My Pretty Pony (1981)

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Not officially a part of the My Little Pony family, My Pretty Pony was Hasbro's predecessor of My Little Pony. She was made by Romper Room (a division of Hasbro), and later by Hasbro itself in 1981. Much larger than the Little Ponies we knew in the following years, My Pretty pony stood about 10 inches tall and originally looked like any ordinary toy pony. However, with her many accessories for grooming and dress-up, and later, a pastel makeover, My Pretty Pony was quickly evolving into the decade's most beloved collection of model horses, My Little Pony.

My Pretty Pony logo (original)

My Pretty Pony (brown)
The very first My Pretty Pony was introduced in 1981. She is seen here with her box, barely resembling anything My Little Pony. The logo and colors on the box seen here appeared with this earliest version of My Pretty Pony only. My Pretty Pony also has more of an 'old country farm' image with her earth-tone body colors and primary accessory colors. This version was also the only one to be produced by the Hasbro subsidiary, Romper Room.

My Pretty Pony is brown with a white blaze on her face and white on her forelegs. She has brushable light tan (blonde) hair and hazel eyes. Unlike My Little Pony, she has no symbol (however, an alternate version has a large round marking on both hips).
My Pretty Pony & Beautiful Baby box
Under her chin is a trigger, and when you pull it, My Pretty Pony twitches her ears, winks her left eye, and swishes her tail. She came with a western hat (white w/red & white gingham band; "ROMPER ROOM" logo printed on band), red blanket, blue grooming brush & comb, and ribbons (blue, purple, red). When My Little Pony was introduced, this brown pony was re-released with a baby who was actually Butterscotch and the set was called My Pretty Pony and Beautiful Baby and were packaged in a more MLP-looking box, complete with the rainbow logo (thanks to Veronica/Sparkle-pony for the photo).

My Pretty Pony logo (rainbow)

My Pretty Pony (pink)
Later, in 1981, another My Pretty Pony was made. This version resembled a large My Little Pony, with her pastel colors, and symbol on her hips. Her box was also designed in what became the My Little Pony image with the rainbow logo, and subdued colors.

This My Pretty Pony is pink with a white blaze on her face, and has brushable pink hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a group of pink hearts. But while her look changed, some characteristics of My Pretty Pony remained the same. Like the brown My Pretty Pony, she has a lever under her chin that could twitch her ears, wink her left eye, and swish her tail. She came with similar accessories as the brown My Pretty Pony, with notable changes in the colors to match the pony's image. They include a lavender blanket, western hat (that could either be tied with the purple ribbon as shown, or with a knotted piece of string [not included]), three hair ribbons (white yellow, aqua), and purple grooming brush & comb.

There was also another My Pretty Pony made who looked very much like the pink one, only with a yellow body (not shown), however, she just may be a discolored version of the pink pony.

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