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Sweetberry The new line of My Little Pony came out in December 1997 and continued through 1999 in the United States. These ponies were much smaller than the original ponies. To compare, they are about the size of Flutter Ponies with round faces, thin bodies and long legs. They have Clydesdale-style feet with short molded hair around their hooves and crystals of various colors in their eyes. They also had redesigned horseshoe point (shown) which, like the originals, could be used for premium mail offers. 1997 Horseshoe Point

Secret Surprise Friends

The Secret Surprise Friends (French: Pouliches Surprises, Spanish: Secretos Amigos Sorpresas, German: Zauberschmuck Freunde) were the first five ponies in the 1997 My Little Pony collection. They come in different poses and have movable heads. They also come with several accessories that match their personalities as described on collectors cards on the back of the packages. They also each come with a tiny hair pick that they can wear around their necks.

Secret Surprise Friends

Berry Bright is dark orange w/ yellow hair (w/faint strands of pink) and green eyes w/ green crystals. She has a purple bunch of grapes as her symbol and is very shy. She comes with a basket she wears on her back that contains two bunches of grapes with green ribbons attached to them. Her pick is magenta and shaped like grapes leaves. Her name in other countries/languages is Fragolia (Italy), Bosbesje (NL), Myrtille (French), Cerecita (Spanish), and Beerenglanz (German).
Petal Blossom is purple w/pink hair and blue eyes w/ clear crystals. She has blue flowers and leaves as her symbol. She's a daydreamer wears a yellow hat shaped like a flower. There is a hole in her hat in which you can place a ladybug with an aqua braid inside. It can also be clipped to her hair. Her pick is aqua and is shaped like leaves and berries. Her name in other countries/languages is Pisolia (Italy), Lieveheersbeestje (NL), Coccinelle (French), Capullo (Spanish), and Blümenblüte (German).
Sky Skimmer is yellow w/ pink hair and lavender eyes w/ green crystals. She has a pink butterfly as her symbol. She loves nature and also comes with two velcro butterflies who can attach to two of four bracelets she wears on her front and back legs. Her pick is dark pink and shaped like flower petals. Her name in other countries/languages is Cristallina (Italy), Vlidertje (NL), Papillon (French), Suave Cielo (Spanish), and Himmelsgleiter (German).
Morning Glory is pink w/ purple hair and blue eyes w/ pink crystals. She has aqua flowers and leaves as her symbol. She's imaginative and her accessories are a floral backpack with rainbow colored ribbons that can be tied around her tail when she wears it. Her pink is aqua and shaped like a flower. Her name in other countries/languages is Serenella (Italy), Fleur (NL), Flora (French), Mańanera (Spanish), and Morgenglanz (German).
Clever Clover is indigo w/purple & blue hair and blue eyes w/ multi-colored crystals. He is the only boy is this set (though female in Canada), and he loves sports. His symbol is three aqua clovers which also are seen on his comb, and his lucky cap. The cap is coral (with one clover) and has pink sunglasses attached to it. You can flip them around so they either rest on the top of his cap, or he can wear them over his eyes. Clever Clover also comes with a sheet of glittery clover stickers. His name in other countries/languages is Trifoglina (Italy), Klavertje Vier (NL), Porte-Bonheur (French), Rey de la Suerte (Spanish), and Sonnenklee (German).

Magic Motion Friends

Magic Motion Friends (French: Magie Animée, Spanish: Amigos con Mágicos Movimientos), German: Zauberschwung Freude are two ponies move in special ways and come with fancy accessories to help them get dressed up. The ponies have solid colored tails and two-tone manes. They also come with a gate on a patch of grass with a rainbow arched above it. Two rainbows can be linked together with one fence.

Magic Motion Friends

Sundance is dark pink and has a purple tail and a purple & yellow mane. She has blue eyes w/ clear crystals and a gold sun as her symbol. Sundance is an explorer, and when you turn her head, her tail swishes from side to side. Sundance comes with a mirror vanity made from green stems and leaves. The table piece is a peach flower that opens up. Inside you can store the accessories which include three yellow flower-shaped barrettes and a yellow flower comb. The barrettes can also be attached to the vanity. Her gate is aqua with purple, pink, and yellow rainbow and an aqua bee on it. Her name in other countries/languages is Sun Sparkle (UK), Raggio Di Sole (Italy), Ijdeltuitje eh haar kapsalon (NL), Soléďa et sa Coiffeuse (French), Brillante (Spanish), and Sonnentanz (German).
Ivy is blue and has a neon pink tail and purple & neon pink mane. She has lavender eyes w/ pink crystals and purple ivy vines as her symbol. When you turn her head, she raised her front leg. Be VERY careful when turning Ivy's head! Her neck twists easily and can break suddenly. Some were even sold already broken! Ivy is a glamorous pony, and has accessories to make herself beautiful including a blue ring and a purple tiara shaped like leaves and teardrops. You can also attach blue tear-shaped earrings to the tiara. There's also an alternate version of her accessories in which the colors are opposites and includes a blue tiara, purple ring, and purple earrings. They can be stored in the armoire on hooks that can be rotated when you turn the bunch of grapes on top. There is also a hook on the inside of the door to hang her purple grape comb. The alternate colored comb in blue. The armoire is made of dark pink grapes, leaves, and vines and the door and the same, only light purple. The gate that Ivy comes with is purple with an aqua, green, and pink rainbow and a peach butterfly. Her name in other countries/languages is Gemma (Italy), Juweeltje en haar sierandendoos (NL), Précieuse et son Coffret (French), Presumida (Spanish), and Zauberblatt (German).

Pony Magic Playset: Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed with Light Heart
The Pony Magic Playset is a Canopy Bed that doubles as a carrying case. When closed, it's a case, but when open, it becomes a bed with pink posts and boards with a purple base decorated with green vines and magenta flowers. There's a soft yellow blanket and on the pillow is a rainbow horseshoe button. When pressed, the clouds above it open up to reveal a rainbow-striped canopy overhead.

This playset comes with one pony named Light Heart (white w/ orange/dark pink/purple hair; purple eyes & dark pink crystals) who loves to play jokes. She has pink and orange heats and dots as her symbol, and her hooves are dark pink. She is fully posable and cam stand up as well as lie down. Her head also tilts down, and when you press the dark pink ring or hearts around her tail, her head tilts upward as she wakes up. Light Heart comes with a green flower comb.

In other countries/languages, the Pony Magic Playset is called the Magico Giardino Con Luce (Italy), Lichthartjes Toverspeelset (NL), Jeu Magique et Farceur (French), Pony Mágico Dulce Corazón (Spanish), and Pony Traumherz (German). Light Heart's name may or may not be the same as per these translations, except German; Light Heart's name is Zauberset.
Another Pony Magic Playset came out the next year.

Pony Garden Playcase

Pony Garden Playcase
The Pony Garden Playcase (French: Jardin en Mallette, Spanish: Jardín de los Ponys, German: Pony Spielhaus) was the first new My Little Pony playset with a place for all your new ponies to play and to carry along with you. Closed, it can be carried by the floral yellow handle with the three sections folded up inside. But when opened, the playcase becomes a two-room indoor garden. The front of the case (pink & purple half) has the MLP rainbow logo and a door that open to become a base. On the outside is a raised picture of a pony, and inside are two green fences that can attach to Sundance's and Ivy's rainbows and gates. The purple room has a yellow shelf toward the top. The mid-section is a flat green piece with raised designs consisting of trees, gates, and butterflies with a window in the middle. And the last section (magenta) also has a yellow shelf near the top, which two floral hooks clasp onto. There are also two yellow doors that can open and be locked shut. Other accessories include a blue picnic basket that reveals a (magenta) pie inside, two (magenta) apples (one piece), and a butterfly. The colors of these vary between blue and magenta. There are several decals of pony pics, butterflies, birds, flowers and more to decorate the inside and outside. Please note that the instructions and picture on the box differ when it comes to where the decals should be placed. Also, on the box, is a picnic blanket that can be cut out and used at a pony garden picnic. Pony not included; photographed to show proportion.


Seabreeze (French: Brise de Mer) was the first and only mail order pony of the 1997-99 collection. She is bluish-aqua with a pink mane and a purple tail She has turquoise eyes with a green jewel. Her symbol is a turquoise wave. She only came with one accessory - a light blue berry & leaf comb that she wears around her neck. She was free with six new horseshoe points. This offer was only valid in the U.S. and Canada.

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