My Little Pony

Checklist (U.S. 2003-present)

This My Little Pony checklist includes the little ponies and playsets/accessories from 2003 to the present. It includes both store bought and mail order ponies/items from the United States. All mail order ponies are listed at the end of the checklist. Use this checklist with the Dream Valley website; check off the ponies you have identified/acquired, and keep track of the ones you need as you search for ponies. Fill in the circle next to the pony's name when you have acquired him or her; fill in the circle next to the group of ponies when you have acquired the entire set. Use the "Notes/Variations" side of the list to jot down any of your own observations about any of the ponies or items.
Note: As new MLP items are being introduced continuously, this checklist my not always be up-to-date, and only lists ponies shown on Dream Valley and/or those I have seen in stores. Some lists/names may be incomplete. Last updated: January 2006


O Rainbow Celebration Ponies
O Wysteria
O Rainbow Dash
O Sweetberry
O Sunny Daze
Notes/Variations: O Glitter Celebration Ponies
O Kimono
O Minty
O Sparkleworks
O Pinkie Pie

O (Ponies w/Accessories)
O Moonlight Celebration with Moondancer
O Birthday Celebration Razzaroo
O Picnic Celebration with Applejack
Tea Party: O Spring Fever, O Applejack
O Dance Jamboree with Blossomforth
Notes/Variations: O (Playsets)
O Cotton Candy Cafe
O Cotton Candy
O Celebration Castle
O Pink Sunsparkle
O Bloomin' Blossoms Shop
O Meadowbrook
O Celebration Salon
O Amberlocks

O (Bonus Ponies)
O Butterscotch
O Autumn Skye
O Starswirl
Notes/Variations: O Winter Ponies
O Mittens
O Candy Cane
O Snowflake

O New Friends
O Tink-a-Tink-a-Too
O Fluttershy
O Daisyjo
O Strawberry Swirl
Notes/Variations: O Ponies (in new poses)
O Sunny Daze
O Sparkleworks
O Pinkie Pie
O Rainbow Dash

O Pretty Pony Fashions
O Rain or Shine Garden (Starswirl)
O Berry Pickin' Fun (Butterscotch)
O Royal Ribbon
O Tealeaf
Notes/Variations: O Ponies (in new poses)
O Sunny Daze
O Sparkleworks
O Pinkie Pie
O Rainbow Dash

O Ponies with Super-long hair...with baby ponies
O Petal Blossom
O (green baby pony)
O Rainbow Flash
O Baby Romperooni (purple; named with Celebration Castle)
O Aloha Pearl
O Bellaluna (blue)
O Wing Song
O Goody Gumdrop (white)

2004 (Friendship Ball)

O Sparkle Ponies
O Starbeam
O Forsythia
O Desert Rose
O Merriweather
Notes/Variations: O Jewel Ponies
O Peri Winkle
O Valenshy
O Crystal Lace
O Gem Blossom

O Dress-up Evening Wear
O Sparkleworks
O Sunny Daze
O Crystal Lake
O Wind Wisher
Notes/Variations: O Ice Dancing/Twirling Fun
O Glitter Glide
O Loop-De-La

O Playsets/Accessories
O "Dancing in the Clouds" video
O Star Catcher
O Twinkle Twirl's Dance Studio
O Twinkle Twirl

O Sparkle Ponies (set 2)
O Rainbow Swirl
O Denim Blue
O Desert Blossom
O Peachy Pie
Notes/Variations: O Jewel Ponies (set 2)
O Wondermint
O Sapphire Shores
O Star Dasher


O New Friends
O Sew-and-So
O Toola Roola
O Bumblesweet
O Serendipity
Notes/Variations: O Easter Ponies
O Doseydotes
O Toodleloo
O Spring Treat

O (Ponies w/Accessories
O Spring Basket

O Garden GladeO BubblecupO Wishawhirl
O Wishing Well with Crystal Crown
O Avalonia (butterfly case)
O Lickity SpiltO Port-o-bella (Picnic set)
O SunshowerO Luau (oval backpack)
O Pick-a-LillyO Sunny Salsa (heart case)
Notes/Variations: O Individual Ponies
O Keen Bean (sold with 2 adults)
O Pepperberry
O Star Shimmer

O So Soft Ponies
O Petal Dove
O Rose Blossom
O Pretty Powder
Notes/Variations: O (Discontinued ponies)
O Shenanigans
O Cherry Blossom
O Cupcake
O Sweetsong

O Perfectly Pony (set one)
O Sunset Sweety
O Beebop
O Skywishes
O Triple Treat
Notes/Variations: O Perfectly Pony (set two)
O Spring Parade
O Golden Delicious
O Piccolo
O Cinnamon Breeze

O Winter Series II
O Marshmellow Coco
O Mistletoe
O Snow'el
Notes/Variations: O My Little Pony 4-pack
O Flutterbutter
O Princess Peppermint
O Tropical Delight
O Banjo Blue

O Super-long Hair
O Rainbowberry
O Dream Blue
O Silly Sunshine
O Silver Song
O Sparklesnap
Notes/Variations: O PC Play Pack
O Sparkleberry Swirl

O Valentine's Day Ponies
O Always & Forever
O Yours Truly


O Perfectly Pony
O Gardenia Glow
O Heather Winds
O Sweet Breeze
O Magic Marigold
Notes/Variations: O Wing Wishes
O Toola-Roola
O Fluttershy
O Minty

O So Soft Pony Dress-up
O Angel Dove
O Junebug
O Misty Mornings
O Bon Appetit
O Tripsy Daisy
O Bedtime Blessings with Bright Night
O Good Morning Sunshine
O (bath pony)
Notes/Variations: O (Ponies with Playsets)
O Frilly Frocks Boutique
O Frilly Frocks
O Musical Wishes Jewelry Box
O Skywishes
O Let's Go (purse)
O Strawberry Swirl
O Sharing Tea
O Serendipity

O Spring Basket (2005)
O Lullabelle
O Dainty Daisy
O Spring Breeze
Notes/Variations: O Perfectly Pony (New Friends)
O Alphabittle
O Twilight Twinkle
O Fair Weather
O Bunches-O-Fun

O Ponies with Purses
O Blossomforth
O Triple Treat
Notes/Variations: O Fancy Pony Fashions
O Pinkie Pie (tiara/tutu)
O Bubble Bath Time with Sweetsong
O Study Break with Shenanigans

Jewel Birthday Ponies
O January Joy
O Fantastical February
O March Mischief
O April Mist
O May Belle
O June Blossom
O July Jubilee
O August Breeze
O Sweet September
O October Dreams
O November Nights
O December Delight

O Avon Exclusive Ponies
O Jazz Matazz
O Wave Catcher
O Peach Surprise
O Tea Lily
Notes/Variations: O Easter Ponies (2005)
O Skedoodle
O Yesterdaisy
O Lolligiggle

O Baby Ponies (Target)
O Butter Drop
O Penny Candy
O Hula Lula
O Sandy Island
Notes/Variations: O Super-Long Hair (2005)
O Dibble Dabble
O Silver Lining

O Family Dollar Exclusives
O Misty Blue
O Autumn Crisp
O Peachy Keen
O Strawberry Sunset
Notes/Variations: O Winter Series III
O Minty
O Toboggan
O Sno Glo

O (Individual Ponies/Accessories)
O Sweet Summertime (Toys R Us, beachball case)
O Royalette (Target, star case)
O Kimono (KB, new pose)
Notes/Variations: O Pony 4-Pack (late 2005)
O Cotton Candy (new pose)
O Rainbow Swirl (new pose)
O Finger Paints
O Candy Apple

O (Winter Babies [Meijer exclusives])
O Jingle Jangle
O Ribbons & Bows

2005 - Butterfly Island

O Dazzle Bright Ponies
O Bowtie
O Beachberry
O Seaspray
O Kiwi Tart
Notes/Variations: O Shimmer Ponies
O Shell-Belle
O Fizzy Pop
O Waterfire
O Island Rainbow

O Sunny Scent Ponies
O Coconut Grove
O Citrus Sweetheart
O Apple Spice
O Tropical Surprise
Notes/Variations: O Dream Design Ponies
O Paradise Palms
O Sand Dollar
O Seascape
O Island Delight

O Seaside Celebration with...
O Wysteria
O Bumblesweet
O Cherry Blossom
Notes/Variations: O Scootin' Along with...
O Breezie
O Scooter Sprite
O Flitter Flutter (Target)
O Scootaloo
O Bumbleberry

O Sunny Scent Ponies (set two)
O Thistle Whistle
O Lavender Lake
O Tangerine Sunset
O Pineapple Paradise
Notes/Variations: O Dream Design Ponies (set two)
O Beachcomber
O Cloud Climber
O Summer Berry
O Desert Palm

(Ponies with playsets)
O Rainbow Wishes Amusement Park
O Round 'n Round
O Butterfly Island
O Honolu-Loo
Notes/Variations: O Pretty Pony Fashions
O Golden Delicious (snail)
O Sew-and-So (monkey)
O Skywishes (parrot)

O (Ponies w/accessories & sets)
O Hidden Treasures (with DVD)
O Beach Belle O Caribbean Delight (butterfly case)

2006 - Crystal Princess

O Pegasus Ponies
O Silver Glow
O Royal Rose
Notes/Variations: O Pretty Pattern Ponies
O Summer Bloom
O Fancy Free

O Cutie Cascade Ponies
O Tulip Twinkle
O Fairy Dust
Notes/Variations: O Crystal Design Ponies
O Wind Drifter
O Royal Bouquet

O Balloon Flying with...
O Cherry Blossom and O Tiddleywink
O Merriweather and O Tra-la-la
Notes/Variations: O Scootin' Along with...
O Lullabelle
O Cupcake

O Styling Ponies
O Pinkie Pie
O Rainbow Dash
Notes/Variations: O (Ponies with accessories)
O Wysteria as the Crystal Bride
O Desert Rose as the Crystal Slipper Princess

(Ponies with playsets)
O Twist & Style Petal Parlor
O Daffidazey
O Zipzee
Notes/Variations: O (Other ponies)
O Let's Go Fluttershy
O Fancy Hair Pony Precious Gem

Pony Points Program (2003-present)

O Dazzle Surprise
O Sun Shimmer
Notes/Variations: Other items
O "A Charming Birthday" video
O Ponyville Playmat
O Friendship Bracelet
O Star Catcher poster
O Ponyville Playmat #2
O Butterfly Island poster

My Little Pony Checklists created and copyrighted © 1999-2006, by Kimberly