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In early 1999, two new sets of ponies came out in Europe. One set is Royal Ponies, and they are a collection of new and old ponies, each with a royal look, including princesses, ladies, and a queen. They live in the Ponyland castle and come with a lots of enchanted accessories and each have their own magic powers.

Princess Friends

Princess Friends
This first set of Princesses are royal version of two familiar ponies. Their new look includes tinsel in their hair and new accessories.

Princess Morning Glory is Imaginative and looks quite different from the original Secret Surprise Friend. She is a deeper shade of pink with a blue flowers as her symbol, and has blue eyes with pink crystals. Her mane is divided into three parts: like the original, it is mostly purple, including her forelock; and the remaining part it it had silver tinsel. She had a grey crown on her head where a blue lock of hair can be made short or long by pulling it. Her tail is also blue and the length can be adjusted too. Princess Morning Glory comes with a large purple hand mirror that doubles as a hairbrush. She also comes with a glittery hot pink crown hair pick she can wear around her neck. Princess Morning Glory's name is Prinsessan Gloria in Swedish.

Princess Ivy is the fourth version of the original Magic Motion Friend; she is the Glamor girl. She looks pretty much the same with a blue body, purple ivy symbol, and has purple eyes with pink crystals. Her mane is purple with a bright pink forelock and her tail is also bright pink. She has silver tinsel in both her mane and tail. Princess Ivy comes with a magic lipstick that, when you dip it in cold water, it will paint her lips pink. And warm water will wash it off. She also comes with a lacy white ruffle that she can wear around her neck or that you can wear in her hair. And she has a light purple glittery crown pink she can also wear around her neck. Princess Ivy's name is Prinsessan Juvel in Swedish.

Princess Friends
This set of Princesses are two new ponies. Like the first set, they come with their own special accessories, have tinsel in their hair, and crown hairpicks.
Princess Crystal is the Enchanted one. She is a dark purple with a dark pink mane with a chartreuse forelock and chartreuse tail. Her symbol is two chartreuse ringed planets and tiny stars. She has sea green eyes with green crystals, and has silver tinsel in her hair. She wears a purple sorcerer's hat with a green brim and is decorated with moons and stars. She comes with a glittery crystal ball that you can spin and find a special message. Inside are magic symbols that include and a heart, stormcloud, horseshoe, sun, etc. She also has a hot pink crown pick she wears around her neck. Princess Crystal's name is Prinsessan Trylleria in Swedish.
Princess Twinkle Star is the Wishmaker and she is the first new pony who can fly! She is pink with darker pink hair with pink tinsel in both her mane and tail. Her symbol is a cluster of aqua stars and dots. She has purple eyes with pink crystals. But what is most special about Princess Twinkle Star is that she comes with a pair of large wings that clip onto her back. They are transparent pinkish-purple with silver glittery stars and streaks, and glittery specks inside. And flowing from her wings are blue and purple ribbons. You can also wear her wings by clipping them into your hair. She comes with a pink glittery crown pink to wear around her neck. Princess Twinkle Star's name is Prinsessan Stjärnglimt in Swedish.

Princess Friends
The third set of princesses was released a a few months after the first two. They are two brand new ponies and one is the first of her kind.

Princess Trixiebelle is the Entertainer. She is dressed as a court jester and loves to perform. She is yellow with dark pink hair (with silver tinsel) and her symbol is a pink jester's hat. Around her neck, she wears a jester's collar and on her head she wears a hat like the one pictured as her symbol. Princess Trixiebelle has a unique brush that is actually two green brush that can be used to shred a ribbon (which comes out of a magic wand) into streamers.
Princess Silver Swirl is the new MLP's first unicorn and she is the ponies' Guardian Angel. She is all white, except for her hooves and horn which are silver. Her body is decorated with silver swirls and dots (instead of a symbol on her hips) and she has silver tinsel in her hair. She comes with four pink star barrettes (though they are shown here in silver) for her hair and she also has a glittery dark pink crown hairpick she can wear around her neck. Princess Silver Swirl has a little winged dragon friends who can sit on on under its own castle tower.

Royal Ladies

Royal Ladies
Royal Ladies are two sets of familiar ponies who have been transformed into royalty. They come with large accessories with hidden surprises and several little beauty items.
Lady Light Heart is the Joker and this version of her resembles the original who came with the Canopy Bed. She is white with orange/dark pink/purple hair and has rainbow tinsel in her mane and tail. Her symbol is the original open pink heart with little pink and orange hearts around it. She has purple eyes with dark pink crystals. And like the original, her hoofs are dark pink. Lady Light Heart's Magic Mirror is different from most being that it does not include a rainbow that attaches to fences or other accessories. The mirror is part of a pink dresser that is decorated with purple moons, green stars, and pink swirls. On the top if the mirror is a small rainbow arch. The dresser includes a slot that holds a glittery dark purple crown pick that can also be worn around Lady Light Heart's neck. You can dispense four pink jewel for Lady Light Heart to wear in her hair from the mirror by turning the secret knob. There's also a small flip top storage area on the dresser. Lady Light Heart can turn her head to look in the mirror, but you can make her see a funny reflection by tilting the mirror! She also comes with a purple hair clip. Lady Light Heart's name is Lady Lustig in Swedish.

Lady Cupcake is a new version of the previous year's Secret Surprise Friend. She is pink with a two tone pink/red mane and red tail and has red tinsel in her hair. She is the Generous one and her symbol is a pink gift box. Her eyes are purple with pink crystals. She wears a soft white cape on her back with a purple jeweled necklace and crown; you can also war her crown as a ring. Lady Cupcake comes with a Magic Chest that sits on a mound of gold coins. Inside the chest is a layer of gold that can be lifted up to reveal storage space for Lady Cupcake's jewelry, as well as her crown pick, and four slippers. There are also two gold pots that hold up a rainbow each that can also attach to fences from other playsets. The rainbow is pink/yellow/purple and had two blue birds on it. Lady Cupcake can show offer her slipper by turning her head which moved her left front foot. There's also a pink key for the chest. Lady Cupcake's name is Lady Muffin in Swedish.

Royal Ladies
Lady Sky Skimmer has a Magic Drawbridge which she opens to reveal a special friend. Sky Skimmer looks as she always does with a yellow body, pink hair, and a butterfly symbol. Only, this
Lady Moonshine
time, she has ?silver tinsel in her hair and she can lower her head when you press her tail. Her drawbridge has a rainbow archway with a sun peeking up from behind. When the drawbridge is lowered, Lady Sky Skimmer can greet a handsome prince pony (decal) on the other side. The only other accessory she comes with is a turquoise crown hairpick she can wear around her neck.
Please note that I do not own Lady Sky Skimmer, so her description is based on what I can see from the pictures in the My Little Pony booklet that the picture was scanned from.

Lady Moonshine (formerly Moonshadow) comes with a Box of Magic that is full of royal surprises. Lady Moonshine looks like she did originally with a mulberry body with a pink and red mane and red tail and a pink crescent moon and stars as her symbol. This version of her has silver tinsel in her hair and she raises her front leg when you turn her head. This motion is so she can wave the wand that attaches to her hoof. There's a secret drawer in her magic box that can make a ring disappear and then re-appear. There's also a tiny dragon who hides under Lady Moonshine's large crown and appears like magic and a yellow crown hairpick for her to wear around her neck.

Royal Friends

Masquaerade Ball Ponies
Masquerade Ball Ponies

Royal Friends are two sets of ponies who come with special accessories, creating their own atmospheres.
The first set is the Masquerade Ball Ponies and included in this set are Lady Sky Skimmer and Princess Sweet Berry. They keep their regular looks; Lady Sky Skimmer is yellow with pink hair with a butterfly symbol and Princess Sweet Berry is purple with a dark pink & light pink mane and light pink tail with heart berries as her symbol. Both ponies have silver tinsel in their hair. Lady Sky Skimmer wears a pink and orange ruffle around her neck and carries a dog mask she can place over her face. Princess Sweet Berry wears a green and orange ruffle and she carries a cat mask. They come with a large backdrop with the faces cut out for the ponies to place their faces in. The figures shown on the backdrop are two human-like bakers. The two ponies share an orange flower comb.

Royal Wedding Ponies

Royal Wedding Ponies

The next set is a special couple: Royal Wedding Ponies and it is the marriage of Princess Morning Glory and ?Prince Clever Clover. Please note that I do not own these ponies, so their descriptions are based on what I can see from the pictures in the My Little Pony booklet that the picture was scanned from. Princess Morning Glory is pink with purple hair with a blue flowers symbol. She wears a tiara with a veil and a wedding ring. Prince Clever Clover looks all blue (he is probably purple, like usual). He wears a dark pink cape and a crown. They share a wedding cake (with a slice cut out) and a white ? hairpick.

Castle Playsets

Queen Sun Sparkle and Enchanted Throne

Queen Sun Sparkle with Enchanted Throne
Sun Sparkle (formerly Sundance in the U.S.) is now the Queen of Ponyland. She comes with her own Enchanted Throne that's full of royal surprises, and Queen Sun Sparkle, the Explorer, has some new majestic features of her own.
Her body is filled with magenta glitter and hair has gold tinsel in it. Her mane in purple with a yellow streak and her tail is all purple. Her symbol remains the same: a gold sun and her eyes are also unchanged: blue with clear crystals. She also has posable hind legs, which allow her to sit. She comes with a fuchisa came with faux fur white & black spotted trim.
The Enchanted Throne is magenta, green, purple on a white base and is decorated with royal symbols. The steps leading up the the throne are covered by a red carpet which extends from underneath and can be wound back up using a knob from the back. On the back of the throne is a decorative gold arch which, when removed, becomes a headband for you to wear. The throne also stores all of Queen Sun Sparkle's treasures. To her left is a storage box that has a cover shaped like a large crown. To her right is a table and underneath his a secret compartment that opens by pressing down in the magic wand that sits in a holder next to the throne. In the compartment, is a red jewel crown for Queen Sun Sparkle to wear. There are also two glittery purple goblets that can be set on the table for sharing drinks. Her other accessories include a purple glittery pendant, red glittery crown hairpick (on a cord), and a red ring with a pink jewel. Queen Sun Sparkle's name is Drottning Solstråle in Swedish.

Royal Castle Ballroom with Princess Morning Glory

Royal Castle Ballroom with Princess Morning Glory
Transform Morning Glory from rags to riches!
The Royal Castle Ballroom is where Princess Morning Glory is transformed from rags to riches. She looks the same as always, but has bendable legs and can sit down and has tinsel in her hair. She starts out wearing a: gingham kerchief and skirt and white puffy sleeves, but when you turn them around, they become a shimmery magenta outfit. Added to that, she has a variety of accessories to choose from including shoes, a tiara, a necklace, and a false pink braid. Princess Morning Glory can show off her new look on a turn table inside the castle tower. There's a path she can walk out onto which ends with a fence decorated with an archway of flowers and a rainbow. There's also other accessories including a chair and a brush with a mirror on the back.

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