Year 2 Ponies (1983-1984)

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The second year of My Little Pony was her most memorable. It gave us some the our most famous ponies including Firefly, Moondancer, and Bow Tie. There were many "firsts" in this second year. For the first time, ponies were seen in new animated poses; we met the very first unicorns and pegasi, sea ponies, and even the first baby pony! But one of this year's most memorable moments was when we saw My Little Pony come to life in her very first television special! Since then, My Little Pony took off on a successful journey that would last for years to come!

Earth Ponies logo with Seashell graphic

In My Little Pony's second year, there were several new kinds of ponies, but every year we still saw a new collection of Earth Ponies in the tradition of the six original Ponies. Of course, like all ponies, they all had symbols to match their names; each has straight, standard-length manes and tails, and came with a flower-shaped brush and ribbon.

Earth Ponies

Seashell is purple with green hair, and green eyes. Her symbol is a group of green shells, and she has a white diamond-shaped blaze above her nose.
Bubbles is yellow with blue hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a group of blue & green bubbles, and she has a white diamond-shaped blaze above her nose.
Bubbles and Seashell are two of the most unique ponies they are the only two ponies ever to have the blaze on their faces. Alternate versions of Bubbles and Seashell, made in Italy and not sold in the U.S., had white freckles on their cheeks instead of the blaze on their noses. Bubbles and Seashell are also unique because they are sitting down and are the only two ponies ever made in this sitting position! Unfortunately, this pose left Bubbles and Seashell with back hooves that Pony Wear shoes were not recommended for, claiming that they would not fit on their feet.
Bow Tie is blue with pink hair, and purple eyes. Her symbol is a group of pink bows, and she has white freckles on her cheeks.
Applejack is orange with yellow hair, and green eyes. Her symbol is a group of red-orange w/green apples, and she has white freckles on her cheeks.

Applejack and Bow Tie were the first and only adult ponies (in the U.S.) to have those white freckles on their faces. They were also the first two ponies to stand with their heads turned to the side which became a common pose. A slightly different version (same pose) of Applejack was one of a line of ponies made in Italy, as noted on her hoof. Also, sold outside the U.S., there were also different versions of Applejack and Bow Tie with their heads straight in the Collector Ponies' pose. There is also a Baby Applejack and Baby Bow Tie who were not sold in the U.S.

Returning from the first year were Cotton Candy and Blossom who became famous upon this return. In turn, Bow Tie and Applejack would later go on to come back in Year 3. Of course, these ponies all had the same silky hair and each came with a flower-shaped brush and ribbon, and this year, with a round scented puffy sticker with their picture on it.

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Unicorn & Pegasus logo woth Glory and Firefly graphics
Year 2 was the year when we were first introduced to the My Little Pony Unicorn and Pegasus (plural: Pegasi). These six ponies brought a new kind of magic to Ponyland. Unicorns have a single spiral horn in the center of their foreheads, while pegasi have a pair of small, bird-like wings on their backs. Unlike Earth Ponies, these magical creatures had glittery astronomical symbols. This made them delicate since the glitter could easily rub off. They each came with a brush shaped like a shooting star, and also each came with a ribbon and a scented puffy sticker. All of these unicorns and pegasi have straight, standard-length manes and tails.
A unique feature of the unicorns and most unicorns that followed, is that they have an extra streak of a different color hair in their manes. Note that the poses shown on the backcard illustrations for the four unicorns are the reverse of the poses of the actual unicorns, as shown in the photos below.
Pegasi's molded wings made it difficult for them to wear most Pony Wear. The pose Year 2's pegasi were made in was not used again very often, as their bent front leg made also made it impossible for them wear the four shoes that came with most outfits.

Unicorn and Pegasus
Sunbeam (unicorn) is pale blue with white hair w/yellow streak, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a gold sun.
Medley is green with green hair, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a group of green musical notes.
Twilight (unicorn) is pink with white hair w/ dark purple streak, and purple eyes. Her symbol is a group of purple stars.
Glory (unicorn) is white with dark purple hair w/blue streak, and blue eyes. Her symbol is a silver & purple shooting star. It is rumored that there is a yellow version of Glory, based on the existence of the yellow-bodied Moondancer (described below).

Unicorn and Pegasus
Firefly (pegasus) is pink with blue hair, and violet (blueish- purple) eyes. Her symbol is two blue lightening bolts. She went on to be the star of the first My Little Pony TV special, which was finally re-released on video in Year 9. Firefly is probably the most famous pony of all.
Moondancer is white with dark red hair w/lavender streak, and deep purple eyes. Her symbol is a silver crescent moon surrounded by red stars. There was also a yellow-bodied Moondancer who was sold in other countries.

Moondancer, Glory, Medley, and Firefly returned in Year 3.

Rainbow Ponies logo with Windy graphic

The Rainbow Ponies were a lovely addition to the My Little Pony collection as they would return in the third year. All Rainbow Ponies had hair in four traditional colors of the rainbow: pink, yellow, green, and blue. They each came with a brush and a comb to style their colorful hair, plus a ribbon and puffy sticker. Their brushes were shaped like shooting stars, but what made them unique was that on the back of each brush was a picture of a rainbow. Being a magical breed, all of the Rainbow Ponies had glittery symbols. Like several upcoming sets of ponies, this set featured two pegasi, two unicorns and two Earth ponies with each pair standing in the same position as shown. All six Rainbow Ponies have straight, standard length, manes and tails.

Rainbow Ponies
Sunlight (Earth pony) is aqua with purple eyes, and her symbol is a silver sun peeking out from behind gold clouds.
Skydancer (pegasus) is yellow with dark magenta eyes, and her symbol is a group of green birds in flight. Another version of Skydancer, who was not sold in the U.S., is an Earth pony. The rainbow colors in her hair are notably different.
Moonstone (unicorn) is blue with dark magenta eyes and her symbol is a with blue & silver ringed planet surrounded by its moons.

Rainbow Ponies
Parasol (Earth pony) is pink with purple eyes, and her symbol is a group of purple & blue umbrellas.
Starshine (pegasus) is white with blue eyes, and her symbol is a gold sunburst (surrounded by gold dots).
Windy (unicorn) is pale purple with blue eyes, and her symbol is purple gusts of wind. There is also a white version of Windy who's symbol is silver wind; another version has purple wind. It also is rumored that there is also a blue version of Windy from France.

white Windy
Moonstone, Windy, Parasol, and Starshine were also included with Year 3's set of Rainbow Ponies. Parasol and Moonstone were also re-issued as part of several special mail offers in later years. In fact, the Rainbow Ponies were so special, that they were featured in the story cassette, "Ember's Dream."

Sea Ponies logo with Seawinkle graphic
In Year 2, the first Sea Ponies were introduced. They made especially to be played with in the bathtub. They had the head of a pony (slightly thinner than Little Ponies) with a brushable mane and the body of a sea horse; all three have manes that are straight and the same standard length as earth ponies, etc. Their bodies were weighted on the bottom, so their heads floated above the water. They have no symbols, but their three fins (two side and one dorsal), are highlighted with tips the same color as their mane. Each pony each came with her own seashell home, as pictured. On the back of the shell, there is a suction cup that can stick to your bathtub wall so you pony could stay there when she was out of the water. They also each came with a special shell-shaped brush and comb, exclusively for Sea Ponies, hair ribbon, and scented puffy sticker.

Sea Ponies
Seawinkle is blue with purple hair (& fin tips), and sea green eyes. Her came with a pink shell.
Sealight is purple with pink hair (& fin tips), and blue eyes. She came with a green shell.
Wave Dancer is pink with blue hair (& fin tips), and light purple eyes. She came with a pinkish-purple shell. In the U.K., there was a set of Sea Ponies with one of they looking exactly like her, only her name is Wave Breaker.

Another set of Sea Ponies followed in Year 3.

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