Year 5 Ponies (1986-1987)

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BLUE: info from my personal MLP collection and MLP booklets
GREEN: info provided by other MLP collectors and from pictures

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Baby Ponies with First Tooth logo with Baby Fifi graphic

This year's set of Baby Ponies were growing up being that they each had their first tooth. These babies were the offspring of both So Soft and Twinkle-Eyes Ponies, from both this year and last. Babies of Twinkle-Eyed Ponies have regular eyes, with their own unique color. And while they no longer came with large accessories like playpens or wagons, these babies came with new smaller accessories, mostly having to do with caring for their new teeth. Each pony came with two of the following accessories: a pillow with a felt tooth that fit into a pocket, and a butterfly-shaped teething ring, Glo Worm, or older accessory (ie: stacking toy, color-trimmed bib). Each pony also came with all of the following: a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste, a Tommy Tippy training cup (not listed on box, but I think they all came with one), a pair of party panties (instead of a diaper), duck-shaped comb, and hair ribbon. Accessories that are known are listed. In the illustrations on the back of their box, nearly all the First Tooth Bay Ponies were shown in the wrong pose, namely Baby Fifi, whose pose did not even exist.

Baby Ponies with First Tooth

Baby North Star (pegasus) is pink with (straight, standard-length) purple hair, and dark blue eyes. Her symbol is a purple compass (with only the vertical N-S arrow) and a blue star.
Baby Fifi (Earth Pony) is blue with ?curly (standard-length) white hair (w/dark pink mane streak), and blue eyes. Note that her mother is a unicorn, which explains the unicorn streak in her mane. Her symbol is two dark pink poodles.
Baby Bouncy (pegasus) is yellow with curly (standard-length) blue hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a multi-colored (blue/pink/yellow) ball. Her tube of toothpaste is pink w/blue and her toothbrush is blue. She also came with a lavender-trimmed bib.

Baby Ponies with First Tooth

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe (Earth pony; UK name: Baby Naughts and Crosses) is yellow with (straight, standard-length) red/dark pink/deep green/green hair, and periwinkle eyes. Her symbol is a green & pink unfinished tic-tac-toe board (only with fewer x's and o's than her mother's symbol). She came with a tooth pillow. The pillow is white with blue & yellow flowers and white lace on the pocket. The tooth is white felt with a brown smiling face. Her tube of toothpaste is green w/pink and her toothbrush is aqua. She also came with a stacking toy (largest to smallest: light green, yellow, light purple, pink, with a light blue base).
Baby Quackers (Earth pony) is white with ?curly (standard-length) blue/green/yellow/pink hair, and blue-grey eyes. Her symbol is a duck carrying an umbrella (yellow & orange).
Baby Lickety-Split (Earth pony) returned from last year, and has grown up, losing her Beddy-Bye Eyes and gaining her first tooth. She is pinkish-lavender with curly (standard-length) pink hair, and light purple eyes. Her symbol is three vanilla ice cream cones (white w/pinkish-purple cones). She came with a Glo Worm and a pink teething ring. Her tube of toothpaste is yellow w/pink and her toothbrush is aqua.

The First Tooth Baby Ponies were featured in two My Little Pony episodes, "The Prince and the Ponies" and "The Ice Cream Wars", where they were always given the unpleasant task of babysitting the Newborn Twins.

Newborn Twins logo with Jangles and Tangles graphic

In Year 5, the Newborn Twins were the youngest and littlest ponies at the time. These six sets of twins were sometimes identical, some had different color hair but the body color was the same, and and some had opposite hair and body colors; but they both had the same symbol. Each pair came with a large accessory (two rocking snails, stroller, or bassinet) and a few smaller ones including ID necklaces, floral sleepers (nightgowns), feeding dishes w/two spoons, or two rattles. Each set of twins also came with two diapers (in one box), two white bottles, two bear brushes, and two ribbons.

Newborn Twins

Milkweed and Tumbleweed (Earth ponies) and identical both being yellow with curly (standard-length) pink hair (note the fading in Milkweed's mane compared to her tail), and having blue eyes. They each have a pink & blue rocking horse symbol. Telling your identical twins apart: Milkweed stands with her left hind leg stretched back. Tumbleweed stands with all four feet flat. Their large accessory is a purple bassinet with a yellow canopy. They also came with two rattles; Milkweed's rattle is lavender with an aqua top & pink elastic band and Tumbleweed's rattle is pink with a white top and light blue elastic band.
Jangles and Tangles (Earth ponies) have the same aqua colored body, turquoise eyes, and purple & white humpty-dumpty symbol. Jangles has curly (standard-length) yellow hair, and Tangles has curly (standard-length) white hair. They are shown on the box (above) with pink and grayish-purple snail rockers; it had been confirmed that Jangles has a pink rocker I have also acquired a light purple rocker that has no other match, so I'm assuming it belongs to Tangles. I don't know if this is true for all sets, but my Jangles has darker eyes than my Tangles has.
Sniffles and Snookums (unicorns) were vaguely opposite in colors with a pair of mittens as their symbol. Sniffles is pale pinkish-purple with (straight, standard-length) pink hair, and bright pink mittens. Snookums is pink with (straight, standard-length) purple hair, and purple mittens. They both have light purple eyes, however, my Snookums' eyes are slightly darker than Sniffles' eyes. They came with a light aqua stroller with yellow wheels and canopy; the canopy top is removable and flips up for easy placement of the twins.

Newborn Twins

Rattles and Tattles (unicorns) are identical; they are both white with (straight, standard-length) yellow hair, and yellow-green eyes. They each have a yellow & pink rabbit symbol. Telling your identical twins apart: Rattles stands with her right front leg raised and her head titled upward to the right. Tattles is standing with her left front leg slightly raised and her head is slightly titled upward to the left. Her face is also rounder. They came with a pink stroller with purple wheels and canopy.
Doodles and Noodles (Earth ponies) are the only pair of Newborn twins where one is a girl and one is a boy. Doodles (female) is pink with (straight, standard-length) pink hair, and Noodles (male) is light blue with (straight, standard-length) blue hair. They both have blue eyes and the same "ABC" symbol (A and C in lavender [brighter pink letter variations also exist, thanks, Danielle!]; B in blue). They each came with a floral-print sleeper which is white with pink flower w/green leaves and pink dots. Around the neck is white lace with a pink bow on the side. They came a pair of snail rockers; aqua for Doodles and yellow for Noodles.
Dibbles and Nibbles (pegasi) are opposite in color, including that of their symbols. Dibbles is orange with curly (standard-length) pink hair, and her swan symbol is pink (w/blue eye, bill, and bowtie). Nibbles is pink with curly (standard-length) gold hair, and her swan symbol is gold (w/blue eye, bill, and bowtie). Their eyes are blue. They came with two rattles to wear around their necks; Dibbles' rattle is pink w/green top and Nibbles' rattle is aqua w/yellow top. They both have white elastic bands. Their large accessory is an aqua bassinet with a pink canopy. In the U.K., their bassinet was aqua with a yellow canopy, however, it has been confirmed that they were also sold in the U.S. with an aqua & yellow bassinet.

Milkweed & Tumbleweed and Sniffles & Snookums (this pair is portrayed as Earth ponies rather than unicorns) appeared in two My Little Pony episode, "The Prince and the Ponies" and "The Ice Cream Wars", where they were babysat (and often envied) by the First Tooth Baby Ponies.

A new set of Newborn Twins with similar accessories came out in Year 6. In the UK, only two pairs of Newborn Twins were sold including Nibbles & Dibbles and Sniffles & Snookums.

Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies logo with Sea Spray graphic

Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies are the only kind of sea ponies who have markings closest to little ponies' symbols. These babies wore their symbols as necklaces shaped like shells that matched the color of the tips on their fins. They also each had a colored streak in their standard-length manes, but what is unusual is that the streak is rooted beneath the rest of the mane, rather than above it. Plus, a new lobster-shaped float was introduced and given to three of them. Each Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Pony came with a fish comb and a hair ribbon.

Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies

Wavy is purple with (?curly) coral hair w/dark pink streak, and pink eyes. She has a swirly white shell necklace. Her float is a pink w/green frog.
Salty is light blue with curly purple hair w/coral streak and and turquoise eyes. Her necklace is a scalloped coral shell. She came with a yellow w/orange lobster float.
Dipper is white with curly pink hair w/green streak, and purple eyes. Her necklace is a pink cone-shaped shell. She came with a mint green w/aqua turtle float.

Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies

Sea Spray is coral with (straight) white hair w/yellow streak, and turquoise eyes. She has a purple star-shaped shell necklace. She came with a green w/blue lobster float.
Surfy is yellow with (straight) pink hair w/purple streak, and purple eyes. She has a light green conch shell necklace. She came with a blue w/dark pink alligator float.
Sea Breeze is aqua with (straight) yellow hair w/purple streak, and turquoise eyes. Her necklace is a dark pink fan-shaped shell. She came with a pink w/purple lobster.

Pony Friends logo with Zig Zag graphic

Not actually ponies, the Pony Friends were a set of baby animals for the Little Ponies to play with. Like the ponies, the Pony Friends each had unique symbols or designs decorating their bodies, and a brushable mane and tail; their manes were shorter than the average pony-length mane. Easily noticeable in a pony collection, Pony Friends are sometimes not identified as part of My Little Pony by non-collectors. There were four different animals in this set. Pony Friends each came with a brush or comb and a hair ribbon.

Pony Friends

Kingsley is a lion who is dark pink with curly dark pink hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol (located only on her hips) is three blue paws. She also has a blue heart-shaped nose and yellow freckles on either side of her nose.
Spunky is a camel who is blue with curly purple hair, and light green eyes. Her symbol (located only on her hips) is a group of yellow-green triangles.
Zig Zag is a zebra, who is pink with (straight) pink hair and blue eyes. She has green stripes all over her body. Note that in the backcard art (shown above), Zig Zag is incorrectly shown having a green muzzle.
Creamsicle is a giraffe, and she is (straight) cream-colored with white hair, and periwinkle eyes. She has pink leaves running down her neck, sides, and hind legs.

In other countries besides the U.S., the Pony Friends were each sold with a special doll, and the set included a new Molly and Baby Sundance, as shown in booklets, but largely unconfirmed (sorry, no picture available).
In Year 6, a set of four new Pony Friends came out with Creamsicle and Kingsley returning.

Slumber Party Gift Pack logo with Pillow Talk graphic

Slumber Party Gift Pack
Following last year's Party Gift Pack was the Slumber Party Gift Pack, this time giving five special ponies everything they needed for a great sleep over. This year it featured mainly new types of ponies that had been just introduced. Each pony came with her own nightcap (each of which is white with colored trim and matching tassel) and lots of other accessories.

Pillow Talk (Earth pony) is a Twice As Fancy Pony, yet she is somewhat different that others in her symbol design and hair colors. She is pale purple with (straight, standard-length) yellow, blue, and white hair (most Twice As Fancy Ponies have solid-colored hair). Her symbol only coves only her sides (not her back) and is a white cloud outlines in blue with smiling yellow, crescent moon (blue outlines), purple & blue patterned pillows, and tiny yellow stars (no outlines) inside. She has a yellow star (blue outline) and a striped pillow under her right cheek. She has blue eyes. Pillow Talk's cap is the largest size, and has pink/blue/green stripes with pink trim.
Pink Dreams is a Flutter Pony. She is mint green with curly dark pink hair (long mane), and park pink eyes. Her symbol is a pink & blue striped sleeping cat symbol surrounded by three pink hearts. Pink Dreams' cap has pink/yellow/blue flowers w/green stems and mint green trim.
Nightcap (Earth pony) is a First Tooth Baby Pony. She is yellow with (straight, standard-length) purple hair, and pinkish-purple eyes. Her symbol is three pink & blue nightcaps in various patterns. Nightcap's cap has pink/green/yellow stars with yellow trim
Sleepy Head and Sleep Tight (Earth ponies) are a pair of Newborn Twins. Sleepy Head is light aqua with (straight, standard-length) pink hair, and pale pink eyes. Her symbol is a one-piece pink & blue striped pajamas. Sleep Tight is pink with (straight, standard-length) blue hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a yellow & blue cradle. This is unusual since all other Newborn Twins have matching symbols. Sleepy Head and Sleep Tight have a nightcap with pink stripes and purple trim and matching Party Panties of the same design.

The remaining accessories gave ponies lots to do at their party, including a sleeping bag (outside is white with pink/blue/yellow blocks and rainbows, and blue dots; inside is the same pattern as Pink Dreams' nightcap), tub of popcorn (sea green w/pic of Cherries Jubilee), box of cookies (pink w/pic of pegasus on label), sea green cloud-shaped record player w/pink moon arm (and a pink record that came in a full color sleeve picturing a rock star pony), sea green phone (w/pink receiver), sea green television set (w/Truly in a western program on the screen), pink milk carton (cow on label), full color "TEEN" and "SCREEN" magazines (with pony pics and headlines), "Rainbow Hop" game with multi-colored board, spinner, & instructions, five hair ribbons, and comb.

Soft Sleepy Newborns logo

Soft Sleepy Newborns were the only three of their kind. These almost life-size newborn little ponies were hard to find in stores when they were first introduced in Year 5. They are approximately nine inches tall, but are just like the little ponies with hard vinyl bodies and straight, soft brushable hair. They have Beddy-Bye Eyes with long black eyelashes that open and close, and you could also gently pull on their tails and their eyes would close. They each came with a bonnet and panties with white lace trim and multi-colored heart pattern, pacifier, large grooming brush, and hair ribbon. All three Soft Sleepy Newborns are Earth Ponies.

Soft Sleepy Newborns

Pink Dreams is pink with aqua hair, and pink eyes. Her symbol is a white & yellow pull duck. She came with a blue bonnet & panties, aqua pacifier, and blue brush.
Hushabye is white with light purple hair, and aqua eyes. Her symbol is a pink, white, and blue teddy bear wearing a blue ribbon. She came with a pink bonnet & panties (w/green/blue/mauve/white hearts); the ribbon on her bonnet is pink as well as the ribbon on her panties which is located under her tail. She also came with a blue pacifier and a pink brush.
Sweet Dreams is pinkish purple with dark pink hair, and dark pink eyes. Her symbol is a and white & dark pink baby bottle (w/dark pink ribbon). She came with a white bonnet & panties (w/blue/green/pink hearts); the ribbon on her bonnet is white as well as the ribbon on her panties which is located above her tail. She also came with a white pacifier and a purple brush.

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