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Identify your ponies by answering a series of simple questions about them; your answer will eventually bring you to the section on Dream Valley where your pony can be found where you can find her name and other information about him or her. Before using the Search, and for best results, please read:

Tips on using the Pony Identification Search:

  • Search for one pony at a time. The search is designed to only focus on one pony, and then when you have found your answer, hit your browser's BACK button to return to the search page and choose one of the options listed at the bottom to search for another pony.

  • Please read ALL the possible answers to the questions you are being asked. The search will only work if the questions are answered accurately. If you make a mistake, start your search again.

  • Study your pony carefully in order to match his or her features to the descriptions in the Search. Remember, hair colors can fade, glittery symbols can rub off, and wings or other parts can break off. Try to imagine what your old pony would look like if he or she was new.

  • Please be familiar with the terms used on this site including different types of ponies (Earth pony, unicorn, pegasus, etc), parts of a pony (such as "symbol": the small picture(s) on a pony's hip/flank and/or legs, etc., currently [as of G3, G4] known as a "Cutie Mark"]), and MLP generations (G1, G2, etc.; see below).

  • This Search can ONLY identify the ponies and pony friends who are on Dream Valley, which includes the full line of United States G1 Ponies (1982-1992). The sections of the search featuring the following ponies are incomplete:

  • Some ponies or pony friends are not included in the search, but are featured on Dream Valley; others are not featured on Dream Valley at all. Ponies/friends you will not find in the search are:

  • This Search is designed only to identify REAL My Little Ponies/friends. Before starting your search, make sure your pony has the HASBRO marking on his or her hooves or somewhere on his/her body (NOTE: So Soft Ponies are not marked; Dream Beauties have a tiny Hasbro marking on the insert in their back legs (all except Trim 'n Grow Beauties, not marked). Please also read the F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) page to learn more about fake ponies made by other companies, other character ponies, and non-MLP ponies or other animals made by Hasbro including:

  • If you have searched thoroughly for your pony and still haven't found his or her name, please email me and I'll try to help you personally. If you send me a picture of your pony, please send ONLY .jpg or .gif files. NO .bmp or .tif files please! Questions can be related to ponies from all generations, regardless of whether they may be featured on Dream Valley.

  • Still can't find your pony? Check out these other great MLP sites that specialize in International variations, G2, G3, G3.5, and G4 ponies.

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