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In Year 8, Petite Ponies created a tiny new world in Ponyland. They are tiny little ponies no bigger than a quarter. They have their symbols on only one side, and on the bottom of their feet is a key that opens locks to the homes and shoppes. They came in several colors and poses with finely-detailed eyes (colored similarly to their bodies) and molded bows (body-colored, unpainted). Many Petite Ponies had long brushable tails, especially when they continued into Year 9. There were 78 Petite Ponies in all (not counting variations), both Earth ponies and pegasi. All that are listed are Earth ponies unless otherwise noted as pegasi.

Pretty Pony Parade logo

The Pretty Pony Parade is a set of ten basic Petite Ponies. They have no names, and can only be identified by color and symbol. They are Earth ponies unless otherwise noted.

Pretty Pony Parade
Top Row (Left to Right):
  • Pink w/ yellow hair; aqua butterfly
  • Aqua w/ pink hair; pinkish-purple teddy bear
  • Light green w/ yellow hair; crayon (pegasus)
  • Magenta w/ aqua hair; white beach ball
  • Yellow w/ aqua hair; coral sun
Bottom Row (Left to Right):
  • Blue w/ orange hair; dark pink umbrella
  • Dark pink w/ yellow hair; white duck
  • Orange w/ purple hair; blue-grey teapot
  • White w/ pink hair; purple ice cream cone (pegasus)
  • Lavender w/ orange hair; purple ballet slippers

Sunsparkle Ponies logo

The Sunsparkle Ponies are among the prettiest Petite Ponies. They are dark colored see-through ponies with solid colored hair. There were five in the set, described from left to right:

Sunsparkle Ponies

  • Dark pink (will turn to orange) w/ yellow; gold ring
  • Cerulean blue w/ pink hair; pale pink ice cream soda
  • Orange w/ pinkish-purple hair; pink hot air balloon
  • (pegasus) Green w/ light orange hair; pale pink balloons
  • Dark purple w/ dark pink hair; yellow perfume bottle

Pretty 'n Pearly Ponies

The Pretty 'n Pearly Petite Ponies are a set of five ponies who have a pearl-like luster on their bodies. Their colors & symbols are, from left to right:

Pretty 'n Pearly Ponies

  • Orange w/ purple hair; turquoise seashell
  • Aqua w/ yellow hair;pinkish-purple moon with nightcap
  • Gold w/ pink hair; aqua feather
  • Purple w/ pink hair; pinkish-purple parasol
  • Dark pink w/ blue hair; blue winged heart

Ponytail Ponies

The Ponytail Ponies were the first Petite Ponies to have brushable tails attached with large bows, colored differently than their bodies. They came in three sets of four for a total of twelve. One in each set had one of four symbols: two slices of pizza, a mirror, a brush and comb, and an alarm clock, all in the same pose for each symbol. They had different types of tails, including long & straight, curly, and tiny spiral curls.

Ponytail Ponies

Set One (left to right):

  • Yellow w/white hair (curly tail); blue bow; red-orange mirror
  • Aqua w/pink hair (curly tail); yellow bow; yellow brush & comb
  • Dark pink w/yellow hair (spiral tail); aqua bow; blue clock
  • (Pegasus) Bright orange w/aqua hair (long tail); pink bow; pink pizza
Ponytail Ponies

Set Two (left to right):

  • Lavender w/yellow hair (curly tail); aqua bow; gold mirror
  • Pink w/aqua hair (curly tail); lavender bow; purple brush & comb
  • Blue w/dark pink hair (spiral tail); yellow bow; orange clock
  • (Pegasus) Yellow w/blue hair (long tail); pink bow; pink pizza
Ponytail Ponies

Set Three (left to right):

  • Medium blue w/yellow hair (curly tail); white bow; pinkish-purple mirror
  • White w/pink hair (curly tail); lavender bow; light green brush & comb
  • Gold w/purple hair (spiral tail); pink bow; aqua clock
  • (Pegasus) Pink w/dark pink hair (long tail); yellow bow; light orange pizza

Petite Pony Homes

The Petite Pony homes are three houses where the Petite Ponies could live. The front of each house opened up when you place a pony on the lock and turned the key. Each home (with various full-color indoor and outdoor decals) came with a base (with raised designs), 2 white fences, roof railing (three pieces), furniture, and its own special Petite Pony, who, unlike most other Petites, has a name. One side of the roof flips up - the same side as the part of the house that opens. Fences can be arranged on any of three sides of the base using the pre-made holes. Colors varied from those shown on boxes, and sometimes with each individual set. Note that the playsets shown below are from my personal MLP collection and colors are based on these particular sets.

Happy Hearts Cottage

Happy Hearts Cottage logo

The Happy Hearts Cottage is yellow with a blue floor & roof on a coral base. The decals show a roof-top picnic, indoor rug, bike outside the windows, and open bathroom. Accessories include aqua railing, two-piece aqua see-saw, dark pink dresser w/heart-shaped mirror, aqua bathtub, and dark pink heart-shaped sofa. Petite Pony is Puddles, who is dark pink with blue hair and had a gold duck as her symbol.

Whinny Winks Inn

Whinny Winks Inn logo

The Whinny Winks Inn is pink with a white floor & roof and dark green base. Decals show a lone chair & table on the roof, patterned rugged inside and out, and a bay window. Accessories include purple railing, purple & yellow bed, yellow chest of drawers, and purple swing. Petite Pony Little Flitter is a pegasus. She is bright orange with pinkish-purple hair and a blue-grey candle as her symbol.

Pony Prints Cabin

Pony Prints Cabin logo

The Pony Prints Cabin is white with a light pink floor & roof and blue base. The decals show a toy chest on the roof, more toys outside, and colorful mats. Accessories include aqua railing, an aqua & dark pink bed, dark pink heart-shaped fireplace, aqua bench, and dark pink wishing well (not shown). Petite Pony Flurry is pink with aqua hair and a pair of gold mittens as her symbol.

Petite Pony Shoppes

The Petite Pony Shoppes are three different stores that open up with Petite Ponies' special keys. The two sides of each building opens up when the key is turned. Each shop comes with a base (with raised glass, flowers, and walkway), 2 white fences, furniture (free standing and wall units), and a Petite Pony.

Twinkle Treats Ice Cream Shoppe

Twinkle Treats Ice Cream Shoppe logo

The Twinkle Treats Ice Cream Shoppe is a sea-green building on a purple base. Its decals shows a checkerboard floor and flavor menus. Accessories include a yellow soft serve stand (wall), yellow counter/register (wall), yellow booth, pink jukebox, pink sundae-shaped sign, yellow round table, yellow ice cream cart, and pink ice-cream cone shaped slide. Petite Pony Floater is a pegasus. She is light green with yellow hair and has an orange soda bottle as her symbol.

Happy Hoof Market

Happy Hoof Market logo

The Happy Hoof Market is a coral building on a light green base. The decals show all kinds of food for sale, advertised specials, and a colorful floor. Accessories include a pinkish-purple meat counter (wall), pinkish-purple checkstand (wall), yellow ride-on cart, yellow shopping cart & bag (not shown), yellow covered table, yellow gumball machine, pinkish-purple & yellow produce counter. Petite Pony Tabby is fuschia with purple hair and a white cash register as her symbol. Their is also another version of Tabby with a curly tail (combable hair), presumably not sold in the U.S.

Mane Delights Beauty Salon

Mane Delights Beauty Salon

The Mane Delights Beauty Salon ("Delight" on actual shoppe sign) is a dark pink building with a dark green base. The decals show a tiled floor, and beauty accessories. Accessories include a pink supply counter (wall), pink register (wall), pink & yellow drier seats, yellow mirror (showing a pony's reflection), pink & yellow hair drier seats, pink & yellow sink, pink jewelry counter, yellow coffee table, and yellow magazine rack. The pony in the mirror is Misty. She is yellow with pink hair and a purple perfume bottle as her symbol.

Prancing Pretty Carousel logo

Prancing Pretty Carousel
The Prancing Pretty Carousel is a magical merry-go-round where Petite Ponies could take a ride. It is a yellow structure with colorful decals, pink top, and purple bows around the edges that sits on a pink base. There are four white seats (on decorative sea green cords) with a horseshoe so a pony could fit in safely. The other horseshoe is a lock, and when turned by a horseshoe key, the carousel turns and plays music after being wound up. Surrounding the carousel is a mini amusement park that includes a purple & white teacup ride, sea green slide, white two-piece see-saw, and sea green ticket booth, enclosed with three blue fences that can be placed on any of the four sides.
Carnival Ponies

Two Carnival Petite Ponies are also included. Topper is green with coral hair and has two purple tickets as her symbol. Whirly is dark pink with blue hair and two white pinwheels as her symbol. Also shown in another version of Whirly, who is in a different pose and has a long, combable tail and yellow bow. She came from Holland, so I am assuming she was not sold in the U.S.

Royal Pony Palace logo

Royal Pony Palace
The Royal Pony Palace is a large pink and yellow castle where Petite Ponies could go to feel like royalty. It sits on a sea green base and has decorations and flags of the same color. The base has raised grass, paths, and stones as well as a large floor decal. Other decals show decorative accessories and furniture. The castle is two levels and has five towers of various sizes. It has an elevator, and when a pony rode it to the second floor, a light comes on. Furniture includes a large, yellow bed, purple dresser, purple dinner table, purple & yellow swan rider, and yellow throne.

Royal Ponies
The palace also came with two Royal Petite Ponies with brushable tails. Sundrop is white with yellow hair (curly tail) and has a purple crown as her symbol. Magic Star is bright orange with purple hair (spiral tail), yellow bow, and her symbol is a pinkish-purple magic wand.

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