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In My Little Pony's eighth year, these were less of traditional ponies and a lot more with new body types. Set of ponies were reduced from six in a set to only four. Also, only one story was printed for each set (usually telling about their origins), rather than one for each individual pony. But also in Year 8, two entirely new kinds of ponies were introduced: tiny Petite Ponies who had their own tiny pony community and large, elegant horse-like Dream Beauties who were advertised as 'all grown-up My Little Ponies'.

Trpoical Ponies logo with Pina Colada graphic

Tropical Ponies are famous for their hot neon colors that had never been seen on ponies before. Each have bright tri-colored hair (standard-length), tropical symbols and two-tone eye shadow. Each Tropical Pony came with a brush or comb, and although they are shown wearing a shell hairpick with a false braid, they do not come with it or any other accessories.

Tropical Ponies

Tootie Tails (Earth pony) is bright yellow with curly chartreuse/bright green/dark pink hair, and green eyes. Her symbol is a whole, juicy pink pineapple (with green leaves), and a pineapple slice (green inside), and she is wearing orange & pink eye shadow. Tootie Tails was named after one of Hasbro's Fairy Tails Tropical Tails, who were released a few years earlier. All the Tropical Ponies' names come from Tropical Tails, but Tootie Tails is the only one who kept the "Tails" extension.
Pina Colada (no accent mark on backcard; Earth pony) is dark neon pink with curly orange/red/blue hair, and light blue eyes. Her symbol is two palm trees (orange trunks & blue leaves) standing in orange sand, and she is wearing orange & pink eye shadow.
Sea Breeze (pegasus; UK name: Surfing Days) is light neon orange with (straight) pink/chartreuse/neon red-orange hair, and coral eyes. Her symbol is two swimming blue & pink striped fish (among same color waves & bubbles), and she is wearing yellow & pink eye shadow.
Hula Hula (unicorn; UK name: Sailaway) is fuschia with (straight) orange/red/bright green hair, and orange eyes. Her symbol is a light green & orange sailboat (striped sail), and she is wearing light green & pink eye shadow.

Note: The UK names above were noted from the book "Rainbow Rider's Birthday Adventure", which also names the two remaining Tropical Ponies as Summer Heatwave and Hula Hula, but I am not sure which is Tootie Tails and which is Pina Colada.
In German, Tropical Ponies are called Paradies-Ponys.
Following the style and colors of Tropical Ponies, Paradise Baby Ponies came out in Year 10.

Rainbow Curl Ponies logo with Raincurl graphic

Rainbow Curl Ponies put a new twist on the traditional Rainbow Ponies. Rainbow Curl Ponies have perfectly curly manes and tails in four different pastel colors (manes are longer than average; tails are standard-length), swirly rainbow symbols that expand over both sides of their bodies. Each Rainbow Curl Pony came with a shooting star brush and hair ribbon. They were also sold in the UK with different names all beginning with "Rainbow."

Rainbow Curl Ponies

Raincurl (Earth pony; UK name: Rainbow Cloud) is white with pink/yellow/purple/aqua hair, and pink eyes. Her symbol is a and a cloud (pink outline) with a swirly pink/yellow/white (body color)/purple rainbow, surrounded by purple stars & circles.
Ringlet (pegasus; UK name: Rainbow Magic) is light yellow with white/gold/pink/aqua hair, and greyish-purple eyes. She has a very unique symbol, having no design on either of her hips, but her wings are colored with pink/yellow (body color)/aqua/purple streaks and have pink/aqua/purple stars and circles cascading down toward her front legs.
Stripes (Earth pony; UK name: Rainbow Storyteller) is pink with dark pink/yellow/coral/aqua hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a yellow shooting star symbol with a rainbow (yellow/pink (body color)/aqua/purple) tail and little yellow stars & circles around it.
Streaky (unicorn; UK name: Rainbow Rider) is light purple with pink/yellow/purple/dark pink hair, and pale yellow-green eyes. Her symbol is a pink/yellow/purple (body color)/blue rainbow resembling a music staff with blue notes, pink stars, and a blue G-clef. Note that Streaky's symbol flows in opposite directions: on her left side, the G-clef is on her shoulder; on the right side, the G-clef is on her hip.

In German, Rainbow Curl Ponies are called Regenbogenl÷ckchen-Pony.
In Year 9, Baby Rainbow Ponies came out, the main difference being that they had straight hair.

Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies logo with Posey Rose graphic

The Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies were more than just beautiful ballerinas...they were the very first fully-jointed, posable ponies. Sweetsteps Ballerinas have moveable legs and heads, giving each pony no one particular pose. They torsos are made up of molded leotards, with symbols on their backs (top of rump). They also wear molded ballet slippers (unlike box art, only the bows are colored [though some I have painted and are shown]; slipper and ribbons are the pony's body color). Sweetsteps Ballerina ponies are also have a more slender figure than traditional pony molds, with longer legs, small waist, and thinner (still in traditional style) face. Each Sweetsteps Ballerina wears a mesh tutu (w/silver sparkles), and came with two large flower barrettes, star hair pick (solid-colored), and hair ribbon. They are all Earth ponies and have longer than average manes and standard-length tails.

Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies

Twinkle Dancer is yellow with curly purple hair, and mint green eyes. Her leotard and slipper bows are pink leotard, and her symbol is blue lace fan, decorated with a ribbon and surrounded by hearts. She wears a purple tutu, and came with white & peach barrettes.
Posey Rose is aqua with straight pink hair, and light purple eyes. Her leotard and slipper bows are yellow, and her symbol is a pink G-clef scale with musical notes. She wears a pink tutu, and came with yellow & purple barrettes.
Tip Toes is light purple with curly bright yellow hair, and blue eyes. Her leotard and slipper bows are mint green, and she has a dark pink bunch of rosebud sprigs tied with a ribbon as her symbol. She wears a yellow tutu and came with periwinkle & light pink barrettes.
Silky Slipper is pink with straight blue hair, and light blue eyes. Her leotard and slipper bows are purple, and her symbol is a pair of dark pink ballet slippers ties with a ribbon. She wears a fuchsia leotard and came with aqua & peach barrettes.
Baby Ballerina Ponies came out in Year 9, in the same style as the adults and were also posable.

Drink 'n Wet Baby Ponies logo with Baby Flicker graphic

Drink 'n Wet Baby Ponies were the first baby ponies who could do exactly that. They drank water from their bottles, and when they wet their diaper, hearts (color of dry diaper) appeared on the surface. Drink 'n Wet Baby Ponies are uniquely designed in new molds, coinciding with their new open-mouthed faces; all four ponies have a different mold, as shown. They also have a hole under their tail (covered by the diaper); their manes and tails are standard-length. Each Baby Drink 'n Wet Pony came with two diapers (purple & green) in a full-color box, solid-colored fillable baby bottle, changing table (that spells out 'BABY' in letter blocks), brush or comb, and hair ribbon.

Drink 'n Wet Baby Ponies

Baby Rainfeather (Earth pony) is pink with curly blue hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a blue & yellow duckling holding a yellow w/blue umbrella with blue raindrops falling. She came with a yellow changing table and a purple bottle.
Baby Flicker (Earth pony) is yellow with curly dark pink hair, and mint green eyes. Her symbol is pink fish in a pink & blue outlined bowl (w/water splashing). She came with an aqua changing table and a *pink bottle.
Baby Snookums (unicorn; UK name: Baby Wellyboot) is purple with straight pink hair, and aqua eyes. Her symbol is a yellow rainhat & boots (sea green outlines) wuth sea green raindrop falling on them. She came with a sea green changing table (though she is pictured with a white one), and a *sea green bottle. Note: The colors of Baby Flicker's and Baby Snookums' bottles may be reversed.
Baby Cuddles (Earth pony; UK name: Baby Rainflower) is white with ?curly yellow hair, and dark pink eyes. Her symbol is a dark pink watering can sprinkling a dark pink & sea green flower (w/sea green water). She came with a pinkish-lavender changing table and a ?pink (possibly more lavender in Europe, or similar to table color in US?) bottle.

In German, Baby Drink 'n Wet Ponies are called Hosenmatz-Ponys.

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