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The table below is the entrance to four sections containing the summaries and pictures from the following G1 My Little Pony stories and series. Information on G3 and G3.5 specials/videos is not available on this site, but may be found elsewhere online. Information on the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" (G4) TV series can be found on The Hub official site, the official episode guide book The Elements of Harmony (seasons 1-3), and other MLP fansites.

My Little Pony special

My Little Pony TV Special

aka "Rescue at Midnight Castle"/"Firefly's Adventure"

My Little Pony Escape From Catrina special

My Little Pony "Escape From Catrina"
TV Special

'My Little Pony: the Movie'

My Little Pony: the Movie

'My Little Pony' TV series

My Little Pony TV series
'My Little Pony Tales' TV series

My Little Pony Tales TV series

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