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Below are tables listing all the My Little Pony songs and the episodes they are from. Click on a song title and go directly to that song's lyrics. Use the following list to jump to the series/special's song list.

TV Specials/Movie
1986-1987 Series
'Tales' Series

TV Specials and Movie

SpecialsSongs On This Page
"My Little Pony" ("Rescue At Midnight Castle") Opening theme from "My Little Pony"
"Dancing On Air"
"Call Upon the Sea Ponies
"A Little Piece Of Rainbow"
"Closing theme from "My Little Pony"
"My Little Pony: Escape From Catrina" "Opening theme from "Escape From Catrina"
"Let's Not Take a Nap"
"The Good Old Days"
"Dressed Like a Dream"
"Closing theme from "Escape From Catrina"

MovieSongs On This Page
"My Little Pony: the Movie" "Opening theme from "My Little Pony: the Movie"
"Evil With Like Me"
"I'll Go It Alone"
"I'll Do the Dirty Work"
"Nothing Can Stop the Smooze"
"There's Always Another Rainbow"
"Grundles Good"
"What Good Will Wishing Do?"
"Closing theme from "My Little Pony: the Movie"

1986 Series

PageEpisode(s)/Songs On This Page
Page 1 My Little Pony Themes:
"My Little Pony 'n Friends" theme
"My Little Pony" theme

"The End of Flutter Valley":
"From the Sun" (1)

"Dark and Dirty"
"Nature's In Harmony"
"Stretch Yourself" (1)
"Stretch Yourself" (2)
"How Can I Be a Hero?"
"Pony Magic"
"Imagine You Were Friends"
"From the Sun" (2)
Page 2 "The Ghost of Paradise Estate":
"It's All In Your Imagination"
"I'd Get Out Fast If I Were You"
"You Aint Seen Nothing Yet"
"In No Time At All"

"The Glass Princess":
"Look At Me"
"All Wrong/All Right"
"Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave"

"Bright Lights":
"Bright Lights"
"We're Gonna Make You Sorry"
"Nothing Quite Like Shadows"
"We Are the Flutter Ponies"
"Moonwalk Ponies"
Page 3 "The Return of Tambelon":
"Where Have the Unicorn's Gone?"
"Let the Bell of Freedom Ring"

"The Magic Coins":
"Oh, For a Rainy Day"
"Let a Song Carry You Along"
"What Do You Give To a Troll"

"Woe Is Me":
"Little Hobo"
"If I Don't Go Now"

"Fugitive Flowers":
"How Does My Garden Grow?"
Always Look Twice"
Page 4 "Baby, It's Cold Outside":
"We're Not Gonna Freeze"
"How Can You Be So Cold?"

"Crunch the Rockdog":
"I Hate Soft"
"It's Wonderful To Have a Heart"

"The Revolt of Paradise Estate":
"A Fresh Coat of Paint"
"Remember Those Times"

"Through the Door":
"There's a Prince In Your Future"
"I Was Born To Be a Monster"
Page 5 "Pony Puppy":
"What Are We Gonna Do About Dinah?"

"Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt":
"Be Glad You Are Who You Are"

"Little Piece of Magic":
"Imagining Is Fun"

"Mish Mash Melee":
"Being Somebody Else"

"Would Be Dragon Slayer":
"To Be a Knight"

"The Great Rainbow Caper":

1987 Series

PageEpisode(s)/Songs On This Page
Page 1 "The Quest of the Princess Ponies":
"By Right, I Should Be Queen"
"Keep On Slogging"
"Here's To Power"
"A Long Hard Road"

"The Golden Horseshoes":
"All Through the Night"
"We're Friendly With the Beasts..."

"Flight To Cloud Castle":
"For My True Love"
Page 2 "Somnambula":
"The Big Brother Ponies"
"Hey, Let's Play/No, Let's Go"

"Spike's Search":
"Someone To Look Up To"

"The Ice Cream Wars":

"The Prince and The Ponies":
"Those Newborn Twins"

'MLP Tales' Series

PageEpisode(s)/Songs On This Page
Page 1 Theme from "My Little Pony Tales"

"Slumber Party":
"Things Are Not Always What They Seem"

"Too Sick To Notice":
"A Little Attention"

"Battle of the Bands":
"Sweet Music"

"...And the Winner Is":
"The Choice"

"Stand By Me":
"You Don't Know the Boy"

"The Tea Party":
"Boys! Boys! Boys!"

"The Masquerade":
"The Best Dream"

"Out of Luck":
"When Fortune Smiled On Me"

"The Play's the Thing":
"The Magic of Theater"

"Shop Talk":
"A Juicy Story"
Page 2 "The Impractical Joker":
"Practical Jokes"

"The Great Lemonade Stand Wars":
"Think Again"

"Blue Ribbon Blues":
"It's Harvest Time"

"Roll Around the Clock":
"Play Cool"

"Princess Problems":
"A Princess Must Look Beautiful"

"An Apple For Starlight":

"Up, Up, and Away":
"The Adventure"

"Sister of the Bride":
"Today's My Wedding Day"
Page 3 "Birds of a Feather":
"In the Forest"

"Send in the Clown":
"She's So Much Better Than Me"

"Happy Birthday, Sweetheart":
"An Unforgettable Party"

"Off You Go"

"Bon Bon's Diary":

"Just for Kicks":
"Perfect Pair (part 1)"
"Perfect Pair (part 2)"

"Ponies in Paradise":
"We May Be Different"

"Who's Responsible?":
"A Lot Less Litter"

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