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In Year 9, My Little Pony was coming toward the end in the United States. Like Year 8, there were still only four of each type of pony in a set. A new edition was added to expand the My Little Pony family, however, no ponies were included. Instead, this new set included little animal families of cats, dogs, and rabbits, creating My Little Kitty, Puppy, and Bunny.

Rockin' Beat Ponies logo with Sweet Notes graphic

In Year 9, My Little Pony was rocking with the Rockin' Beat Ponies. They came in bright bold colors, wore heavy eye shadow, and had geometric or abstract shapes for symbols. Their manes, which are longer than average, down to their hooves (various styles) have a colored streak (tails are solid colored and standard-length), and their symbols cover the sides of their bodies. Their special feature is their guitar that doubles as a hairbrush. The large brush has raised designs (hearts, notes, etc.) including the "MLP" initials. It has a metallic gold strap to hang on their necks for playing, but you could also take it off and brush their hair when they weren't putting on a show.

Rockin' Beat Ponies

Pretty Beat (Earth pony) is magenta has curly dark blue hair w/orange streak. She has peach eyes and and wears light blue eye shadow. Her symbol is several yellow & dark orange circles, triangles, squares, and squiggles, and her guitar brush is yellow.
Sweet Notes (Earth pony) is neon pink with *crimped chartreuse hair w/dark pink streak. She has mint green eyes and wears pink eye shadow. Her symbol is yellow, pink, & blue psychedelic odd shapes and dots, and her guitar brush is bright orange. *Sweet Notes is the first U.S. pony to have crimped hair, a popular hair style in the late 80's and early 90's.
Tunefull (unicorn) is cerulean blue with curly orange hair w/purple streak. She has pink eyes and wears aqua eye shadow. Her symbol is magenta & orange squares and dots, and her guitar brush is neon pink. Note that Tunefull was portrayed as an Earth Pony on the Rockin' Beat Ponies card back.
Half Note (Earth pony) is bright orange with curly dark pink hair w/chartreuse streak. She has light blue eyes and wears lavender eye shadow. Her symbol is dark pink & green triangle and circles (solid and open) and darted asterisks (*). Her guitar brush is chartreuse. Half Note is one of the pony shapes found in a box of Year 9's My Little Pony Fruit Snacks.

The Rockin' Beat Ponies appeared in the My Little Pony Tales episode, "Battle of the Bands." They are Melody's back-up group, and together they help her win the contest, singing their song, "Sweet Music." Ironically, since all the ponies in the series were Earth Ponies, Tunefull was once again portrayed that way and is also dark green.
In Dutch, the Rockin' Beat Ponies are called Rock Star Pony, Rockeros in Spanish, and Poney Rock Star in French.

Glow 'n Show Ponies logo with Happyglow graphic

The Glow 'n Show Ponies were the very first ponies ever who could glow in the dark! Their special bodies are colored, yet transparent and are filled with tiny hearts and stars. When you expose them to light, the little stars would glow in the dark. All the stars inside the Glow 'n Show ponies are a pale yellow, though the color varies depending on how deep the stars are set beneath the pony's skin. Also, the colors of the hearts inside their bodies were unique in each pony. They also have two-tone hair (horizontal stripes in mane) with long, loose curls, and the word "glow" in their names. Each Glow 'n Show Pony came with a butterfly brush. Each pony has two-colored wavy (loosely cured) hair with a standard-length tail and long mane (hair of some ponies in photo is pinned up to show body details)

Glow 'n Show Ponies

Happyglow (Earth pony) is orangy-pink with aqua & white hair, pinkish-purple eyes. Her tiny hearts are orange, and her symbol is three blue (& blue-outlined) party hats.
Starglow (pegasus) is dark turquoise with dark pink & yellow hair, and peachy-pink eyes. Her tiny hearts are pale pink, and her symbol is an orange piano with a candelabra on it, and a crescent moon above.
Bright Glow (Earth pony) is orange with dark pink & purple hair, and blue eyes. Her tiny hearts are red, and she has two white birds (facing each other) as her symbol.
Dazzleglow with blue </TD></TR>hearts

Dazzleglow (unicorn) is magenta with pink & aqua hair, and pink eyes. Her tiny hearts are fuchsia, and she has three yellow umbrellas as her symbol. On the Glow 'n Show Ponies' card back, she is shown having blue hearts, however, actual versions of Dazzleglow with blue hearts were not sold in the United States. Dazzleglow was one of the pony shapes in a box of My Little Pony Fruit Snacks.

The Glow 'n Show Ponies appeared in the My Little Pony Tales episode "Up, Up, and Away." They rescued Patch and Bon Bon who were floating away in a hot air balloon above Ponyland. The Glow 'n Show Ponies were magical and were believed to not really exist; Patch was the only one who saw them. They were also all portrayed as pegasi (except for Dazzleglow, who was a winged unicorn) with large, colored wings. Brightglow was their leader, and the only one who spoke and said her name.
In Spanish, Glow 'n Show Ponies are called Luminosos. Under this name, Dazzleglow was pictured (photographed) with blue hearts in her body.

Precious Pocket Ponies logo with Sweet Pocket graphic

The Precious Pocket Ponies had more than just pictures decorating their bodies. Their symbols are raised shapes that are like pockets and inside was a tiny object that you could pull out, attached to the pocket with a metallic silver string. Surrounding the pocket is a painted design, finishing the symbol. Precious Pocket Ponies' symbols are only their left hip; their right hip is blank. Precious Pocket Ponies are all Earth ponies and are also slightly larger then average adult ponies, and were made in new molds. Precious Pocket Ponies two-tone manes (two sections), with the color of their tail matching one of the colors in their mane. Each pony came with a flower brush and has straight, standard-length hair (manes are slighty longer than ususal). In the UK, they were called Pocket Friends Ponies, and had different names, listed below.

Precious Pocket Ponies

Li'l Pocket (UK name: Jingle Pocket) is a aqua with a coral & blue-green mane, a blue-green tail, and pink eyes. Her picket is a peach piggy bank. Inside is a purple 'pony penny' and in the background is a purple & yellow butterfly, purple hearts, and yellow & purple flowers.
Sweet Pocket (UK name: Singing Pocket) is purple with a pink & dark blue mane, a pink tail, and mint green eyes. Her pocket is a pink flower (petals), with a yellow bee flying out. The flower is completed with a green stem and white pistons.
Bunny Hop (UK name: Hopping Pocket) is white with a pink & dark purple hair, a pink tail, and blue eyes. Her picket is a purple top hat, and out pops a pink rabbit. In the background is a large blue & yellow magic wand that sparkles above the hat.
Bubblefish (UK name: Wriggle Pocket) is pink with a dark pink & blue mane, a blue tail, and blue eyes. Her pocket is a clear fish bowl, and inside is a yellow fish. Completing the symbol is a pink & blue table (upon which the fish bowl sits), blue water ('inside' the bowl), and blue bubbles coming from the bowl. On the Precious Pocket Ponies' card back, a cat is as part of Bubblefish's symbol, reaching up to grab the fish. Bubblefish is one of the pony shapes in a box of My Little Pony Fruit Snacks.

In Dutch, the Precious Pocket Ponies were called Schattenpony, Sorpresitas in Spanish, and Poney Tresor in French.

Pretty Ponies logo with Flower Dream graphic

Pretty Ponies seemed to be trying to introduce the second coming of My Little Pony. According to their card, they were designed for beginning pony collectors, or 'girls who have never been to Ponyland'. This seemed ironic since, in the United States, My Little Pony would only last for one more year. Pretty Ponies were made in simple, pastel colors, however, following the trend of other ponies made in the later years of MLP, Pretty Ponies were made not made in traditional molds, but in Sweetheart Sister molds, but were not labeled as 'Sweetheart Sisters' (also a trend in later years). They also had long names, elaborate symbols (in various heart shapes), and long (down to their hooves; straight) manes (tails are standard-length). In fact the only thing simple about Pretty Ponies were their monochromatic colors and original combs. Pretty Ponies are all Earth ponies, and came in the same three poses (molds) as the Sweetheart Sisters, as shown.

Pretty Ponies

Rosy Love is pink with dark pink hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is two green birds with a heart design around them, including smaller hearts and dots.
Flower Dream is light blue with bright blue hair, and sea green eyes. Her symbol is a red heart made up of flowers and vines with a solid heart in the center.
Gardenglow is light purple with purple hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a pink heart with two hanging flowers and growing leaves inside, plus smaller flower petal shapes and dots.
Beautybloom is coral with coral hair, and lavender eyes. Her symbol is a blue heart-shaped box of candy.

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