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Early Ponies (unique ponies)

BLUE: info from my personal MLP collection and MLP booklets
GREEN: info provided by other MLP collectors (some pony names only)
The International MLP pages now contain only personal photos and first-hand and/or confirmed descriptions.
For further information on ponies featured in this section or any other non-U.S. ponies or variations, please see this page.

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This page contains some of the earliest non-US ponies, not necessarily categorized. The ponies shown here are unique individual ponies, not variations of U.S. ponies. Most ponies shown are photographed from my personal collection, and is not a complete listing.

Adult Ponies

(Early My Little Pony - adults)

Snowflake (Earth pony) is dark pink with white hair. Her symbol is three glittery silver snowflakes as her symbol. She has blue eyes and white freckles on her cheeks.
Hopscotch (Earth pony) is aqua with dark purple hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a purple w/pink hopscotch game.
Gypsy (unicorn) is orange with red-orange hair and has glittery tambourines as her symbol. She has purple eyes and white freckles on her cheeks.
Honeycomb (pegasus) is white with chartreuse hair, and purple She has four black & gold bumblebees (gold is glittery) as her symbol.

Baby Ponies

Although the mothers of these baby ponies were also sold in the United States, the babies were not.

Baby Ponies
Baby Applejack (Earth Pony) is orange with yellow hair, green eyes, and has four orange w/green apples as her symbol.
Baby Bow Tie (Earth Pony) is light blue with pink hair, purple eyes, and has four pink bows as her symbol.
Baby Lemon Drop (Earth Pony) is yellow with purple hair, purple eyes, and her symbol is purple drops.

SEE: Baby Pony Stroller (pictured on Accessories page)

Other known baby ponies included Baby Cherries Jubilee and Baby Buttons (see Want List). Though she was never available in the U.S., Baby Buttons was shown in the episode "The Ghost of Paradise Estate".

Sea Ponies

UK adult Sea Ponies
Like the U.S. versions, each pony in this set comes with her own shell home that sticks onto your bathtub with a suction cup. Their names can be confirmed in the U.K. MLP Mini World Book, "Surf Dancer and the Little Mermaid".
Sea Spray is yellow with pink hair and comes with a purple shell.
Surf Dancer is light blue with yellow hair. She has blue eyes and lavender fin tips. She came with a pink shell.
Wave Breaker is actually the same pony as Wavedancer, only with a different name. She is pink with blue hair and blue fin tips, however her eyes are a darker purple than my Wavedancer's. Also, her shell is light yellow (as opposed to) purple.

Rainbow Ponies

Raindrop (Earth Pony; German: Regentropfen) is one of two known unique Rainbow Ponies among U.S. alternates. She is dark pink with green/blue/pink/coral hair. She had deep, cerulean blue eyes and her symbol is a white cloud w/raindrops with a yellow sun peeking out from underneath.
Night Light (Earth Pony; German: Natchlicht), another confirmed unique pony, is dark blue (hair colors are difficult to decipher in photo) with a crescent moon and two stars as her symbol.

Mountain Boy Ponies

Like the big Brother Ponies, the set of six Mountain Boy Ponies each have Clydesdale hooves with long, molded hair on their feet and have a streak in their manes. They also all have white freckles on their cheeks and their names and matching symbols all have to do with meteorology.

Mountain Boy Ponies

Sunburst is yellow with red hair (w/ gold streak), and magenta eyes. His symbol is an orange sun rising behind a white cloud.
Ice Crystal is mint green with white hair (w/ green streak), and aqua eyes. He has blue w/white pieces of ice as his symbol.
Fireball is magenta with dark purple hair (w/ yellow streak), purple eyes. He has an orange & yellow ball of fire as his symbol.

Mountain Boy Ponies

Thundercloud is purple with dark pink hair (w/ blue streak), and pinkish-purple eyes. His symbol is a white cloud w/blue raindrops & a yellow bolt of lightening.
Tornado is blue with pink hair (w/ blue streak), and pinkish-purple eyes. He has a white tornado as his symbol.
Lightening is orange with yellow hair (w/ white streak), and purple eyes. He has a white cloud w/yellow lightening bolt as his symbol.

Birthday Party

Tutti Frutti
Birthday Party (shown in package)
The Party Gift Pack was sold in the US, but in other countries, it was a little different. It was called Birthday Party and only came with one pony named Tutti Frutti (Earth pony; shown close-up also). She is yellow-orange with green hair (w/yellow streak), green eyes, and citrus fruit (orange w/green cherries, orange slice, green lime) as her symbol.
Shown in the original box, this set includes accessories similar to the U.S. version, for four ponies.

Activity Club Baby Ponies

In the UK, there was a special yearly club for My Little Pony collectors called the Activity Club. It came with different activities every year, but in 1989, 1990, and 1991, a newborn pony was also given away as part of the set. She was free when you joined up for another year. They are all Earth Ponies. Confirmed names are from scans of Activity Club magazine ads.

Activity Club Baby Ponies

In 1989, a nameless pony, just called Baby Pony was featured. She is all white with white hair (though she was originally pictured in the ad with pink hair), purple eyes, and no symbol.
In 1990, Baby Bridesmaid was introduced. She is white with blue hair (looks aqua in photo), pink eyes, and her symbol is a silver (metallic) top hat, horseshoe, and two hearts.
And in 1991, Baby Fun 'n Games came out. She is white with red hair, pink eyes, and has two red w/white dice as her symbol.
The last Activity Club baby is believed to be either Baby Ribbons & Hearts or Baby Valentine. She is white with dark pink hair, and pink eyes. Her symbol is all bright pink, featuring a large ribbon above a heart, surrounded by three smaller hearts.

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