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Big Brother Ponies logo with Chief graphic

Following the set of six in Year 5, three new Big Brother Ponies were added to complete the collection. Like last year, these Big Brothers also came with a hat to match their hobby and a paisley print bandanna. They have standard-length manes and tails and each came with a dog-shaped brush or race car-shaped comb.

Big Brother Ponies

Wigwam is orange with (straight) white hair w/blue streak, and light blue eyes. His symbol is two red & blue tepees and various symbols. He wears a yellow w/red (molded) feathered headdress and a blue bandanna.
Barnacle is blue with curly neon orange hair w/gold streak, and pinkish-purple eyes. His symbol is a orange bandanna, and has a red-orange & gold treasure chest with sparkling gold coins as his symbol.He hears a navy blue pirates hat with a molded patch over his left eye and white skull & crossbones symbol. His bandanna is gold.
Chief is white with (straight) dark blue hair w/yellow streak, and gold eyes. His symbol is a red & yellow hose and yellow ladder. He wears a red w/gold fire fighter's hat ("FD" logo on front) and a yellow bandanna.
Three of Year 5's Big Brothers - Tex, Steamer, and Salty - returned to join the three new ones.

Peek-A-Boo Baby Ponies logo with Baby Sweet Stuff graphic

This year's set of Baby Ponies could do what no others could ever do before...the Peek-A-Boo Baby Ponies could all turn their heads. This was also the first year that the baby ponies were not the offspring of existing adult ponies. In this set were for baby girl ponies and two baby boys. The boys have molded Clydesdale-style hair on their hooves like the Big Brother Ponies; they are both Earth ponies. Some of the baby girl ponies even have a first tooth! Each Peek-A-Boo Baby Pony each came with a white bib with colored trim; the girls' have a pink butterfly and the boys' have a blue teddy bear. They each have standard-length names and tails, and each came with a brush or comb and hair ribbon.

Peek-A-Boo Baby Ponies

Baby Ribbs (boy pony) is dark aqua with curly chartreuse hair, and purple eyes. His symbol is purple (light & dark) dragon breathing fire. His bib has light purple trim.
Baby Graffiti (pegasus) is white with curly blue hair, and pink eyes. She has a first tooth, and her symbol is two crayons - one pink and one yellow - scribbling. She has pink trim on her bib.
Baby Whirly Twirl (boy pony) is dark pink with (straight) aqua hair, and yellow eyes. His symbol is a gold & white helicopter. He has yellow trim on his bib.

Peek-A-Boo Baby Ponies

Baby Sweet Stuff (Earth pony) is pink with (straight) dark pink hair, and cornflower blue eyes. She has a first tooth, and her symbol is a blue & pink doll. Her bib has blue trim.
Baby Noddins (unicorn) is purple with (straight) white hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a dark pink & white rabbit. She has light aqua trim on her bib.
Baby Snippy (Earth pony) is yellow with curly pink hair, and purple eyes. Her symbol is a pair of light green scissors and two pink paper dolls. She has purple trim on her bib.

Newborn Twins logo with Big Top and Toppy graphic

Year 6 gave us another collection of adorable Newborn Twins. This year, they came with new large accessories including a sandbox (colored box/natural color sand) and seesaw, along with last year's snail rockers. Smaller accessories included ID necklaces, rattles, and/or feeding dish w/two spoons. All Newborn Twins came with two white bottles, two diapers (in one box), two bear brushes, and two hair ribbons; each pony has a standard-length mane and tail. Three pairs of twins were sold in the UK under different names, listed below.

Newborn Twins

Sticky and Sniffles (Earth Ponies; UK names: Tuggles and Toddles) have the same pink body color, purple eyes, and blue & purple stick horse symbol, but different hair colors. Sticky has curly white hair and Sniffles has curly blue hair. They came with an aqua & yellow seesaw (photo coming soon!), and a lavender & yellow dish with two pink spoons. It has been said their their seesaw may have also come in pink & light green, either in the U.S. or the U.K.)
Puddles and Peeks (Earth ponies) are identical. They are blue with curly purple hair, and purple eyes. They each have a blue & pink bird symbol, above a circular formation, consisting of tiny pink dots. Telling your identical twins apart: Puddles stands with all four feet flat; Peeks stands with her right front leg bent and raised. They came with a blue and pink seesaw, and two rattles (one is pink w/white top, and pink neck band; one is lavender w/aqua and white neck band).
Sandcastle and Shovels (unicorns) are vaguely opposite in color. Sandcastle is orange with (straight) blue hair and Shovels is aqua with (straight) gold hair. They both have blue eyes, however my Sandcastle's eyes are darker than my Shovels' eyes. Their symbol is a gold & pink sandcastle and a pink shovel. They are shown with yellow and pink snail rockers. Their poses are the opposites of the other pairs of unicorns being that their name order is reversed. Sandcastle is the the same pose as Year 5's Snookums, and Shovels is in the same pose as Year 5's Sniffles.

Newborn Twins

Speckles and Bunkie (pegasi; UK names: Fleecy and Fluffy) are vaguely opposite in color. Speckles lavender with curly gold hair and Bunkie is yellow with curly purple hair. They both have blue eyes and two blue & peach diaper pins as their symbol. They stand in the same, new pose. They came with yellow and aqua snail rockers, and two rattles.
Big Top and Toppy (Earth ponies) are opposite in color. Big Top is white with (straight) yellow hair and Toppy is yellow with (straight) white hair. They both have light blue eyes and a sea green & yellow clown symbol. They came with a lavender sandbox, yellow & white dish with two aqua spoons.
Jabber and Jebber (unicorns; UK names: Tickles and Giggles) are identical. They are mint green with (straight) light pink hair, and yellow-green eyes. They each have a pink & orange spinning top as their symbol. Telling your identical twins apart: Jabber stands with her right front leg raised and her head titled upward to the right. Jebber is standing with her left front leg slightly raised and her head is slightly titled upward to the left. Her face is also rounder. They came with a pink sandbox and two ID necklaces (one is white w/pink letters; one is purple w/pink letters).

Summer Wing Ponies logo with Buzzer graphic

The Summer Wing Ponies were one of the first new ponies introduced in Year 6, and they were different than any other kind of ponies at the time. They are about the size of Baby Ponies, only thinner, and have delicate butterfly wings that came in three different designs and different colors. Their symbols featured either insects or birds, and a tiny interpretation of it is on either their forehead or under one eye. They all have long wavy-to-curly hair that reaches down to or past their hooves (depending on their pose; also with a short forelock on mane), and each came with a metallic hair ribbon, and flowers hairpick.

Summer Wing Ponies

High Flyer is purple with aqua hair, and blue eyes. She has silver dragonfly symbol, the exact same one on her forehead, only smaller. Her wings are yellow in the middle with aqua edges (w/purple dots) and a purple squiggle design.
Glow is blue with pink hair, and magenta eyes. her symbol is a pink firefly symbol, with the exact same one on her forehead, only smaller. Her wings are pink, yellow, and blue with yellow & blue dots and pink & blue stripes.
Buzzer is turquoise with yellow hair, and pink eyes. She has a yellow and flowers as her symbol, and a flower under her right eye. Her wings are pink and have blue & yellow lines and shapes on them.

Summer Wing Ponies

Lady Flutter is medium pink with white hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a yellow ladybug symbol, and she has six yellow dots on her cheek. Her wings are yellow in the middle with green edges (w/pink dots) and a pink squiggle design.
Sky Dancer is dark pink with blue hair, and cerulean blue eyes. Her symbol is a white dove symbol carrying an olive branch in its mouth, and she has an olive branch on her forehead. Her wings are yellow and have green & pink lines and shapes on them.
Little Flitter is yellow with light pink, and pinkish-purple eyes. She has a dark pink hummingbird symbol, and the exact same one on her forehead. Her wings are purple, aqua, and yellow with aqua & yellow dots and purple & yellow stripes.
In Year 7, a variation on Summer Wing Ponies came out called Windy Wing Ponies, with their main difference being symbols having to do with weather and space.

Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies logo with Sealight graphic
Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies color change (Seawinkle)
Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies were the last set of sea ponies ever made. Their body and hair changed color in warm water and changed back in cold. They all have straight standard-length manes, and their hair has a soft, cottony feel to it. Their eye color and fin tips color remained the same. Also, each pony had a different float; over the years, there were six different animals, and they are all represented here. Each Watercolor Baby Sea Pony came with a fish comb and hair ribbon. Over time, their colors could no longer change in water, and some changed to their warm water color permanently and can't be changed back. Some examples of this color changing are shown below. Also note that three of the Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies have the same names as the first three original adult Sea Ponies: Wave Dancer, Sealight, and Seawinkle.

Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies

Misty changes from an orange body to pink, and her hair changes from yellow to white. She has a purple eyes and purple fin tips. She came with a purple w/orange duck float.
Foamy changes from a yellow body to white, with hair changing from purple to pink. She has blue eyes and pink fin tips. She came with a blue w/yellow frog float.
Wave Dancer changes from a blue body to white, and purple hair that changes to pink. She has olive green eyes and magenta fin tips. She came with a yellow w/purple lobster float.

Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies

Seashore changes from an aqua body to yellow, and her hair changes from blue to white. She has a dark gold eyes and orange fin tips. She has an orange w/blue fish float.
Sealight changes from a purple body to pink, and her hair changes from orange to yellow. She has yellow-green eyes and yellow fin tips. She has a yellow-green w/pink turtle float.
Seawinkle changes from a magenta body to aqua, and her hair changes from aqua to blue. She has a blue eyes and sea green fin tips. She came with a pink w/sea green alligator float.

Pony Friends logo with Edgar graphic

Year 6 was the second and last year for Pony Friends. Four new baby animals were introduced this year with two from last year, Creamsicle and Kingsley. This year, the Pony Friends' symbols was across the entire sides of their bodies instead of just their hips like some last year. They all have a brushable mane and tail (of various length and styles), unless otherwise noted. Each Pony Friends came with a brush and hair ribbon.

Pony Friends

Oakly is a moose who is lavender body with (straight, standard-lenth) aqua hair, and pink eyes. His symbol is a group of blue oak leaves.
Edgar is an elephant who is purple with gold hair (short mane, standard-length tail), and bright green eyes. His symbol is a group of blue peanuts.
Cutesaurus is a dinosaur who is neon orange with a (straight, slightly longer) chartreuse mane (she has a curled molded tail), and mint green eyes. Her symbol is a group of blue bones.
Cha Cha is a llama who is sea green with curly (standard-length) pink hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is four pink hats.

Sweetberry Ponies logo with Raspberry Jam graphic

Sweetberry Ponies came out late in Year 6, in mid-1988, as the last new ponies of this edition. Being released so late, they were not pictured in the Year 6 booklet, and are often included as part of Year 7. Sweetberry Ponies are scented like their symbols and the fruits or recipes they are named after. Each pony has a standard-length mane and tail and came with a brush or pick, and hair ribbon.

Sweetberry Ponies

Cranberry Muffins (Earth pony) is sea green with curly dark pink hair, and pale blue eyes. Her symbol is a cranberry muffin (gold cake w/magenta berry slivers; blue striped cup), and a few berries surrounding the blue-outlined plate.
Blueberry Baskets (pegasus) is light blue with curly blue hair, and pale lavender eyes. Her symbol is a yellow basket (w/green bow) filled with blueberries, and some blueberries outside the basket.
Boysenberry Pie (unicorn; UK name: Blackberry Pie) is dark purple with (straight) yellow hair, and pink eyes. Her symbol is a slice of pie (yellow crust with pink filling & purple berries).

Sweetberry Ponies

Cherry Treats (Earth pony) is white with (straight) red hair, and sea green eyes. Her symbol is a blue bowl of red cherries (w/green stems) symbol, with some of the cherries outside the bowl.
Strawberry Surprise (Earth pony) is pale pink with curly dark pink hair, and light green eyes. Her symbol is a jar of cream (light green jar outline/lid and white liquid) next to a light green bowl of (white) cream and red strawberries (w/white seeds). Two strawberries (w/light green stems) are loose.
Raspberry Jam (Earth pony) is mauve with (straight) bright green hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a purple/white/yellow jar of jam surrounded by purple raspberries (w/yellow stems).

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