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BLUE: info from my personal MLP collection and MLP booklets
GREEN: info provided by other MLP collectors (some pony names only)
The International MLP pages now contain only personal photos and first-hand and/or confirmed descriptions.
For further information on ponies featured in this section or any other non-U.S. ponies or variations, please see this page.

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(non-So Soft Ponies)

Some of the So Soft Ponies were also made in non-So Soft versions, but not in the US, as we had only the So Softs. There are noticeable differences in some of these ponies. I own five of the known ponies, photographed below.

(non-So Soft Ponies)

Magic Star (Earth Pony) is yellow (no notable difference in color from So Soft Magic Star's body under fur) with green hair, and purple eyes. Her symbol is a magic wand (pink star w/green handle) with a pink ribbon tied around it. She stands in Tootsie's pose in this version, rather than the rearing pose of So Soft Magic Star.
Shady (Earth Pony) is dark neon pink (slightly darker than the So Soft Shady's body under her fur) with curly chartreuse hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a group of sunglasses (blue frames w/white lenses).

(non-So Soft Ponies)

Wind Whistler (pegasus) is pale blue (lighter than So Soft Wind Whistler's body under her fur) with pink or white hair, and lighter purple eyes (than the So Soft version). Her symbol is a group of pink & blue whistles (instead of all of them being pink like the So Soft version).
North Star (pegasus) is a darker shade of pink (than the So Soft version) with purple hair, and dark blue eyes. Her symbol is purple & blue compass.
Buttons (unicorn) is lavender (cannot see body color under So Soft Button's fur to compare) with curly blue hair w/dark pink streak, and blue eyes. There are two versions of Buttons; one has a more pronounced symbol, as you can actually see her blue stars as well as her pink buttons. She has six buttons and four stars on each side. The other version (not pictured) has only the three buttons as her symbol.

(non-Beddy-Bye Eyed Baby Ponies)

Some of the Baby Ponies with Beddy-Bye Eyes were sold in other countries with regular eyes insteadof eyes that open and close. Four of them are shown here.

Baby Ponies (non-Beddy-Bye Eyes)

Baby Heart Throb (pegasus) is lavender with dark pink hair, blue eyes, and three pink hearts as her symbol. This is one of at least three known verisons of Baby Heart Throb: one with pink hearts w/glittery silver wings and one with pink hearts w/blue-grey wings.
Baby Ribbon (non-Beddy-Bye Eyes)

Baby Gusty (unicorn) is white with green hair (w/red streak), mint green eyes, and has three purple leaves as her symbol.
Baby Lickety-Split (Earth pony) is lavender with pink hair and three vanilla ice cream cones as her symbol. She has light purple eyes and three white freckles on her nose. She is shown with the 'Snugfit' nappy box and pink-rimmed bottle she came with.
Baby Ribbon (unicorn) is blue with chartreuse hair (w/ orange streak) and her symbol is a white ribbon tied in a bow.

Pretty & Pearly Baby Sea Ponies

Pretty n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies
Shown here are two of the set of six U.K. Pretty & Pearly Baby Sea Ponies, who have a pearl-like lister covering their bodies, who were not included in the U.S. Pretty 'n Pearly collection, but were originally part of the U.S. Year 3 Baby Sea Ponies set.
Tiny Bubbles is light blue with yellow hair (& fin tips), and blue eyes. She came with a yellow w/orange duck float.
Sea Star is yellow with purple hair, purple eyes, and pink fin tips. She came with a pink w/purple duck float.

Starlight Baby Ponies

The Starlight Baby Ponies were the non-U.S. alternate to Year 8's Baby Sparkle Ponies. Starlight Baby Ponies have a shiny clear coating on their solid-colored bodies, as oppose to the transparent glitter-filled bodies of the Baby Sparkle Ponies. Also, The Starlight Baby Ponies have blue/gold/pink tinsil in their hair, and some are colored differently than their Baby Sparkle cousins. They have the same symbols, but very different and more original names.

Starlight Baby Ponies

Baby Stella (Earth pony; alt. to Baby Star Flower) is salmon pink with dark yellow hair, and turquoise eyes. Her symbol is a green star surrounded by magenta rings and more stars.
Baby Explorer (unicorn; alt. to Baby Gusty) is yellow with dark pink hair, and pink eyes. Her symbol is a sea green hot air balloon, with a dark pink basket, and pink rings encircling the balloon, and sea green & pink stars/dots around it.
Baby Mischief (pegasus; alt. to Baby Firefly) is pinkish-purple with curly gold hair, and light green eyes. His symbol is a blue & yellow-orange kite, surrounded by dots & stars.
Baby Nightsong (Earth pony; alt. to Baby North Star) is white with pink hair, and blue-grey eyes. Her symbol is two blue ringed (dark magenta rings) planets surrounded by dark magenta stars/dots.
The names of the ponies above were confirmed according to the 1992 Annual, however, some packages were marked with the names of Baby Stella and Baby Nightsong reversed.
In German, these ponies are called Sternenschimmer Baby-Ponys.

Princess Ponies (with baby dragons)

Princess Ponies
Baby Dragons
Princess Ponies were also sold in the U.K. under different names (names confirmed from the U.K. MLP booklet scan). They looked exactly the same and came with the same accessories. However, instead of coming with Bushwoolies, they each came with a baby dragon in the same mold as Spike. The dragons were two colors - body with different color spines down their backs and tails. This same color was also used for their eyes and toenails and they all had white bellies.

Princess Pearl (US: Princess Tiffany) has a dragon named Fiery (red w/yellow).
Princess Sapphire (US: Princess Royal Blue has a dragon named Smokey (blue w/dark blue).
Princess Amber (US: Princess Starburst has a dragon named is Flash (yellow w/ orange).
Princess Aquamarine (US: Princess Serena has a dragon named Prickles (light green w/ green).
Princess Ruby (US: Princess Ruby has a dragon named Sparks (pink w/ red).
Princess Amethyst (US: Princess Sparkle has a dragon named Spiny (light purple w/ dark purple). Thanks to t.Milja for the photo of Spiny.

*Spiny is on my Want List. If you have Spiny, and would like to sell him, email me with any information. Thanks!*

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