the Moochick hurries to tell them about Tirek's Rainbow of Darkness and how they must get it away from him. And he has the only thing that can help - a Rainbow of Light. But being so absent-minded, he can't find it until his rabbit, Habbit shows him that he had it all along. The Moochick hands Megan a heart-shaped locket and sends them on their way. When they approach Midnight Castle, Bow Tie sees that it's surrounded by water. Megan signals the Sea Ponies and they give them a ride in. But a guard sees them sneaking in at the same time Scorpan turns against Tirek. But Applejack is captured and transformed. But when her friends try to help, surprisingly, Scorpan helps them. But it's too late - Tirek takes off in his Chariot of Darkness. But Megan snatches his sack, but can't hold on to it. As Scorpan is about to release the Rainbow of Darkness, Megan opens the locket to reveal the Rainbow of Light. But it's only a small piece that is soon enveloped in darkness. But the Rainbow of Light starts fighting back, and eventually overpowers the Rainbow of Darkness. When Tirek is defeated, all his evil is transformed back into it's natural state - Bubbles, Cotton Candy, Moondancer, and Applejack turn back into Little Ponies, and Scorpan turns back into a prince. But Spike remains a baby dragon. Firefly flies Megan home.

Song lyrics from this special

"My Little Pony: Escape From Catrina" - 1985
(shown in two parts in syndication)

My Little Pony's next TV special aired in 1985 and featured the ponies from Year 3. It was divided into a two part episode of the "My Little Pony" TV series, but a part that included the song "The Good Old Days" was cut out. It was also spelt "Escape From Katrina." The complete special could only then be seen on a video that could only be rented. On the video package, several mistakes were made, including picturing ponies and other characters who were not in the special (Spike was even pictured with wings!) and naming Baby Surprise as the pony captured by Catrina, rather than Baby Moondancer.

Megan and Sundance
Everything is peaceful in Dream Valley. The Little Ponies are preparing a "Welcome Back" celebration for Megan. Some of the ponies are playing volleyball with the Sea Ponies. But when the ball gets away, Baby Moondancer chases it to an underground cave where it disappears. But down the cave is a factory where little bundles of fur called Bushwoolies are working. The are being watched over by a shape-shifting reptile named Rep while they make a magic brew for their ruler, Catrina.
The Rainbow Locket
But the Witchweed Potion is running low, leaving Catrina with hardly any power. The Bushwoolies have been planning an escape from their slavery.

In Dream Valley, the preparations have slowed down when Sundance, a clumsy little pony makes things worse when she tries to help. But at that moment, Sky Dancer arrives with Megan and all the ponies greet her and welcome her back to Ponyland. Powder allows Megan to wear the Rainbow of Light locket, being their guest of honor. But the ponies most anxious of all to see Megan are the new babies: Baby Surprise, Baby Cotton Candy, Baby Glory, and Baby Moondancer.
Katrina and Rep's good old days
But Posey tells them it's time for their nap if they want to stay up late for the costume ball tonight. But they want to play now. Using a little reverse psychology, Megan gets them to take their nap.

While Catrina is asleep, the Bushwoolies attempt an escape. Rep tries to convince then to stay by offering them certain privileges, but they refuse. They turn off the Witchweed machine, and escape to freedom. When Catrina wakes up, she finds the Bushwoolies gone. She tries to catch them on the surface, but they're to fast. Now she is need to new slaves. She sees the Little Ponies and plans a way to trap them. Using her limited power, Catrina blows in a snowstorms that buries Sparkler, Skydancer, and Posey in a drift. Powder escapes and brings back Megan with the Rainbow of Light.
'I'm a nurse - I have to examine it.'
The Rainbow melts the snow and ends the storm, and Catrina can't stop it. Her next move is to take the rainbow away from the ponies and then go after them. Rep stands by as Catrina turns more evil with every second and longs for the good old days when Catrina was a sweet pussycat and his lady friend; before she discovered the Witchweed and became power-hungry.

With all the interruptions, the ponies never finished decorating for tonight. When Sundance offers to help, Sparkler sends her away. Megan goes after her.
'Say 'good-bye' to Baby Moondancer!'
Sundance tells her that she's always been clumsy, even though she's a great jumper. Megan convinces Sundance to jump for an apple in a tree, and surprisingly, Sundance gets it without tripping. Together the ride back to Dream Castle. The baby ponies are all in costume, all but Baby Moondancer since she has nothing to wear. Megan finds her a cape and a crown and even lets her wear the Rainbow Locket. On her was to the party when she met up with a strange green pony wearing a nurse's costume. She wanted to see the locket, but when Baby Moondancer didn't let her, the pony transformed - it was Rep. Catrina grabbed Baby Moondancer and took her back to their cave.

The Parade of Costumes
Megan and the little ponies search for them and find the Bushwoolies along the way. They lead them to Catrina's cave, which was formerly the Bushwoolies' home. When they arrive, Catrina demands that the ponies become her slaves. When they refuse, she threatens to drown Baby Moondancer in her pit of Witchweed Potion. Rep can't stand by any longer and attacks Catrina. Megan and Sundance save the locket and baby Moondancer, and Catrina is left hanging over the edge of the pit. Rep refuses to help her out unless she promises to destroy the Witchweed Ponies and give up her power. In desperation, she agrees, and with her last drop of potion, Catrina climbs out, and keeps her promise, destroying the machine.

Catrina and Rep are invited to the Costume Ball. The Little Ponies and Baby Ponies show off their beautiful costumes. Catrina is sweet and as lovely as she used to be with Rep happily escorting her. Megan meets Baby Moondancer in the center court and returns the Rainbow Locket. After the ball, Megan says goodbye to her friends and Skydancer flies her back home.

Song lyrics from this special

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