Year 3 Ponies (1984-1985)

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My Little Pony's third year was their most obscure. It was like a lull in popularity before their major comeback in Year 4. Most of the Ponies in this year disappeared and were hard to find in stores after the year was over. But Year 3 is credited for several important events including the introduction of the first set of baby ponies available in stores, Megan and Sundance, the first Baby Sea Ponies (and the last adult Sea Ponies), and My Little Pony's second TV special. Ponies also came in several new poses and some now had curly hair! (Note: Pony's hair type [straight or curly] and length is noted below; curly hair [standard length] is slightly longer than straight hair; due to age/wear, hair may be shown uncurled.)

Earth Ponies logo with Cherries Jubilee graphic

Earth Ponies
Of course, Year 3 had its own new set of Earth ponies. They each came in new poses, and with a brush, ribbon, and round scented puffy sticker.

Tootsie is green with blue (straight, standard-length) hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a groups of pink & white lollipops. There is also a foreign version of Tootsie who had a white body.
Lickety-Split is pinkish-purple with curly (standard-length) pink hair, and purple eyes. Her symbol is a group of vanilla ice cream cones (white w/purple cones). Variations of Lickety-Split with white hair have also been sighted, which may of may not be due to fading.
Cherries Jubilee is peach with curly (standard-lenth) coral hair, and green eyes. Her symbol is a groups of and light red w/green cherries. Not sold only in the U.S., there was a Baby Cherries Jubilee.
Posey is yellow with pink (straight, standard-length) hair, and green eyes. Her symbol is a group of pink flowers w/green stems. Variations on the color of Posey's symbol have been sighted: dark pink, light pink, and white. She has also been seen with white hair. It is unknown whether her hair is just faded or if white is the actual color (same with white flowers).

These ponies appeared in this years' TV special "Escape From Catrina." Cherries Jubilee, Posey and Lickety-Split came back in Year 4 as So Soft Ponies (otherwise unchanged). Returning from Year 2 were Bow Tie and Applejack (not shown), now with curly hair, as shown on the backcard illustrations (not 100% confirmed, however, some non-US versions on these ponies were made with curly hair, likely based off of the Year 3 re-issues).

Unicorn & Pegasus logo with Gusty and Surprise graphics

Like Year 2, the third year had its own special collection of Unicorns and Pegasi. Several of both types of ponies also were carried over from Year 2: Firefly, Medley, Moondancer, and Glory (not shown); the backcard illustrations show Firefly and Medley now with curly hair, but actually versions are not confirmed. Although some of the new ponies disappeared later, many returned as So Soft Ponies in Year 4. In year 3, Unicorns' and Pegasi's symbols were glittery, either in whole or part. They each came with a brush or comb, ribbon, and round scented puffy sticker.

Unicorn and Pegasus

Heart Throb (pegasus) is pinkish-purple with curly (standard-length) dark pink hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a group of pink hearts w/glittery silver wings. A known, slightly different version of Heart Throb was made in Italy, with notable changes to her hair and symbol.
Skyflier (unicorn) is peach with (straight, standard-length) bright red hair w/white mane streak, and purple eyes. Her symbol is a group of glittery purple kites w/ (painted) blue tails.
Sparkler (unicorn) is blue with curly (standard-length) purple hair w/bright red mane streak, and purple eyes. her symbol is a group of and glittery blue diamonds arranged to form a large diamond (with one left over).

Unicorn and Pegasus

Surprise (pegasus) is white with curly (standard-length) chartreuse hair, and light purple eyes. Her symbol is a group of glittery purple balloons w/ (painted) pink strings.
Powder is purple with white (straight, standard-length) hair w/bright red mane streak, and lavender eyes. Her symbol is a group of glittery silver snowflakes.
Gusty (unicorn) is white with (straight, standard-length) deep green hair w/red mane streak, and sea green eyes. Her symbol is a group of glittery magenta leaves.

These ponies appeared in this years' TV special "Escape From Catrina."

Rainbow Ponies logo with Trickles graphic

Like most of the third year ponies, this year's Rainbow Ponies were some of the most obscure ponies. This year, the colors of their rainbow hair had changed to include melon, pink, aqua, and chartreuse; all six have straight, standard-length manes and tails. Returning from Year 2's were Moonstone, Starshine, Parasol, and Windy (not shown); their hair colors and hair type remained the same. Like Year 2, all the Rainbow Ponies had glittery symbols, had two of each type of pony, only this year, they all had new poses. Each came with a rainbow shooting-star brush & original comb and hair ribbon. Starflower, Trickles, Confetti, and Pinwheel (all unchanged) were included in a re-released mail-order set a few years later.

Rainbow Ponies

Tickle (pegasus) is purple with blue eyes, and her symbol is three silver feathers.
Trickles (Earth Pony) is yellow with green eyes, and her symbol is three red watering cans (pouring silver drops of water).
Starflower (unicorn) is blue with green eyes, and her symbol is a group of magenta stars. Another version of Starflower was sold outside the U.S. with a painted (non-glittery) symbol.

Rainbow Ponies

Flutterbye (pegasus) is orange with purple eyes, and her symbol is four magenta butterflies. Another version of Flutterbye was sold outside the U.S. with a painted (non-glittery) symbol.
Confetti (Earth pony) is white with purple eyes, and her symbol is pieces of red & green confetti. In the UK and Australia, Confetti was sold in Bow Tie's pose and she came wearing the outfit, "Wedding Bells".
Pinwheel (unicorn) is bright pink with blue eyes, and her symbol is four gold pinwheels (w/purple handles).

Pinwheel, Trickles, Confetti, and Flutterbye were also re-issued as part of several special mail offers in later years.

Megan and Sundance logo with graphic

Megan and Sundance are perhaps the two most recognizable characters in the history of My Little Pony. Always sold together, they not only made their debut in Year 3, but returned in Year 4 as So Soft and Year 7 as Twice As Fancy.

Megan and Sundance
Megan is best known for being the heroine the Little Ponies turned to for help in battling their enemies on TV. She first appeared in Year 2's 1984 special, where she was sought out by Firefly as an Earth girl who loved ponies and was willing to help defeat Tirek and the Rainbow of Darkness. She then appeared in 1985's "Escape From Catrina" where she met Sundance and the two became friends after Megan helped Sundance realize that she was special even though she was clumsy. In the special, Megan is seen wearing this outfit, as guest of honor in the Little Ponies' Parade of Costumes. Megan has long, blonde hair and blue eyes. Her dress is white with pink trim (of various designs) around the sleeves, waist, and skirt. She also wore pink shoes, white panties, and a pink ribbon for her hair. Megan has soft, bendable legs which are designed to allow her sit snuggly on Sundance, or any other adult pony's back.
close-up of Sundance's symbol

Sundance (Earth pony) is white with curly (standard-length) pink hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is pink hearts, triangles, and dots arranged in a circular pattern. A close-up of her symbol is shown. She came with a pink, velvet bridle with a flower (white w/yellow & green) in the center with attached reins.

Megan, though usually seen without Sundance in "My Little Pony: the Movie" and the 1986 TV series, is always associated with this one special pony.

SEE ALSO: Molly and Baby Sundance.

Baby Pony logo with Baby Blossom graphic

Year 3 was the year when a set of Baby Ponies first appeared in stores. They were each the offspring of an adult pony we already knew from this year or previous years. and their symbols were smaller or lesser versions of their mother's. Although they resembled their mothers, each Baby Pony was unique in her own right, some with also having lighted hair colors as well. They each came with their own set of accessories which included a large rocker (some shown) or playpen (some shown) with a heart-printed pad, one white diaper (in a yellow box in the U.S.; in blue Snugfit box in the U.K.), a baby bottle (white w/colored trim), brush, ribbon, and round scented puffy sticker. Other accessories included combinations of the following: stacking toy (multicolored rings & base), duck pull toy (yellow w/pink wheels), bib (white w/pink heart in center and various-colored trim/tie), or ID necklaces (that spelled out "BABY" in raised letters a different color than the necklace). Exact smaller accessories that came with each pony are unknown unless otherwise noted.

Baby Ponies

Baby Cotton Candy (Earth pony) is pink with curly?? (standard-length) pink hair and pinkish-purple eyes. She has three white freckles on her nose and her symbol is only a few white (odd-shaped) dots. She came with a light purple playpen with white blanket w/pink hearts & pink trim (crib & blanket are the same in U.S. and U.K.), duck pull toy, white w/pink ID necklace, bib w/purple trim, lavender & white rattle, and bottle w/yellow trim (same in U.S. and U.K.).
Baby Firefly (pegasus) is pink with curly (standard-length) blue hair, and light purple eyes. Her symbol is only one glittery blue lightening bolt. She came with a white playpen with a white blanket w/blue hearts & blue trim. She also came with a blue & white rattle, white w/pink ID necklace (or pink w/white), and bottle w/pink trim.
Baby Moondancer (unicorn) is white with pink (straight, standard-length) hair w/purple mane streak, and light purple eyes. Her symbol is a magenta glittery crescent moon with only two stars behind it. She came with a purple rocker, duck pull toy, bib w/purple trim, white w/pink ID necklace, and bottle w/purple trim. Baby Moondancer is the most well-known of all the Baby Ponies, being that she was one of the stars of "Escape From Catrina!"

Baby Ponies

Baby Blossom (Earth Pony) is pale purple with curly (standard-length) white hair, and light purple eyes. Her symbol three white flowers, and she has three white freckles on her nose. Baby Blossom came with an aqua rocker; smaller accessories include a bib w/aqua trim, pink w/white ID necklace, bottle w/green trim, and rattle (white top, bright pink handle).
Baby Glory (unicorn) is white with light purple (straight, standard-length) hair w/blue mane streak, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a glittery purple shooting star (with only one tail). She came with a pink playpen; I am not sure about the pad in the playpen, being either pink-and-white striped cushion or a white blanket w/multi-colored stars & purple trim. She also came with stacking toy (purple base; [smallest to largest] green/yellow/blue/white rings), pink w/white ID necklace, and bottle w/blue (or yellow) trim.
Baby Surprise (pegasus) is white with curly (standard-length) chartreuse hair, and pinkish-purple eyes. Her symbol is only one glittery purple balloon (w/painted pink string). She came with a pink rocker, stacking toy (green base; [largest to smallest] white, blue, yellow, pink), bib (w/pink trim), bottle (w/green trim), and white w/pink ID necklace.

The Baby Ponies were later given shimmering new look through a special mail order as Baby Pearlized Ponies.

Sea Ponies logo with Sea Mist graphic

Third year Sea Ponies had always been the hardest to find. This could be because they were the last adult Sea Ponies ever made. Like Year 2's Sea Ponies, these six new ponies could float and each came with their own shell homes that stuck to your bathtub wall with a suction cup. A new swirl-top shell was introduced and came with three of the ponies. Those same ponies also have a different-colored streak in their mane (straight, standard-length). The other three had curly (standard-length, less full) hair and their heads were tilted upward (on the back card, these ponies were shown with their tails curled back, however, their tails are curled forward like all adult sea ponies, as shown here); note that as Sea Ponies often got wet, their curly hair easily became straight and frizzy, as shown. They came with the original shells, like those from Year 2. Also note that unlike Year 2, some of Year 3's Sea Ponies have a color tips on their find different from their hair color. Sea Ponies came with a shell brush & comb, hair ribbon, and round scented puffy sticker.

Sea Ponies

Sea Breeze is pale purple with straight purple hair w/deep green streak. She has turquoise eyes, pink fin tips, and she came with a mint green swirl shell.
White Cap is white with straight purple hair w/blue streak, blue eyes, pinkish-purple fin tips. She came with a pink swirl shell (not shown).
Sea Mist is white with straight bright red hair w/light pink streak, magenta eyes, and pinkish-purple fin tips. She is shown with a pinkish-purple shell, based on the illustration in the Year 3 MLP pamphlet, which shows her with a dark pink shell, which is closer to the lighter pink shell shown in Whitecap's illustration, also not confirmed.

Sea Ponies

Wave Jumper is blue with curly pink hair (& fin tips), and light purple eyes. She came with a yellow-green original shell.
High Tide is yellow with curly pink hair (& fin tips), and purple eyes. She came with a pale lavender original shell.
Sand Dollar is pink with curly chartreuse hair, turquoise eyes, and blue fin tips. She came with an aqua regular shell.

*I'm looking for Whitecap's shell, as well as any confirmation on the color of both hers and Sea Mist's shell before making the purchase. If you have information or the shell, please email me with any information. Thanks!*

Baby Sea ponies logo with Sea Shimmer graphic

Year 3 gave us our very first Baby Sea Ponies (German: Baby Seepony). Ironically, they seemed to be responsible for taking the place of the adult Sea Ponies as they continued on into the next three years. Like adult Sea Ponies, Baby Sea Ponies have no symbols, so they are only identified by body and hair color. They have tips on their fins, sometimes the same color as their hair. These Baby Sea Ponies had either straight (standard-length) or curly (standard-length, less full) hair, but due to age/wear, may not be distinguishable in those shown; original hair types are noted below. Baby Sea Ponies were, of course, meant for play in the water, but they needed the help of their sea animal-shaped floats (fish, turtle, and duck) that were solid-colored highlighted with another color on their fins, feet, etc. Since Baby Sea Ponies and floats often become separated, it's important to know who came with what. Each Baby Sea Pony also came with a whale-shaped brush and hair ribbon.

Baby Sea Ponies

Splasher is aqua with straight purple hair (& fin tips), and purple eyes. She came with a pale green w/turquoise turtle float.
Backstroke is dark pink with curly gold hair, turquoise eyes, and orange fin tips. She came with an aqua w/orange fish float.
Sea Shimmer is light green with straight aqua hair (& fin tips), and turquoise eyes. She came with a pinkish-purple w/light green turtle float.
Sea Star is yellow with straight purple hair, purple eyes, and pink fin tips. She came with a pink w/purple duck float.

Baby Sea Ponies

Surf Rider is pale lavender with curly pale pink hair, blue eyes, and pink fin tips. She came with a blue w/purple fish float.
Tiny Bubbles is light blue with curly yellow hair (& fin tips), and blue eyes. She came with a yellow w/orange duck float.
Sea Shimmer and Surf Rider returned in Year 4 as Pretty 'n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies in the U.S., and Sea Star and Tiny Bubbles included in the U.K. set of Pretty & Pearly Baby Sea Ponies.

"Ember's Dream"

'Ember's Dream'
The name "Ember" is always associated with the very first baby pony. This baby Ember is only one of four with that name, however, she was the first baby pony sold in stores, while three versions of Ember, My Beautiful Baby Pony could only be ordered through the mail. This Ember was also not part of the traditional line of Year 3 Ponies, however, as she was not pictured in the annual booklet. She was part of a series of read- or play-along tapes that came with a book to head, an activity set to do, or a character figurine to play along with the story, "Ember's Dream" is from the "Listen 'n Fun" series, and came with an actual My Little Pony, Ember. She is lavender with (straight, standard-length) purple hair, purple eyes, and a white star as her symbol (she is also the only Ember to have a symbol).

"Ember's Dream" is a story about Ember and the Rainbow Ponies whom she admired because of their beautiful rainbow hair. However, she became jealous when they were invited to a party at the Dream Castle that was for Rainbow Ponies only, and she wasn't invited. That night she had a dream about the party being a trap set by a New York man who planned to cut off their hair to make rainbow wigs. The Rainbow Ponies ignored Ember's dream, and as a result, lost their hair. They also realized that Ember didn't act out of jealousy, but because she cared about them.

Note that the picture on the "Ember's Dream" Listen 'n Fun card shows Baby Blossom, not Ember. Also, there is another version of the cassette that in titled "Amber's Dream", however, the baby pony is still referred to as Ember on the recording. My Little Pony also had other "Listen 'n..." cassette sets including the Listen 'n Look book and tape set, "My Little Pony Adventure Book." One side of the tape contained the story while the other was blank, allowing listeners to record their own My Little Pony story. Another was a "Listen 'n Play" set entitled "Embers", about Megan taking the baby ponies (Baby Firefly, Baby Cotton, Candy, and Baby Glory) on a sailboat that gets caught in a storm, however, I don't know if it had anything to do with Ember, the baby pony. It came with a cassette, Colorforms (not sure if additional ponies were featured), and a picture book (no words; illustrations do not show any version of Ember) where the Colorforms could be placed to act out the story. Again, one side of the tape had the story, and other side was blank for recording your own. Note: Some info on the "Embers" Colorform book & tape is taken from the instructions included on the inside of the book.

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