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BLUE: info from my personal MLP collection and MLP booklets
GREEN: info provided by other MLP collectors (some pony names only)
The International MLP pages now contain only personal photos and first-hand and/or confirmed descriptions.
For further information on ponies featured in this section or any other non-U.S. ponies or variations, please see this page.

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My Little Pony Tales (Seven Characters)

When the new series, "My Little Pony Tales" premiered in 1992, it seemed only logical the Hasbro would release a new line of ponies to represent the seven main characters. And they did, however, for some reason, they were not sold in the U.S. which was strange since the show aired on American cable television. Anyway, the seven ponies looked just like the characters on the shows and each came with a comb that matched her personality (shown in booklets). They are all Earth ponies.

My Little Pony Tales characters
Patch is peach with dark pink hair, yellow eyes, and her symbol is a pink striped sewn (w/blue stitching) patch.
Bon Bon is yellow with purple hair, light blue eyes, and her symbol is a piece of blue & purple wrapped candy surrounded by dots.
Starlight is pink with yellow hair, light blue eyes, and a large yellow star with several small blue stars & dots as her symbol. Her comb is blue and in the shape of several stars. A different version of Starlight was also sold as one of the Hair-do Ponies.

My Little Pony Tales characters

Bright Eyes is aqua with orange hair, and yellow eyes. Her symbol is a blue pen and pink: notebook (w/blue rings and label).
Sweetheart is white with dark pink hair, and light purple eyes, Her symbol is a large pink heart surrounded by three little orange hearts. Sweetheart is also known as Nurse Sweet Heart as one of the Nurse Ponies.
Clover is lavender with pink hair, and pink eyes. Her symbol is a large two-tone green four-leaf clover (with a small one next to it).
Melody is dark pink with blue hair, aqua eyes, and her symbol is a yellow microphone surrounded by blue notes and stars. Another version of Melody was also one of the Rollerskates Ponies.
The Tales Ponies were also sold as German Ponies under the name TV-Star-Ponys (7 Pony Friends). According to MLP booklets, they came with tiny stickers on a heart shaped pad that you could decorate your pony with.

Rollerskates Ponies

The Rollerskates Ponies are three friends who could go skating together. They came with four molded-on skates (the same kind worn on the show), pink sunglasses, and a headset with a belt and earphones. Two of the skates have wheels that roll and when you pull them back and then let them go, they skate on their own. They are all Earth ponies.

Rollerskates Ponies
Melody, is also one of the My Little Pony Tales characters. She looks the same (dark pink body, with a yellow microphone surrounded by blue notes & stars), except she has a yellow streak in her mane and her eyes appear more blue than aqua. Her skates are green w/orange trim, yellow laces, and pink w/green wheels. Her headset is blue with a purple ribbon.
Jazzie is yellow with red hair with a green streak in her mane and has blue eyes. Her symbol is a red heart with blue & white wings. She has pink skates w/blue trim, green laces, and green w/dark pink wheels. Her headset is purple with a pink ribbon.
Hip-Hop is green with pink hair with an orange streak in her mane and has blue eyes. Her symbol is a pink inline skate (w/purple laces & base and gold wheels) with a gold wing on it. She's wearing purple skates w/yellow trim, dark pink laces, and yellow w/purple wheels. She has an orange headset with a hot pink ribbon.
Some Rollerskates Pony boxes (including my Melody's) mislabeled the ponies' names, showing Melody as Hip Hop, Jazzie as Melody, and Hip Hop as Jazzie. Most other boxes were labeled correctly and all the boxes that I have had the correct names on the front.
In German, they have a similar name, Rollerskate-Ponys.

Hair-do Ponies

The Hair-do Ponies are three ponies who came with lots of special hair accessories to make themselves beautiful. They came with two strands of flexible vinyl beads (attached to their head and tails), one with a large soft bow attached to it, and the other with a small bow on the end (vinyl and same color as beads), plus a comb with a mirror in it (according to MLP booklets, not shown in these photos). They are all Earth ponies and their bodies are covered with a pearly luster. While their manes are very long, they have short, but wide forelocks.

Hair-do Ponies
Beautiful Bows is gold with orange hair w/a purple streak in her mane. Her eyes are purple and her symbol are pink & purple ribbons/bows intertwined. Her beads are mint with the jewel at the end of the strand in her mane being purple with a soft pink bow (w/green/orange/white specks).
Bangles is purple with pink hair w/a green streak in her mane. She has green eyes and her symbol is an orange & yellow beaded bracelet. Her beads are yellow, with the strand in her mane having a green jewel on the end and an orange soft bow (w/pink/yellow/white specks).
Starlight is from "My Little Pony Tales", probably because her parents owned a beauty salon on the show. She looks the same as she usually does (pink body, yellow hair, light blue eyes, yellow & blue stars symbol) except that she has a dark pink streak in her mane. Her beads are cerulean blue with a yellow jewel and soft, dark pink bow (w/orange/ yellow/white specks) at the end of the strand in her mane.
In German, they are called Haarschmuck-Ponys.

Sweet Kisses (U.K.)

Sweet Kisses
If the Sweet Kisses Ponies seem familiar, it's because in the United States, we had our own version of Sweet Kisses. However, both sets are very different from one another. Unlike the U.S. version that were in the thin "Sweetheart Sister" body mold, the U.K. Sweet Kisses were made in the traditional adult pony body mold. They are also different colors and have different symbols. They are all Earth ponies. Similarities are that, according to MLP booklets, they came with tubes of lipstick, like those that came with the U.S. Sweet Kisses (not shown in this photo) They also have tinsel in their manes and come with a long comb with dots (also shown in booklets, not in this photo).

Kiss & Tell is medium pink with blue hair (blue tinsel) and lavender eyes. Her symbol is a periwinkle (outlined) envelope with a red kiss (lips) on it, and two red hearts beneath it.
Candy Kisses is orange with dark pink hair (dark pink tinsel), and blue eyes. Her symbol is a large pair of red-orange lips and two blue X's.
Kiss & Make Up is greenish-blue with purple hair (dark purple tinsel), and pink eyes. Her symbol is an open pink heart with a yellow arrow going through it, a tube (pink & yellow) of lipstick, and two pink X's.
Sweet Kisses are called Küß-Mich-Ponys in German.

Best Friends

Best Friends are a set of Baby Ponies who each come with a little animal pal in colors resembling their own. The pets are made in the same styles as the babies from the My Little Puppy, Kitty, and Bunny families. The baby ponies are all Earth ponies.

Best Friends
Baby Susie is blue with yellow hair and pink eyes. Her pet is a yellow dalmatian with blue spots named Spot. The puppy is pictured as her symbol playing with a ball.
Baby Katie is yellow with dark pink hair, blue eyes, and her pet, named Kitty, is a dark pink kitten with yellow stripes (scanned from MLP booklet). However, her symbol shows a yellow kitten (pink outline) with pink stripes looking up at two pink hearts.
Kitty and Bunny
Baby Billie is dark pink with purple hair and light green eyes. Her pet, named Bunny, is a purple and pink rabbit (scanned from MLP booklet) as seen in her symbol.
In German, these ponies and friends are called Baby-Ponys & Minifruend.


Baby Schlummerlein
Nesthäckchen-Baby-Ponys are pictured in a German MLP booklet, shown with accessories. Though in a different pose than the one shown in the scan, at least one of these ponies has been confirmed. The yellow baby with dark pink hair, light purple eyes, and a blue & pink rattle as her symbol is photographed.

Bedtime Newborns

The Bedtime Newborns are three little babies who are ready for a nap with their nighttime symbols. According to MLP booklets, they each came with a baby bottle (not shown).

Bedtime Newborns

Stargaze (Earth pony) is cerulean blue with pink hair, pink eyes, and her symbol is a smiling yellow star with a tiny star next to it.
Moondream (pegasus) is purple with blue hair, blue eyes, and her symbol is an orange crescent moon with a tiny star next to it.
Sunset (Earth pony) is dark pink with yellow hair, purple eyes, and her symbol is a yellow yawning, setting sun with a tiny moon above it.
In German, these babies are called Schlummer Baby-Ponys.

Princess Sparkle

Princess Sparkle
Princess Sparkle (Earth pony) is a gorgeous, glittering Princess Pony with molded decorations and sparkling hair. Her body is pink and is adorned with fine, multicolored glitter. Her hair is purple with multi-colored tinsel. Behind her forelock is a molded yellow crown barrette with a sprig of clear fiber optic strands. Princess Sparkle is battery operated - when you turn the yellow bow on the molded yellow ribbon around her neck, it lights up the fiber optics and they change color with each turn. On her back is a molded red cape with a crown on it and with white trim with red hearts, which hides batteries underneath. (my Princess Sparkle is missing her cape, which is why scan is shown). She has a star is her each of her blue-pink two-tone eyes and purple eye shadow. She has no symbol, and according to the MLP booklet scan she comes with a traditional pink Princess Pony glitter star hair pick. In German, Princess Sparkle is named Prinzessin Gloria.

Family Friends & Family Babies

The Family Friends & Family Babies pony sets are rather strange. They are all Earth ponies. I am uncertain because two of there sets resemble pony families from the "My Little Pony Tales" series and represent the father, mother, and child of the family. However, the ones that look like the fathers were not made in the male pony (adult clydesdale) mold, but are in a common female adult pose and mold. All of these ponies have multi-colored hair is four different shades. However, instead of the traditional vertical striped, their colors are horizontal and one color blends into another as they change.

Meadowsweet family
The first family is based on Teddy's cousins from the episode "Blue Ribbon Blues". They all have pink bodies and pale pink, yellow, blue, purple, and dark pink hair. They all have pale lavender eyes. Mummy Meadowsweet's symbol is symbol is three purple (yellow-outlined) butterflies; Daddy Meadowsweet has three red apple (with sea green stems as his symbol); and Baby Meadowsweet (her name is Daisy on TV) has two white flowers (with orange stems & centers) as her symbol. However, the most prominent member of the family from the episode, Corny, their young son, was not made.

The second set is based on the Barrington family from the episode "The Tea Party", but their actual issue name is the Berrytown family. They all have white bodies and white, yellow, coral, sea green, and dark pink hair. Mummy Berrytown has pink eyes and her symbol is a tan basket as her symbol filled with tan & aqua food; Daddy Berrytown has a red car symbol. However, the baby does not resemble anyone with a bicycle as her symbol, including the young son, Logan (skateboard symbol), or their newborn, whose symbol wasn't shown. Here, it is a girl named Baby Berrytown She is shown in the wrong pose in the above picture. Her correct pose is confirmed as the same as Baby Meadowsweet's. MLP booklet scan is shown as my collection only includes Mummy Berrytown.
Family Friends & Family Babies

The last family is loosely based on the family of ponies who lived on Tropical Island in the episode "Ponies In Paradise" They have the same symbols as three of the those ponies, however their colors are different. They have yellow bodies (instead of beige) with white, yellow, orange, dark pink, and orange again (instead of blue, pink, gold and dark pink). Daddy Sunbright, or Poppi on the show, has a dark pink and blue sailboat as his symbol. Mummy Sunbright, or Mami, has mint green eyes and a dark pink fan shell & a blue swirl shell as her symbol. Baby Sunbright, who on the show is a boy named Ichy has blue eyes and an green w/orange fish jumping out of orange water. Baby Sunbright is a girl. Like the other sets, the main character, Moki, a young girl pony, was not made. Scan from MLP booklet is shown as my collection only includes Mummy and Baby Sunbright.
These pony families were called Herzblatt-Baby-Ponys in German.

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