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The third year meant a continuation of Pony Accessories that began in Year 2. Pony Wear became more elaborate, and expanded to include clothes for Baby Ponies, while new pony places were made exclusively for Baby Ponies this year, namely the popular Baby Buggy and Lullabye Nursery.

Baby Buggy

Baby Buggy
The Baby Buggy was on of the most recognized accessory in My Little Pony media. It is a frilly white wicker-look carriage with a pale pink parasol, both pieces with trimmed with white lace. The parasol has a pink heart topper with a pale lavender ribbon tied around it. The wheels are lavender with pink & white flowers in the center. The Baby Buggy also has a 3-level handle (white w/ pink & white flower each end) that adjusts to any adult Pony's height, for her to nuzzle the buggy along and give Baby Cuddles (Earth pony) a ride. She is aqua with pink (straight, standard-length) hair, and turquoise eyes. Her symbol is a pink rattle, and she has three white freckles on her nose. Baby Cuddles wears a pink bonnet with white polka dots & white lace trim, a diaper, and hair ribbon. Other accessories include a pillow and blanket (both are pink w/pink & green flower pattern and white lace trim), rattle (white top/purple bottom), bottle (w/pink band), and lavender bear brush.

The Baby Buggy was re-issued, unchanged, in Year 4, but Baby Cuddles was given the new Beddy-Bye Eyes that open and close (eyes are more blue than turquoise and she has turquoise eyelids), and she no longer had freckles; her other colors and hair are the same. Baby Cuddles (with Beddy-Bye Eyes and the Baby Buggy were then re-issued in several mail-in offers.
Baby Cuddles (original and Year 4 with Beddy-Bye Eyes)

Always seemingly younger than the other Baby Ponies, she was a popular character in stories including "Cuddles Goes to a Party" (in "Baby Firefly's Adventure" and Other My Little Pony Stories"), and in the TV episode "The Revolt of Paradise Estate" in which the furniture came to life and turned against the Ponies - all but Cuddles' buggy. Even when everything was back to normal, Cuddles and her Baby Buggy still had a special friendship.

A glittery new version of the Baby Buggy was introduced in Year 8 - a Princess Baby Buggy featuring Baby Princess Sparkle.

Lullabye Nursery

Lullabye Nursery
The Lullabye Nursery was especially designed to be a home for Baby Ponies, separate from the adult Ponies' homes like the Dream Castle and the Paradise Estate. The white building has a pink roof with a diaper pin handle and a blue & white (fabric) gingham bow. The sides of the building decorated with full-color letter squares that spell out "BABY" on the front and picture other letters on the remaining panels. The front door is shaped like a baby bottle, and the windows are done in lavender latticework. The My Little Pony rainbow logo runs over the door, splitting in the middle when nursery is open. The nursery opens up to reveal two large rooms and four smaller ones inside. The floors are yellow with various surfaces, and they and the walls have full-color decals of mats, pictures, and other objects. Three-dimensional wall fixtures include lavender hooks in the bedroom, a pink dish & bottle shelf in the kitchen, and a pink towel rack in the bathroom. In the living room/kitchen area, there are hooks for a pink hanging cradle to attach. This cradle can also hang outside under a pink canopy that attaches to the back of the nursery.
Baby Tiddley-Winks (Year 4 version with Beddy-Bye Eyes)

Accessories include a light blue dresser, pink mirror, white cradle (with full-color teddy bear decals), pink plush teddy bear, pink bathtub (w/blue faucet), white bath towel (w/blue trim & pink heart), pink bar soap, pale purple rocker, yellow rattle (w/white top), two bottles (one with yellow band; one with pink band), baby powder, two pink bowls, pink ID necklace (w/white letters), and light purple bear brush. The nursery may have also included other accessories.

The Lullabye Nursery came with its own Baby Pony, *Baby Tiddley-Winks (Earth pony; only Year 4 version shown). She is pink with pink hair, and periwinkle eyes. Her symbol is a white bib with a light blue heart on it. She also has three white freckles on her nose. Baby Tiddley-Winks and the nursery (nursery was, to the best of my knowledge, unchanged) returned in Year 4, where she was given Beddy-Bye Eyes that open and close. Her body color is more of a pinkish-purple, her freckles were gone. She has bright aqua eyes and purple eyelids. Baby Tiddley-Winks was again re-released in her original (non-BBE) form as one of the Playset Ponies in a mail-in offer, but without the Lullabye Nursery.

There is also a U.K. exclusive version of the Lullabye Nursery, which is virtually the same as the U.S. version, but there was only 1 pink bowl. It was released in 1987 (dated 5 OKT. [(OCT 1987]), though it is not a reissue. The box features both versions of the Nursery, one with Baby Applejack and Baby Lemondrop. Also it only shows Baby Tiddley-Winks (original; no beddy-bye eyes and with freckles). The colouring of her symbol is different; there is NO blue heart (the symbol is a plain white bib). Also, the spellings on the original box are UK English spellings and not USA English spellings. This version of the Nursery was made in West Germany, not Hong Kong or China (where US version was made)

The Lullabye Nursery can be seen as the Baby Ponies' home in the TV special "Escape From Catrina" and in the My Little Pony TV series.

*Descriptions for Baby Tiddley-Winks are based on the Baby Pony with Beddy-Bye Eyes and Playset Pony re-issues.

Collector's Case

MLP Collector's Case (Dream Castle)
MLP Collector's Case (Dream Castle, right side) MLP Collector's Case (Dream Castle, left side)
MLP Collector's Case (Dream Castle, lower interior)
This deluxe Collector's case was for the ever-growing MLP collection. Made in the style of the Dream Castle, it featured two levels of individual stalls, holding twelve ponies. Beneath the stalls, there is a drawer for Pony Wear (shown; ponies not included, and labels shown are hand-made [as I stored later ponies in this case; name stickers did not come with or were intended to be used in this case]). This case had a snap closure with a yellow handle (unfortunately, with so many ponies and accessories inside, it was not very sturdy, and the handle & closure was prone to breaking and the upper level bowed under the weight of six ponies). Ponies from Year 2, including Rainbow Ponies, and Spike (but not Majesty), are featured on the front and back (same pic on front & back), and sides. The Dream Castle case is © 1985 Hasbro, made by Tara Toy Corp.

Baby Pony Collectors Case

MLP Baby Pony Carry Case (Lullabye Nursery)
In the year when Baby Ponies appeared in stores, a case made just for them was introduced, in the shape of the Baby Ponies' home, the Lullabye Nursery. The case features nine individual slots (baby ponies faced to their side), in three rows. It has a white handle and snap closure on the right, and the graphics featuring mother and baby ponies are the same on the front and back; the left side shows Baby Firefly, and the right shows Baby Cotton Candy (sides not shown). No ponies are included with the case. The Lullabye Nursery case is © 1985 Hasbro, made by Tara Toy Corp.

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