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During the 10 years of My Little Pony, there were hundreds of ponies and accessories that you could find at you local store. However, some were exclusive and only available though special offers, usually through the mail. Special inserts could be
Horseshoe Point
found in packages or sent to your house to keep you up to date on the latest offers. The offers started in Year 2 and ended in Year 9; they included ponies (many of them being special firsts), fan club kits, and more, each set to a different theme depending on the offer. Nearly every offer required or allowed the optional use of Horseshoe Points which could be cut from the back of every My Little Pony package. Horseshoe points ranged in value from ½ point (on the earliest Pony Wear packages) to 12 points (on the Paradise Estate). The most common were worth 1 point (shown), which usually came with your average pony who came on a backcard. Most offers gave two prices for each item: one set price, and a discounted price plus an certain amount of points.

Ember, My Beautiful Baby Pony

Ember, the Baby Pony offer (later version)
The very first baby ponies were offered through a special mail order called "My Beautiful Baby Pony" in Year 2. Each was free with five horseshoe points and $1.25 p&h. The baby earth ponies came in Lavender, Pink, or Baby Blue, and the offer requested that you choose your first, second, and third choice in color (each pony had to be ordered with a separate form). Unlike adult ponies, the babies had no symbols on their hips. In a slightly later version of this offer (shown), the three different colored baby ponies went by one name, Ember, but you were still given your choice of color. Each pony came with a hair ribbon, but no brush or comb. On the back of the second form was an offer for a My Little Pony sticker album, where you could display the puffy stickers that came with each pony. This item was available in several future offers as well.

Ember, My Beautiful Baby Pony

Pink Ember has (straight, standard-length) light purple hair, and dark purple eyes.
Baby Blue Ember has (straight, standard-length) blue hair, slightly darker than her body. She has green eyes and came with a pink ribbon.
Lavender Ember has (straight, standard-length) pink hair and blue eyes. It was this version of Ember who appeared in the first My Little Pony television special.

SEE ALSO: "Ember's Dream."

My Little Pony Fan Club

Early My Little Pony collectors could show their enthusiasm by joining the My Little Pony Fan Club. It came with lots of things to collect and do including the "Hoofbeat" newsletter with several stories and activities, a Bow Tie paper doll with three different outfits, a Powder Puff pony charm necklace, MLP sew-on emblem, MLP wall poster, certificate, and membership card. Available as a part of nearly every My Little Pony offer, this fan club was offered from Year 2 through Year 4, until a new fan club was introduced in Year 5.
My Little Pony Fan Club

Powder Puff charm

The Powder Puff charm (shown close up) was the first of many MLP charms. She is molded in the same style as a pony charm from Hasbro's Charmkins collection named My Pony Pixie. Powder Puff is lavender with white hair, with three purple hearts as her symbol. She holds a pink flower on her mouth and has one on her tail. She hands from a lavender & white arch hook, similar to the piece on which Charmkins also hung. Pixie was on a pink lariat necklace while Powder Puff was on a white ribbon choker (both with lattice-style arch).

Birthflower Ponies

Birthflower Ponies offer
Birthflower Ponies (all Earth Ponies) came in a set of 12 - each showing off her month's special flower, which is the pony's name. You could order one for your birthday or the entire set at a special price. The Birthflower Ponies were only available in Years 3 and 4, yet were a part of several various offers during that time, which included the Collector Ponies, sticker album, fan club, and later, the reissue of the Pretty Parlor and Show Stable.

All the ponies are white with curly (standard-length) dark pink hair, and light purple eyes. They are all in the same, traditional standing pose. Their stenciled flower symbols are of various solid (both stems and petal) colors are shown listed below in individual photos. Though their symbol colors were all different, inserts that featured the Birthflower ponies were often monochromatic, and did not indicate the colors of the flowers. Even when they were featured in later, full-color pamphlets, The Birthflower Ponies' symbols were all shown as being dark pink.

January - Carnation - pink February - Violet - purple March - Daffodil - pink

April - Daisy - light blue May - Lily of the Valley - light green June - Rose - red

July - Water Lily - light blue August - Poppy - red September - Morning Glory - dark blue

October - Cosmos - pink November - Chrysanthemum - orange December - Holly - dark green

Birthflower Ponies were also sold in Australia, in shops. Unlike the U.S. versions, the Australian Birthflower Ponies had their own unique body, hair, and eye colors. Their symbols were also more detailed in color, varying from the main U.S. colors as well. In 2006, a line of G3 Birthday Ponies (sorry, not on this site) were released, again each representing each month's birthflower, however some flowers were different than the G1 set. They followed G3's 2005 set of Birthday Jewel Ponies which featured each month's birthstone as part of each pony's Cutie Mark (symbol).

Collector Ponies

Collector Ponies offer "Do you remember Cotton Candy, Blossom, Minty, Snuzzle, Blue Belle, and Butterscotch? They remember you!"

This was the opening line in one of many offers that featured the Collector Ponies. In early 1986, after My Little Pony had regained much of her popularity lost in Year 3, the very first six ponies were reissued, and slightly redesigned. Distinguishable from the original six mainly because of their 'concave' hooves, My Little Pony collectors seek both versions because of this difference, as well as slight variations in color.

Photos and complete info on the six original ponies and Collector Pony versions can be found on the Year 1 Ponies page.

Collector Ponies/Birthflower Ponies offer First Prize (Collector Ponies/Show Stable offer) Because they are such an important part of the My Little Pony family, the Collector Ponies were available through mail order until January 31, 1988, and in several different offers, both inserts and those sent to collectors in the mail. Originally offered by themselves, the Collector Ponies were soon paired with the recently released Birthflower Ponies, and also, often with the Show Stable and/or Pretty Parlor, and always the original My Little Pony Fan Club. The offer shown (left) featured all of the said items; a special version of the same offer also included a free My Little Pony poster. The other (right; blue ribbon cover) only featured the Collector Ponies and Show Stable (and fan club). The last offer to feature the Collector Ponies was Satin 'n Lace's wedding.

Ponyland is in Danger! Who Will Save it?

Ponyland is in Danger! Who Will Save It?
These were the words printed above the frightening image of the Smooze, in an offer to announce the release of "My Little Pony: the Movie" in 1986. This offer was mailed exclusively to collectors, not in insert in MLP packages. Inside, was a summary of the movie, introducing both new and familiar characters. Unbeknownst to moviegoers, they had already been introduced with the offer to the heroes of the story, answering the question of who will save Ponyland: the Flutter Ponies. Available ONLY through this offer was Hollywood, a Flutter Pony who did not actually appear by name in the movie, but was rather a symbol for Flutter Ponies being the stars. Also available was a reissue of Spike, the baby dragon, who would be offered again in several future offers. This offer was also one of many where the Pretty Parlor would be sold.

Hollywood and Spike
Hollywood has a deep, dark pink body with long, curly white hair, and violet eyes. Her symbol is a large, glittery silver star with three smaller stars above it. She also has an even smaller star under her right eye. Like all Flutter Ponies, she has delicate, iridescent wings. She came with a deep maroon flower hairpick and a silver metallic hair ribbon.
Spike is pinkish-lavender with dark green spines running down his back. He also has dark green toenails and green, rounded (black-outlined) eyes, and a white stomach. He is distinguishable from the other versions from the Dream Castle in Year 2 and Year 7's reissue of the Dream Castle mainly because of his rounded eyes. The other versions of Spike have slanted, less detailed eyes.

Here Comes Lucky the Stallion!

Here comes Lucky the Stallion! Lucky the Stallion is one of the most special ponies ever offered being that he was the very first boy pony. Though combined with another offer for the Collector Ponies and Show Stable, as well as also being offered in an later My Little Pony insert that featured a My Little Pony wedding, Lucky was introduced first to collectors through the mail in his own special pamphlet (shown). Lucky would be available for several years in offers running all the way through about Years 7 or 8, with his main role being his cousin, Satin 'n Lace's, ring bearer at her wedding.

Lucky is a baby boy Earth pony with a chubby body and a short, spiky mane (tail is standard-length). His body and hair are both medium blue, and he has dark, pinkish-violet eyes. His symbol is a pinkish-purple horseshoe and wears he a purple bowtie around his neck. Lucky's mold would be used for other baby boy ponies in later years. Lucky did not come with any accessories besides his bowtie, however, in Canadian offers, he came with a white original comb.

Lucky the Stallion

Stockings' Holiday Party

You're Invited to Stockings' Holiday Patry In an offer mailed only to My Little Pony collectors, a new pony hosted a special holiday party, in which you could purchase her as well as several other reissued ponies and accessories. Stockings, the Holiday Pony (featured on the cover of the offer shown) was ONLY available through this 1986 offer. Other in this offer included six Rainbow Ponies, including Moonstone and Parasol (originally from year 2), plus Pinwheel, Flutterbye, Trickles, and Confetti (originally from year 3). Four outfits from the Pony Wear with Jewelry collection, originally released in year 3, were also available: Pageant Queen, From the Designer Collection, Lights, Camera, Action, and Hearts and Candy.
Stockings, the Holiday Pony
Baby Cuddles (with Beddy-Bye Eyes; year 4) with the Baby Buggy, and Megan and So Soft Sundance (year 4) were also reissued. This was the first of many offers in which the Rainbow Ponies, Baby Cuddles with the Baby Buggy, and Megan and Sundance were available. The offer also included a poster featuring all available ponies and an activity to do.

Stockings (Earth pony), like some other mail order ponies, is in the traditional standing pose as shown. Also, like others, she is white with curly (standard-length) dark pink hair and light purple eyes. Her symbol is a pink and green Christmas stocking. She did not come with any accessories. Stockings was the first of three ponies with a Christmas theme.

SEE ALSO: Merry Treat, Christmas Baby Pony.

It's the Happiest Day of All...

It's the happiest day of all... Coat 'n Tails and Satin 'n Lace Announcing a wedding in Ponyland, this special offer introduced Satin 'n Lace, the first bride pony in year 5. In this insert, we find out how she wanted to share her day with special ponies, including Lucky, the Stallion, who was a new pony to those who did not receive his own announcement in the mail earlier, who was the ring bearer. The Collector Ponies were also invited to the wedding, and Satin 'n Lace had rented the Pretty Parlor to look her best, all of which could be purchased through this offer. With this offer, you had everything you needed for a pony wedding...except the groom (Coat 'n Tails; shown), who would not be available for a few more years.

Satin 'n Lace would be available in several future offers, and in several different versions, though it was unknown which version you'd get when you ordered. All pictures of Satin 'n Lace in the booklet were illustrations, not photographs. Said to be a So Soft Pony, only one of three confirmed versions was actually flocked. When I ordered her from this first offer, there was a long delay in her being sent to me, with these variations believed to be the cause. This offer was also available in Canada, and a French/English version of this insert was also made. It did not include the Pretty Parlor, but instead, offered the My Little Pony Fan Club and a Glory flip-top digital watch.

Satin 'n Lace (magenta)
Satin 'n Lace (lavender)
Satin 'n Lace (Earth Pony) came with a bridal outfit almost identical to "Something Old, Something New" with a white satin gown, white lace veil, four white bow shoes, white lace garter, and engagement ring (gold w/clear stone). Both versions shown have (standard-length) pale pink curly hair, blue eyes, and two white bells tied with a blue bow as a symbol. However, one has a deep magenta body (left; the version I received in the mail) and the other has a light lavender body (right). A So Soft version (not shown) also had the same hair, eyes, and symbol, with a pinkish-purple flocked body. Photographs of Satin 'n Lace were used in later offers, including the So Soft version in year 6 and the lavender-bodied version in Years 7 through 9. It has not yet been confirmed whether a pink, non-So Soft version on Satin 'n Lace in the traditional standing pose, which was photographed in the Year 6 Glitter Island offer. She is wearing her bridal gown, so her symbol cannot be seen in the photo and her eyes appear to be either purple or dark blue. It is believed that the pony shown in this offer is actually the Collector Pony version of Cotton Candy, with her (short) mane curled. My magenta version came with a purple bird brush and no hair ribbon.

Adventures in Ponyland

Get Blue Ribbon and...
In Year 5, a unique My Little Pony game was offered, along with its own baby pony named Blue Ribbon. This giant poster-size (24" x 36") board game uses actual Little Ponies as playing pieces and takes them on adventures through places like the Rainbow Slide, the Bushwoolie Woods, Playtime Pond, Black Mountain, and to the winner's circle at the Paradise Estate where Baby Blue Ribbon waits to award the winning pony. The prize is a blue winner's ribbon that attaches to a pony's hair or clothes and she gets to wear it until the winner of the next game is named. The game also came with a single die, and could be played with Adventure Cards that came in specially marked My Little Pony packages (one came with each pony). Each card had a picture of a pony on the front with a description of her, and on the back is a game move. The back of the game features the game's instructions and pictures of the the ponies from Year 5. s
The offer for this game was unusual as early versions of it required both pink and blue proof-of-purchases (two of each; plus $1.50), and each color could only be found on certain My Little Pony packages. The order form (insert) was actually the proof-of-purchase certificate, not the UPC code on the backcard. However, having purchased several ponies new in Year 5, I never came across a pink certificate or UPC
Blue Ribbon
proof. This complicated offer was quickly changed to require only one UPC proof-of-purchase (no color specified, as packages were never changed) and $1.50.

Baby Blue Ribbon is cerulean blue with matching (straight, standard-length) cerulean blue hair, and dark purple eyes. Her symbol is a purple (not blue) award ribbon, with '1st' written on the center. She is shown wearing the prize ribbon that comes with the Adventures in Ponyland game.

Click here to view the Adventures in Ponyland game board and game cards (does not include all cards)

New My Little Pony Fan Club

New My Little Pony Fan Club
In Year 5, a new My Little Pony Fan Club was offered to replace the original one. It included all new collectibles and activities for Pony fans. It has a wall poster featuring the Party Gift Pack, My Little Pony decorated notepad, a vinyl change purse with the My Little Pony logo, Twice As Fancy Pony iron-on, keychain/membership card, and Show Stable Stick & Lift playset. You could join this fan club was up until about Year 7.

Ponyland Parade and Stable Fable

Pony Parade Stable Fable These two offers are pictured together because they feature the exact same ponies and accessories, were released at the same time, and even expired on the same date (June 30, 1988)! Both themes are also similar, with Megan and Sundance leading her pony friends on exciting adventures, one being a parade (left; "Ponyland Parade"), and the other over the rainbow (right, "Stable Fable", a title which does not fit the theme). Ponyland Parade was an insert in My Little Pony packages, and required horseshoe points for purchases, while "Stable Fable" was sent to collectors in the mail and offers a choice of paying full price for items or using horseshoe points to get a discount. All the ponies and accessories in these offer were all from previous mail offers. In this offer, you could get Megan and So Soft Sundance, Year 2 Rainbow Ponies Moonstone and Parasol, Year 3 Rainbow Ponies Confetti, Trickles, Pinwheel, and Flutterbye, Lucky the Stallion, Spike the Dragon, Cuddles (with Beddy-Bye Eyes) with the Baby Buggy, the Pretty Parlor, the new My Little Pony Fan Club, and Satin 'n Lace, who was photographed for the first time in this offer, showing the So Soft version.

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