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Here is a list of the combs, brushes and/or hair picks that came with the Little Ponies and their friends. As of now, it only contains information for U.S. ponies and friends (Year 1-10 and Special Mail Offers). The pictures shown are samples of each different kind of comb, and the comb colors for as many ponies as I know of are listed. Any combs that are not listed, I don't know what colors or types they are. If you have any information you would like to add, please email me.

Blue = info from my personal collection or MOC ponies (confirmed)
Green = info provided by other collectors (may or may not be confirmed)
Black w/ no info = unknown

Have a brush or comb not listed below? Please see the F.A.Q. on confirmed non-MLP brushes and combs!

Early Ponies (Year 1)

My Pretty Pony's purple comb and grooming brush My Pretty Pony:
(Longer comb and oval
grooming brush)

(brown): light blue
(pink): pinkish-purple

Blossom's white original comb Collector Ponies:
(Original comb)

Cotton Candy: purple
Minty: blue
Snuzzle: blue
Butterscotch: pink
Blue Belle: white
Blossom: white

Year 2

Bow Tie's yellow flower brush Earth Ponies:
(Flower brush)

Blossom (concave): white
Cotton Candy (concave): purple
Bow Tie: yellow
Applejack: blue
Seashell: dark pink
Bubbles: green

Note: Some plush ponies came with the same
flower brush, only with a hole in the handle
for the attached hangtag; please see the Plush
Pony page
for known brush shapes and colors.

Medley's pink shooting star brush Unicorns and Pegasi:
(Shooting star brush)

Moondancer: blue
Sunbeam: yellow
Glory: dark pink
Twilight: blue (lighter)
Firefly: purple
Medley: pink

Note: Some plush ponies came with the same
shooting star brush, only with a hole in the handle
for the attached hangtag; please see the Plush
Pony page
for known brush shapes and colors.

Parasol's blue rainbow shooting star brush and original comb Rainbow Ponies:
(Shooting star brush with rainbow
and original comb)

Moonstone: purple
Windy: yellow
Parasol: bright blue
Sunlight: dark pink
Starshine: purple
Skydancer: green

Sealight's pink shell brush and shell comb Sea Ponies:
(Shell comb and shell
brush [with holes])

Seawinkle: periwinkle
Sealight: pink
Wavedancer: periwinkle OR light blue

Sprinkles' pink comb Lemon Drop's yellow heart grooming brush Peachy's pink heart brush Ponies with Playsets: (various)

Peachy (Pretty Parlor): pink heart brush & pink original comb
Lemon Drop (Show Stable): yellow heart grooming brush & purple original comb
Sprinkles (Waterfall): pink bath brush w/sun design and pink comb with handle
Majesty (Dream Castle): yellow shooting star brush

Year 3

Cherries Jubilee's green butterfly brush Earth Ponies:
(Butterfly brush)

Applejack (curly hair): hot pink
Bow Tie (curly hair): purple
Cherries Jubilee: light green
Tootsie: blue
Posey: blue
Lickety-Split: purple

Gusty's aqua moon comb Unicorns and Pegasi:
(Crescent moon comb)

Moondancer (reissue): lavender
Glory (reissue): aqua
Gusty: aqua
Sparkler: white
Powder: aqua (greener)
Skyflier: purple
Firefly (curly hair): yellow
Medley (curly hair):
Surprise: pink
Heart Throb: light green

Rainbow Ponies:
(Shooting star brush with rainbow
and original comb)

Trickles: pale pink
Confetti: blue
Flutterbye: aqua
Tickle: lime green
Pinwheel: purple
Starflower: purple

Baby Firefly's lavender teddy bear brush Baby Ponies:
(Teddy bear brush)

Baby Moondancer: blue OR lavender
Baby Glory: pink (darker)
Baby Firefly: lavender
Baby Surprise: yellow
Baby Blossom: pink
Baby Cotton Candy: light purple (lavender) OR yellow

Sea Ponies:
(Shell comb and shell brush [with holes])

Wave Jumper: pink
Sand Dollar: dark purple
High Tide: pink (lighter)
Whitecap: dark purple
Sea Breeze: blue
Sea Mist: purple

Surf Rider's salmon whale brush Baby Sea Ponies:
(Whale brush)

Splasher: lavender
Backstroke: pink
Sea Star: pink
Surf Rider: salmon
Tiny Bubbles: lavender
Sea Shimmer: blue

Ponies with Playsets/Other: (various)

Baby Cuddles (Baby Buggy): lavender teddy bear brush
Baby Tiddley Winks (Lullabye Nursery): light purple
Megan and Sundance: blue flower brush and blue original comb

Year 4

So Soft Ponies:

(returned from Year 3; various):

Lickety-Split: purple butterfly brush
Posey: aqua butterfly brush
Cherries Jubilee: dark pink butterfly brush
Gusty: pink crescent moon comb
Heart Throb: light green crescent moon comb
Surprise: lavender crescent moon comb

Lofty's blue sun pick (Original Year 4; various):

Cupcake: orange sun pick
Shady: dark purple sun pick
Truly: dark aqua sun pick
Magic Star: bright pink bird brush
North Star's dark pink bird brush Buttons: yellow sun pick
Ribbon: dark pink bird brush
Lofty: blue sun pick
North Star: dark pink bird brush
Paradise: lime green sun pick
Wind Whistler: pinkish-purple bird brush

(New 4th; various):

Fifi: purple sun pick
Twist: yellow bird brush
Skippity-Doo: pink sun pick
Scrumptious: light green sun pick
Hippity-Hop: purple bird brush
Bouncy: dark orange sun pick

Sweet Stuff's yellow stars comb Twinkle-Eyed Ponies:
(Stars comb)

(Original Year 4):

Whizzer purple
Masquerade: pink
Fizzy: purple (pinker)
Galaxy: blue
Sweet Stuff: yellow
Gingerbread: blue

(New 4th):

Speedy: pale yellow
Sweet Pop: purple
Sky Rocket: pink

Baby Lofty's pale pink duck comb Baby Ponies with Beddy Bye-Eyes:
(Duck comb)

Baby Lofty: pale pink
Baby Heart Throb: light purple
Baby Ribbon: aqua
Baby Gusty: purple
Baby Shady: blue
Baby Lickety-Split: aqua

Rosedust's green w/pink flowers pick Flutter Ponies:
(Flowers pick w/colored centers)

Rosedust: green w/pink
Morning Glory: pink w/green
Lily: blue w/green
Forget-Me-Not: pink w/purple
Peach Blossom: purple w/pink
Honeysuckle: light blue w/yellow

Pretty 'n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies:

(returned from Year 3):

Sea Shimmer: light purple whale brush
Surf Rider: bright pink

Ripple's mint green fish comb (Original Year 4; fish comb)

Ripple: mint green
Beachcomber: light purple
Sun shower: yellow
Water Lily: light blue

Ponies with Playsets/Other:

Baby Half Note (Baby Bonnet School of
blue butterfly brush
Megan and So Soft Sundance:
purple bird brush & original comb
Molly and Baby Sundance:
blue flower brush & original comb
Party Gift Pack: pale pink flower brush
& yellow sun pick

Year 5

So Soft Ponies:

Angel: dark turquoise sun pick
Crumpet: blue crescent moon comb
Twilight: yellow crescent moon comb
Taffy: blue flower brush
Bangles: purple flower brush

Twinkle-Eyed Ponies:

Mimic: light pink shooting star brush
Tic-Tac-Toe: dark pink shooting star brush
Bright Eyes: yellow stars comb
Locket: purple sun pick
Quackers: orange sun pick

Twice As Fancy Ponies:

Love Melody: dark pink butterfly brush
Dancing Butterflies: pink sun pick
Sugarberry: pink sun pick
Up, Up, and Away: green crescent moon comb
Sweet Tooth: ?purple crescent moon comb
Milky Way: blue butterfly brush

Princess Tiffany's dark blue glittery stars pick Princess Ponies:
(Glittery stars pick)

Princess Tiffany: dark blue
Princess Serena: lavender
Princess Starburst: dark purple
Princess Primrose: light purple
Princess Royal Blue: purple
Princess Sparkle: bright pink

4-Speed's purple frog brush Big Brother Ponies:

Tex: periwinkle grasshopper comb
Quarterback: pink grasshopper comb
Steamer: mint green frog brush
Salty: yellow frog brush
Tex's periwinkle grasshopper comb Slugger: turquoise grasshopper comb
4-Speed: purple frog brush

Baby Ponies with First Tooth:
(Duck comb)

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe: pink
Baby Lickety-Split: aqua
Baby Fifi: purple
Baby Bouncy: pale yellow
Baby North Star: pink
Baby Quackers: purple

Newborn Twins:
(2 Teddy bear brushes)

Doodles & Noodles: lavender and yellow
Milkweed & Tumbleweed: lavender and aqua
Jangles & Tangles: pink and purple
Dibbles & Nibbles: aqua and yellow
Sniffles & Snookums: aqua and white
Rattles & Tattles: pink and light green OR purple and yellow

Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies:
(Fish comb)

Salty: magenta
Dipper: ?aqua
Sea Spray: pink
Wavy: ?light green
Surfy: green
Sea Breeze: light purple

Flutter Ponies:
(Flowers pick w/colored centers)

Wingsong: blue w/yellow
Tropical Breeze: lavender w/hot pink
Cloud Puff: yellow w/purple
Wind Drifter: pink w/yellow

Pony Friends:

Creamsicle: purple butterfly brush
Zig Zag: mint green butterfly brush
Spunky: light green crescent moon comb
Kingsley: blue crescent moon comb

Sweet Dreams' purple grooming brush Soft Sleepy Newborns:
(Oval grooming brush w/heart)

Sweet Dreams: purple
Hushabye: blue
Pink Dreams:

Pony Packs:

(winter): magenta whale brush
(tennis): purple butterfly brush
(tiara/earrings): yellow bird brush
(sunglasses/ring): yellow stars comb

Ponies with Playsets/Other:

Scoops (Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe): purple original comb
Fifi (Perm Shoppe): pink flower brush & mint green original comb
Slumber Party Gift Pack: blue stars comb

Year 6

Twice As Fancy Ponies:

Yum Yum: dark pink sun pick
Night Glider: yellow crescent moon comb
Bonnie Bonnets: blue butterfly brush (darker)
Munchy: light green sun pick
Merriweather: dark purple crescent moon comb
Buttons: blue butterfly brush

Princess Ponies:
(Glittery stars pick)

Princess Misty: yellow
Princess Pristina: blue
Princess Dawn: aqua
Princess Moondust: aqua (darker)
Princess Sunbeam: light blue
Princess Taffeta: dark aqua/teal

Sherbet's mint green lollipops brush Sundae Best Ponies:

Coco Berry: purple candy comb
Swirly Whirly: pink candy comb
Sherbet: mint green lollipops brush
Swirly Whirly's pink candy comb Crunch Berry: dark aqua lollipops brush
Banana Surprise: pinkish-purple candy comb
Peppermint Crunch: blue lollipops brush

Bouquet's lavender and blue dots brush and comb Brush 'n Grow Ponies:
(Heart & dots brush and comb)

Bouquet: lavender brush & dark blue comb
Ringlet: dark pink brush & mint green comb
Pretty Vision: hot pink brush & aqua comb
Braided Beauty: mint green OR green brush & chartreuse OR yellow comb
Curly Locks: yellow brush & bright red comb
Twisty Tail: blue brush & bright orange OR red comb

Magic Message Ponies:

Mirror Mirror: salmon crescent moon comb
Floater: green bird brush
Cuddles: lavender teddy bear brush
Windy: yellow flower brush
Cloud Dreamer: periwinkle shooting star brush
Magic Hat: blue butterfly brush

Happy Tails Ponies:

Tabby: blue butterfly brush
Woosie: gold flowers pick
Romper: dark pink sun pick
Tall Tails: lavender bird brush
Squeezer: blue duck comb
Tossles: aqua flower brush

Newborn Twins:
(2 Teddy bear brushes)

Jabber & Jabber: light green and pink
Puddles & Peeks: yellow and light pink
Speckles & Bunkie: yellow and aqua
Big Top & Toppy: yellow and lavender
Sticky & Sniffles: lavender and aqua
Sandcastle & Shovels: white and aqua

Peek-A-Boo Baby Ponies:

Baby Ribbs: purple duck comb
Baby Whirly-Twirl: blue teddy bear brush
Baby Graffiti: lavender (pinkish) duck comb
Baby Noddins: dark pink teddy bear brush
Baby Sweet Stuff: yellow teddy bear brush
Baby Snippy: mint green duck comb

Buzzer's pink flowers pick Summer Wing Ponies:
(Flowers pick)

Lady Flutter: dark aqua
Glow: dark pink
Little Flitter: light pink
Skydancer: lavender
High Flier: yellow
Buzzer: pink

Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies:
(Fish comb)

Foamy: lavender
Misty: aqua
Seawinkle: pink
Wave Dancer: green
Sealight: yellow
Seashore: blue

Barnacle's yellow dog brush Big Brother Ponies:

Barnacle: yellow dog brush
Cheif's blue race car comb Chief: blue race car comb
Wig Wam: red race car comb

Sweetberry Ponies:

Cherry Treats: aqua flower brush
Blueberry Baskets: yellow sun pick
Raspberry Jam: purple flower brush
Strawberry Surprise: green sun pick
Cranberry Muffins: magenta sun pick
Boysenberry Pie: pink flower brush

Pony Friends:

Cha Cha: purple flower brush
Cutesaurus: blue flower brush
Edgar: turquoise butterfly brush


Birds and Flowers: blue butterfly brush
Kittens and Teddies: pink duck comb
Ribbons and Lace: lavender bird brush
Seashore: green fish comb


Poof 'n Puff Perfume Palace: blue butterfly brush and yellow original comb

Year 7

Merry-Go-Round Ponies:
(Flower brush)

Flower Bouquet: dark mint green
Sunnybunch: blue (?darker)
Diamond Dreams: purple
Sparkler: yellow
Brilliant Blossoms: blue (?lighter)
Tassles: cornflower blue

Candy Cane Ponies:
(Candy comb)

Sugar Apple: yellow
Lemon Treats: pink
Mint Dreams: purple
Caramel Crunch: blue
Sugar Sweet: blue
Molasses: purple OR pink

Sunshine Ponies:

Wave Runner: blue sun pick
Mainsail: light green butterfly brush
Shoreline: sea green butterfly brush
Sand Digger: pink butterfly brush
Seaflower: yellow sun pick
Beach Ball: purple sun pick

Perfume Puff Ponies:
(Flowers pick)

Lavender Lace: mint
Dainty Dahlia: yellow
Red Roses: purple
Sweet Lily: blue
Sweet Suds: dark aqua
Daisy Sweet: pink

Baby Fancy Pants Ponies:

Baby Dots 'n Hearts: yellow bird brush
Baby Splashes: cornflower blue bird brush
Baby Glider: green duck comb
Baby Starburst: yellow duck comb
Baby Bows: dark aqua duck comb
Baby Sunnybunch: purple bird brush

Playtime Baby Brother Ponies:

Baby Waddles: dark aqua dog brush
Baby Paws: orange race car comb
Baby Leaper: magenta race car comb
Baby Drummer: red race car comb
Baby Countdown: purple dog brush
Baby Racer: medium blue dog brush

Windy Wing Ponies:
(Sun pick)

Cool Breeze: blue
Whirly: orange
Flurry: green
Starry Wings: dark green
Moon Jumper: pink
Sun Glider: yellow

Newborn Ponies:
(Duck comb)

Tappy: blue
Dangles: gold
Wiggles: pink
Squirmy: purple
Shaggy: dark pinkish-purple
Yo-Yo: pale yellow

Sweetheart Sister Ponies:

Spring Song: yellow butterfly brush
Dainty: purple flower brush
Wildflower: blue flower brush
Flowerburst: pink flower brush
Frilly Flower: pink butterfly brush
Fancy Flower: peach butterfly brush

Princess Brush 'n Grow Ponies:
(Heart & dots brush and comb)

Glittering Gem: dark purple brush & yellow comb
Brilliant Bloom: yellow brush & aqua comb
Skylark: mint green brush & purple comb
Stargleamer: pink brush & periwinkle comb

Dance 'n Prance Ponies:

D.J.: pink shooting star brush
Twirler: blue stars comb
Swinger: pink shooting star brush
Player: yellow stars comb
Songster: blue shooting star brush
Tap Dancer: purple shooting star brush OR teal stars comb

Baby Pony and Pretty Pal:
(Teddy Bear Brush and Duck comb)

Baby Pockets & Baby Hoppy: green brush and blue comb
Baby Stripes & Baby Nectar: purple brush and yellow comb
Baby Lucky Leaf & Baby Leafy: pink brush and dark pink comb
Baby Fleecy & Baby Woolly: ?aqua or ?blue brush and pink comb

Loving Family Ponies:
(Flower brush and Flowers pick)

Sweet Celebrations: pink brush and green pick
Apple Delight: coral brush and yellow pick
Bright Bouquet: pink brush and blue pick

Sparkle Ponies (Store-bought versions):

Napper: pink-purple crescent moon comb
Sky Rocket: pink shooting star brush
Star Dancer: yellow stars comb
Sunspot: dark orange sun pick
Twinkler: blue crescent moon comb
Star Hopper:


Megan and Twice as Fancy Sundance: dark pink original comb
Rock-A-Bye Bed: rose pink crescent moon comb
Sweet Dreams Crib: pinkish-purple duck comb
Dream Castle (re-issue): blue flower brush & yellow flowers pick
Show Stable (re-issue):

Year 8

Tropical Ponies:

Piña Colada: blue fish comb
Tootie Tails: magenta fish comb
Sea Breeze: hot pink bird brush
Hula Hula: yellow bird brush

Rainbow Curl Ponies:
(Shooting star brush)

Streaky: blue
Ringlet: pink
Stripes: yellow
Raincurl: purple

Twinkle Dancer's orange soild stars pick Sweetsteps Ballerina:
(Solid stars pick)

Tip Toes: pink
Twinkle Dancer: orange
Silky Slipper: pinkish-purple
Posey Rose: light green

Baby Drink 'n Wet Ponies:

Baby Rainfeather: purple duck comb
Baby Snookums: pink teddy bear brush
Baby Flicker: white duck comb
Baby Cuddles: dark aqua duck comb

Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies:
(Glittery stars pick)

Bright Night: dark purple
Twinkler: orange
Sunblossom: blue
Starflash: pink

Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Ponies:
(Glittery stars pick)

Daisy Dancer: light blue
Pretty Belle: gold
Cha Cha: coral
Sweet Sundrop: magenta

Baby Sparkle Ponies:

Baby Starflower: dark aqua shooting star brush
Baby Gusty: pink stars comb
Baby Firefly: cornflower blue stars comb
Baby North Star: light purple shooting star brush


Merry Treat's green Christmas tree comb Merry Treat: green Christmas tree comb
Pony Bride: pink flowers pick
Baby Princess Sparkle: dark purple duck comb

Year 9

Half Note's chartreuse guiter brush Rockin' Beat Ponies:
(Guitar brush w/strap)

Sweet Notes: orange
Pretty Beat: yellow
Half Note: chartreuse
Tuneful: hot pink

Glow 'n Show Ponies:
(Butterfly brush)

Happyglow: yellow
Starglow: bright orange
Brightglow: green
Dazzleglow: hot pink

Precious Pocket Ponies:
(Flower brush)

Bubblefish: blue
Li'l Pocket: pink
Sweet Pocket: yellow
Bunny Hop: light blue

Pretty Ponies:
(Original comb)

Gardenglow: dark pink
Beautybloom: blue
Flower Dream: red
Rosy Love: blue-green

Rainbow Baby Ponies:
(Flower brush)

Baby Brightbow: blue-green
Baby Rainribbon: yellow
Baby Starbow: dark pink
Baby Sunribbon: coral

Baby Ballerina Ponies:
(Flower brush)

Baby Tippytoes: yellow
Baby Soft Steps: purple
Baby Sweetsteps: blue
Baby Toe Dancer: pink

Teeny Tiny Ponies:

Little Giggles: peach duck comb
Little Tabby: purple duck comb
Little Whiskers: mint green teddy bear brush
Little Honey Pie: yellow teddy bear brush

Secret Beauty's mint green bow comb Secret Surprise Ponies:
(Bow comb w/pony in center)

Secret Star: pink
Stardazzle: purple
Secret Beauty: mint green
Pretty Puff: peach

(Frog brush)

(Royal purple): cornflower blue
(Royal pink): dark pink


Firefly ("Firefly's Adventure"): purple flower brush

Year 10

Sweet Talkin' Ponies:
(Hearts and dots comb)

pink (UK: Chatterbox): purple
purple (UK: Talk A Lot): dark pink

Flower Fantasy Ponies:
(Flower brush)

Flowerbelle: mint green
Sweet Blossom: light yellow
Love Petal: dark pink

Colorswirl Ponies:
(Stars comb)

Lovebeam: neon blue
Springy: green
Starswirl: yellow

Sundazzle Ponies:
(Sun pick)

Sunglory: hot pink
Sunbeam: neon blue
Sunsplasher: magenta

Paradise Baby Ponies:
(Flower brush)

Baby Palm Tree: dark purple
Baby Beach Ball: blue
Baby Pineapple: hot pink

Fancy Mermaid Ponies:
(Fish comb)

Baby Pearly: neon blue
Baby Sea Princess: hot pink
Baby Sea Shimmer: neon orange

Soda Sippin' Ponies:
(Lollipop brush)

Chocolate Delight: aqua
Strawberry Surprise: pink


Birthday Pony: neon orange stars comb
Bridal Beauty: purple flower brush

Special Offers


Hollywood: maroon flowers pick w/pink centers
Lucky, the Stallion: white original comb (Canadian)
Satin 'n Lace: lavender bird brush
Baby Sister Ponies: white flower brush
Goldilocks: lavendar star brush
Rapunzel: purple hearts and dots comb
Mommy & Baby: aqua duck comb

Sparkle Ponies:

Twinkler: pink crescent moon comb
Sky Rocket: purple shooting star brush
Napper: blue crescent moon comb
Star Dancer:
Star Hopper:

Pretty Mane Ponies:
(Shooting star brush)

Scribbles: pale yellow
Dabble: aqua

Petite Ponies

*Note: Petite Pony star hairpicks were the same style that came with Hasbro's Moondreamers; Petite Pony picks do not glow in the dark.

Royal Pony Palace yellow star pick Royal Pony Palace: yellow star pick
Ponytail Ponies:
(Star pick)

(Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange ponies): blue
(Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow ponies): orange
(Pink, Blue, Yellow, White): dark pink

Glowing Magic Ponies:
(Star pick)

(Bedtime): purple
(Nursery): yellow
(Lights): dark pink

Bright Sight Ponies:
(Star pick)

(Fruit): orange
(Skates/summer): green
(Bike/sun): yellow-gold

Twinkle Ponies:
(Star pick)

(Royal): dark hot pink
(Party): dark purple
(Music): yellow

Dream Beauties

Shimmering Beauties:

Crystalline: purple flowers pick
Dreamgleamer: mint green flowers pick
Stardazzle: yellow star pick

Rainbow Beauties:

Sky Splasher: mint green flower brush
Wind Sweeper: periwinkle flowers pick
Morninglory: peach flower brush

Showtime Beauties:

Mayfair: blue butterfly brush
Circle Dancer: purple candy comb

Sweet Perfume Beauties:

Colorglow: pink flowers pick
Color Mist: blue flower brush
Song Rider: pinkish-purple flowers pick
Fair Flyer: mint green flower brush

Trim 'n Grow Beauties:

Spritzy: cornflower blue shooting star brush
Manewaves: dark pink candy
Sheertrimmer: purple shooting star brush

High Flying Beauties:

Skyflier: yellow flower brush
Glider: blue flower brush
Wind Walker:

My Little Puppy, Kitty, and Bunny

Happy Tabby's blue kittens brush My Little Kitty Li'l Litters:
(Kittens brush)

Cutie Calico: peach
Precious Persian: yellow
Happy Tabby: blue
Dreamy Siamese: dark pink

Lady Labrador's coral puppies brush My Little Puppy Li'l Litters:
(Puppies comb)

Lady Labrador: coral
Dalmatian Dots: yellow
Sweet Spaniel: cornflower blue
Pretty Poodle: blue

My Little Bunny Li'l Litters:
(Butterfly brush)

Adorable Angora: yellow
Fancy Floppy: peach
Cuddly Cottontail: pink
Happy Hopper: purple

My Little Kitty Nursery Families:

Sudsy Angora: peach duck comb
Sleepy Time Siamese: purple crescent
moon comb
Perky Persians: aqua lollipops brush

My Little Puppy Nursery Families:

Funtime Spaniels: blue lollipops brush
Sweet Dreams Poodles: blue crescent moon comb
Scrub-a-Dub Spaniels: pinkish-purple duck comb

Other MLP brushes/combs

Melody's yellow radio comb Starlight's blue stars pick My Little Pony Tales characters:

Starlight: blue stars pick
Melody: yellow radio comb
(all others not confirmed, however there are other known non-U.S. MLP combs not listed on Dream Valley)

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