Year 6 Accessories (1987-1988)

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Year 6 was the first year with no Pony Wear, however, there were several new hair and beauty accessories and places that helped ponies stay as pretty as ever.

Pretty Ups logo with Kittens and Teddies (Curly Locks) graphic

Pretty Ups are four sets of hair accessories all created in similar designs associated with the name of the set. Each set included two large barrettes, two small barrettes, hair pick with false braid (w/one round and one cylindrical bead at the end), hair pick with false hair (w/cylindrical bead of the same color at start, unless noted) and tinsel, pinch-type toothed (80's style) hair clip (bow design w/false hair, ribbon, and brush or comb. Note: Ribbon colors are unknown, and brushes & combs are listed on the Pony Combs page.

Ribbons and Lace (Braided Beauty)
Ribbons and Lace (modeled by Braided Beauty) includes large pink and pale blue "I LUV U" barrettes, light purple and mint green (not shown) smaller barrettes (in the shape as the "I LUV U", but with no writing), pinkish-purple bow clip w/aqua hair, sea green bow pick w/yellow braid and pink & yellow beads, and magenta heart/bow pick w/white hair & gold tinsel.

Kittens and Teddies (modeled by Curly Locks) includes large sea green & rose teddy bear barrettes, small yellow & cornflower blue puppy barrettes, cornflower blue bow clip w/purple hair, kitty pick w/pink braid and mint green & pink beads, and yellow puppy pick w/aqua hair & blue/pink/gold tinsel.
Kittens and Teddies (Curly Locks)
Seashore (Twisty Tail)
Seashore (modeled by Twisty Tail) includes large blue and light green fish barrettes, small pink and yellow starfish barrettes, mint green bow clip w/pink hair, light blue clam shell pick w/aqua braid and purple aqua beads, and coral swirl shell w/chartreuse hair (w/yellow bead) & pink tinsel.

Birds and Flowers (modeled by Pretty Vision) includes large purple and yellow bird/flower, small green and dark pink flower barrettes, lavender bow clip w/pink hair, white flower pick w/dark pink braid and mint green & pink beads, and blue bird pick w/yellow hair & blue/pink/gold tinsel.
Birds and Flowers (Pretty Vision)

Poof 'n Puff Perfume Palace

Poof 'n Puff Perfume Palace
The Poof 'n Puff Perfume Palace (Floater, shown, is not included) is a beauty supply shoppe that is not only shaped like a perfume bottle, but it also works like one. The bottle-shaped building is solid pink in the back, with a see-through pink front and door that opens to become a display base, using the periwinkle valance as a stand. Under the bottle is a periwinkle base, and on top, is a periwinkle atomizer that sprays flower-perfumed air when you squeeze it, for you and your ponies. The inside and outside of the perfume palace are decorated with full color decals including a jewelry display case and perfume shelf.

Inside is a salon with jewelry, make-up and hair and fashion accessories for your ponies. These included a bottle of red nail polish, pink lipstick, blue eye shadow (w/wand) three mesh ribbons (pink, yellow, blue), blue scarf w/silver sequin-like dots), vinyl pink purse, purple faux fur boa, sea green hat, yellow "I LUV YOU" barrette, orange teddy bear barrette, pink flower barrette, blue starfish barrette, two beaded necklaces (dark pink & orange; in the style of 80's rubber bracelets), light blue bow-shaped toothed (80's style) hairclip, two hairpicks with false hair (pink cat w/aqua hair and pale blue flower w/light pink hair), butterfly brush, original comb, and flower stickers you could use to decorate your ponies. These accessories could be stored in or on a periwinkle dresser (w/decals).

Brush Me Beautiful Boutique

Brush Me Beautiful Boutique

If the Brush Me Beautiful Boutique looks familiar, it's because it's the Pretty Parlor, only with different colors. The blue building is now purple while white door, walkway, shelf, and rack have become sea green. The inside is decorated with decals showing a dresser and shelves of bows, barrettes, perfume, shoes, and jewelry. The outer back panel shows the My Little Pony "Boutique" logo, a heart-shaped sign reading "Boutique Open" and similar designs as inside. The inside back panel is a mirror, like in the Pretty Parlor.
Brush Me Beautiful Boutique (back view; closed)

The boutique came with virtually the same accessories, except the colors are different. Riding accessories including a saddle, bridle, harness (not shown), and cat basket strap (basket is still pink, not shown) are white. Some similarities are the blanket that is pink and the hats (yellow w/pink flowers and white round) which are shown in the brochure with reversed colors as they also were shown in the Pretty Parlor ads. Based on this, colors of the hats in both playsets may vary. One tag in included that says "Brush Me Beautiful Boutique" on both sides. Ribbons and a pink grooming brush are also included (not shown). The main differences are that no ponies are included (Windy, shown, is not included) and the kitten is now a white and green tabby named Catnip. It was also sold in other parts of the world including the U.K. called the Grooming Parlour.

SEE ALSO: Kitchen; My Pretty Parlor

My Little Pony Mommy Charms

My Little Pony Mommy Charms bracelet My Little Pony Mommy Charms were special charms that could be worn on a bracelet by My Little Pony Mommies. Each charm had a special purpose that was explained in her name and her symbol (only printed one one side) that would help girls and their ponies be their best. The charms are in the style of the Powder Puff charm that came with the original MLP Fan Club kit. Each pony holds a flower in her mouth, and has one on her tail. However, the flowers were not actually colored as shown, and were left the same color as the pony's body. There are twenty Mommy Charms in all and one charm was included in specially marked My Little Pony packages, with an offer to send away for the bracelet. The bracelet is made of pink links and holds five charms. Note that early versions of this charm list were printed to say "Mummy Charms" rather than "Mommy Charms," probably because the charms were also sold in the U.K. Also printed on the sheet was a special poem that mentioned each charm's personality. Listed below are the names, colors and symbol of each charm. All Mommy Charms have purple eyes.

My Little Pony Mommy Charms

  • Paint-A-Picture: cornflower blue w/orange hair; white paint palette & brush symbol
  • Curtain Call: yellow w/white hair; coral drama masks symbol
  • Funny Face: dark purple with yellow hair; white clown face symbol
  • Secret Keeper: white with yellow hair; orange key symbol
  • Sweetheart: pink with red hair; pink heart w/arrow symbol
  • Ticklish: pink with white hair; pink feather symbol
  • Laugh-A-Lot: yellow with pink hair; three pink question marks symbol
  • Happy Dancer: blue with orange hair; black tap shoes w/bow
  • Tiny Tumbler: coral with blue hair; blue balance beam symbol
  • Sweet Tune: blue with purple hair; orange tuba & notes symbol
  • Fun Lover: white with purple hair; red party hat symbol
  • Fair Play: yellow with blue hair; coral megaphone symbol
  • Tell-A-Tale: purple with pink hair; white open book symbol
  • True Blue: white with blue hair; blue heart symbol
  • Hugs and Kisses: pink with blue hair; pink 'xox' symbol
  • Morning Sunshine: blue with orange hair; orange smiling sun symbol
  • Little Helper: red with gold hair; white apron symbol
  • Yours Too: yellow with light green hair; coral ice cream soda symbol
  • Pretty Please: purple with blue hair, white sugar bowl symbol
  • Sweet and Special: white with pink hair; three pink flowers symbol

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