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Baby Pony Stroller

Baby Pony Stroller

This pink stroller (one of a few colors, shown with Bow Tie and Baby Bow Tie) consists of a one-piece basket (back opens) for baby to ride in with an overhead umbrella, and a hitch with a rainbow-striped strap that wraps around the adult pony's mid section. The stroller has two white, flower-patterned wheels; it cannot stand without an adult pony's support.


Waterfall with Cascade

The Waterfall was also sold outside the United States, but with different colors and also a different pony, but similar accessories are shown. The biggest difference is that the base of the Waterfall is green instead of white which makes it look the falls located over grass rather than in the
Cascade (Earth pony) was the special pony who came with this version of the Waterfall. She is yellow with green hair, periwinkle eyes, and her symbol is blue & periwinkle splashes of water.

Grooming Parlour

Grooming Parlour

The Grooming Parlour is actually the same playset as the Brush Me Beautiful Boutique but outside the United States, it came with it's own special pony. The accessories are the same, except for the tag that says "Grooming Parlour". The pony's name is Kiss Curl, a few different versions have been sighted. My Kiss Curl is yellow with
Kiss Curl and Snowball
white hair, and purple eyes. Her symbol is six pink locks of hair with aqua bows. It has been confirmed that Kiss Curl's hair was originally pink, faded to white. Also, she was sometimes made with the colors of her symbol in reverse (aqua locks of hair w/pink bows). Like the Brush Me Beautiful Boutique, the Grooming Parlour comes with a white and green tabby kitten, but her name is Snowball. In German, the Grooming Parlour is called Schönheitssalon.

SEE ALSO: Kitchen; My Pretty Parlor



The Schoolhouse is taken directly out of the "My Little Pony Tales" series as it is where the Little Ponies go to learn their lessons. This playset (1990-1992) looks a lot like the actual classroom with lots of fun and educational decals and accessories. The pink and purple Schoolhouse opens up to become a large classroom complete with a school bell (yellow) you can ring, green pegasus weather vane, neon pink magic board to write on, that cuckoo clock that Patch is always shooting, and the window that opens up to become a slide the ponies use when school lets out. Large accessories include two pink & yellow desks (with the letters 'u' and 'e' as the legs), a yellow & periwinkle globe, and a purple & multicolored xylophone with two mallets (periwinkle w/green). Smaller accessories include a pink skipping rope, two rulers (periwinkle & yellow), two pencils (periwinkle & yellow), two books (math & science; periwinkle w/decals), and a pair of glasses (shown on box, not photographed). The colors of the accessories may vary than those that came with my Schoolhouse. In German, the schoolhouse is called Pony Schule.



The Kitchen is one of many names given to a single playset resembling the Pretty Parlor, but with an interior design and accessories for cooking and baking around 1991-1992. In Spanish-language MLP brochures, it is called the Pasteleria, and shown in different colors than in English-language brochures where it was called the Kitchen. However, the Pasteleria box shows the playset in the same colors as the one shown here (also accurately portrayed on its Kitchen box). This same playset is was also sold under different names in different languages in both brochures and on boxes, depending on where it was sold: Pony-Küche (in brochure) in German (Mein Kleines Pony), Cuisine (on box) in French (Mon Petit Pony) and Keuken (on box) in Dutch (Mijn Kleine Pony). This playset was not sold in any form in the United States. It contained no ponies (though Sweet Delight is shown, as it was mainly made as an accessory for the Cookery Ponies).
Like the Pretty Parlor, the Kitchen opens to a play area and closes to a carrying case. The outer walls are white, with a flat, yellow base (parquet floor), and two sea green flower boxes (with decals) and awnings attached to the windows on the right side. The yellow door covers the entire entranceway (unlike the parlors), and is decorated with curtain decals. There is no decoration on on the outside back of the building, however, on the inside back wall, there is a window decal, portraying curtains and a picture of a white & pink pony in a field. The moulding inside is also different from the parlors, including a raised circle for the clock decal on the left, and more defines shutters (w/valance decals). The left wall has attached pink open shelving for storage of accessories. On the back wall, there is a pink stove with a removable rack, and when you pull the first of three yellow knobs, the left burner reveals a metal rack-like cooking surface. The right wall has a pink sink (w/separate yellow faucet) with cabinets below, and a swiveling (and easily breakable!) yellow breakfast bar with shelves and a dish rack. Smaller accessories included four blue mugs, four blue plates (w/raised heart design), blue mixing bowl (w/raised heart design), blue pot with cover, blue serving tray, sea green trivet (w/raised heart design), sea green tongs, sea green spoon, sea green pizza cutter, sea green heart embossed rolling pin, four yellow cupcakes, yellow pie top, and five blue cookie cutters (shapes are crescent moon, heart, gingerbread man, round-edged star, and eight-sided jagged-edged shape). Other kitchen decal also decorate the inside of the building , including a washing machine (or maybe a dishwasher?), drawers, and an oven mitt.

SEE ALSO: Brush Me Beautiful Boutique; My Pretty Parlor

Bed and Crib Set

Bed and Crib Set

The Bed and Crib Set (1993) is meant to be used with the Surprise Twins Pony and her babies as if they were in a maternity ward. The bed is on wheels and looks like a hospital bed with a yellow frame and a clipboard on the foot. It has a blanket that's pink with blue hearts. There's also a blue shelf that swings out from the headboard and has room for two cards (one is yellow-pink with a picture of a flower bouquet and the other is blue-pink with a picture of a stork carrying a baby pony) and flowers (two red tulips) for the new mother. The crib is also yellow and rocks from side to side. It has a bottle holder on the side and a pink teddy bear design. It also comes with a pink blanket with blue hearts, and two diapers (that are too big for the newborns) that can be stored in the space beneath the crib. In German, the Bed & Crib Set is called Krankenzimmer.

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