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Archie Archie Comics Comics

I have several Archie Comics and Digest Magazines for sale, mainly from the early 1990's (and some from the 60s, 70s, and 80s), including "Archie", "Betty & Veronica", "Jughead", "Archie & Friends", "Archie's Pals 'n' Gals", "Archie at Riverdale High", "World of Archie", "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch", "Josie and the Pussycats", "Pep", and "Laugh". All item are second-hand, from my personal collection, meaning I cannot locate items I don't already have (I'm not running a business; I'm just cleaning out my attic).

Payment and Shipping: PayPal payments accepted (e-checks accepted but must first clear). Money orders are also accepted (no personal checks). Shipping rates vary and are approximate (all items are shipped from the United States); difference covers packing materials, mileage, and PayPal fees if applicable. Insurance is recommended for large orders; but feel free to ask about insuring any item. Items are mailed upon receipt of payment; I am not responsible for any payment that gets lost in the mail; if sending payment by mail, especially a large amount, insurance and/or delivery/signature confirmation (Certified Mail) is recommended.

E-mail me (no chat/txt speak please) if you are interested in or have questions about any of the items listed; please provide a valid email address to which I can reply, no phone (text) numbers. If you are under 18, please have an adult conduct the transaction. Thank you!

Please specify by book # and cover design which comics you want.

All items are from a smoke-free home.

As of September 2010, items will only be shipped within the United States. No longer accepting international orders - no exceptions!! Sorry.

Updated: August 2016

Comics (10x6½ in.):
Archie at Riverdale HighArchie at Riverdale High

-No. #70 March 1980 (Flag Run Folly)
(worn condition, cover detached) $1.50
-No. #586 October 1988 (summer school; Archie Giant Series) $2.50

Archie's Joke BookArchie's Joke Book $3.00 each

-No. #79 July 1964 (World's Fair) (worn condition)
-No. #90 July 1965 (transistor radios) (worn condition, cover torn)

other Archie comicsArchie & Friends:

-No. #7 March 1994 (blue paint; includes Sabrina and The Carneys!) sold!

Archie Pals 'n' Gals: $2.00

-No. #220 January 1991 (Moose cookies)

Little Archie: $4.50

-No. 67 October 1971 (very good condition)
(haunted house; Giant Series; Includes Little Sabrina!)

Archie's Christmas Stocking: $4.00

-No. #1 1993 (Betty & Veronica reindeer; 1994 edition)
(includes 1994 calender poster - not removed!)

Betty and VeronicaBetty and Veronica $2.00 each

-No. #45 November 1991 (bike safety)
-No. #57 November 1992 (Endangered Species Issue!)
-No. #61 March 1993 (Happy New Year 1993)
-No. #62 April 1993 (Valentine's Day)
-No. #68 October 1993 (hot beach)
-No. #78 August 1994 (Prom '94)

Betty and Veronica SpectacularBetty and Veronica Spectacular sold!
-No. #5 October 1993 (Special Swimsuit Issue!)

Betty and Veronica Christmas Spectacular $5.00

-No. 168 January 1970 (cover taped, worn -
Betty wants Archie; Archie Giant Series)

Jughead comicsJughead $2.00

-No. 141 February 1967 (fire poll) (poor condition, cover off)

Jughead's Brand New Jokes $4.00

-No. 7 October 1968 (cloud formations) (good condition)

PepPep (Archie)

-No. 280 August 1972 (wrist radio; includes Li'l Jynx) (good condition) $4.50

-No. 410 January 1987 sold!
(Hot Dog; includes Josie & the Pussycats)

Josie and the PussycatsJosie and the Pussycats

-No. 73 December 1973 (Valerie steps on Josie's foot)
(fair condition, cover folds, Archie Giant Series) sold!
-No. 74 February 1974 (ice cream parlor)
(good condition, Archie Giant Series) sold!

-No. 101 August 1980 (bike/boyfriend stealing) (good condition) sold!
-No. 610 October 1990 (lifeguards; Archie Giant Series) $3.00

(new series):
-No. 1 1993 (Giant Size 48 pages, poster - not removed!) sold!
-No. 2 Spring 1994 (cat poster; Giant Size 48 pages,
poster - not removed!
) sold!

Digest Magazines (6½ x 4¾ in.)
Archie Digest MagazineArchie Digest Magazine $2.50 each

-No. 112 January 1992 (clean room; 128 pages - cover is slightly worn)
-No. 119 February 1993 (Archie Santa)
-No. 121 June 1993 (studying in room)
-No. 124 November 1993 (motorcycle)
-No. 129 August 1994 (plastic snowman)

Archie Annual Digest MagazineArchie Annual $2.50 each

-No. 52 October 1988 (outfits; boys away from game)
-No. 63 October 1993 (Betty surfboard)

Archie Double Digest MagazineArchie's Double Digest $3.50 each

-No. 68 October 1993 (Muscle beach)
-No. 70 February 1994 (find the steak)
-No. 72 June 1994 (double vision)

Archie...Archie Andrews, Where Are You? Digest MagazineArchie...Archie Andrews, Where Are You? $2.50 each

-No. 86 April 1993 (C.P.R.)
-No. 88 August 1993 (alarm clocks)
-No. 89 October 1993 (buried in sand)
-No. 90 December 1993 (collector's show)
-No. 92 March 1994 (D-U-M-B)
-No. 93 May 1994 (mouse)
-No. 94 July 1994 (develop pictures)
-No. 95 October 1994 (sunscreen)
-No. 97 January 1995 (crying lyrics)

Little Archie Digest MagazineLittle Archie

(earlier series): $3.50 each
-No. 28 January 1988 (Christmas; 128 pages!)
-No. 29 March 1988 (dog eats pie; 128 pages!)
-No. 31 July 1988 (cherry golf; 128 pages!) sold!

(newer series):
-No. 10 October 1993 (ice cream) sold!

Archie's Pals 'n' Gals Double Digest MagazineArchie's Pals 'n' Gals Double Digest $3.50

-No. 1 November 1992 (back to school; includes Josie & the Pussycats)

Archie's Story and Game Digest Magazine Archie's Story & Game Digest

-No. 24 October 1992 (ball in Reggie's mouth) (some puzzles done) $1.50
-No. 26 February 1993 (prince charming) (some puzzles done) $1.50
-No. 27 June 1993 (buy a vowel) (some puzzles done) $1.50
-No. 28 October 1993 (par for course) (some puzzles done) $1.50
-No. 29 November 1993 (pin the tail on the donkey) $2.50
-No. 30 June 1994 (sore loser) $2.50

Betty and Veronica Digest Magazine Betty and Veronica $2.50 each

-No. 62 June 1993 (turquoise dress)
-No. 64 October 1993 (requests for Veronica)

Betty and Veronica Annual Digest Magazine Betty and Veronica Annual $2.50 each

-No. 10 October 1993 (introduce us?)
-No. 11 October 1994 (swimsuits)

Betty and Veronica Annual Digest Magazine Betty and Veronica Double Digest $3.50 each

-No. 36 February 1993 (warm up)
-No. 37 April 1993 (bows on hats)
-No. 40 August 1993 (hula dance) (numbered #63 inside)
-No. 41 November 1993 (Veronica balloon)

Jughead's Double Digest Magazine Jughead's Double Digest $3.50

-No. 17 May 1993 (lonely burger)

Laugh Digest Magazine Laugh Digest Magazine $2.50 each (unless otherwise noted)

-No. 72 October 1987 (sandwiches; 128 pages, includes Sabrina) $3.50
-No. 106 March 1993 (skintight snowsuit; includes Josie & the Pussycats)
-No. 107 May 1993 (extra credit; includes Josie & the Pussycats, Sabrina)
-No. 108 July 1993 (kisses; includes Sabrina)
-No. 109 October 1993 ("Three's a crowd"; includes Sabrina)
-No. 111 December 1993 (magic made easy; includes Sabrina)
-No. 115 August 1994 (Reggie broken mirror; includes Sabrina)

Jughead's Double Digest Magazine Archie Americana Series
The Archie Americana Series are reprints of some of the most famous Archie comics throughout the decades. These books were mail orders, beginning in 1991 to commemorate Archie's 50th anniversary.

"Best of the Forties"; 1991; includes the very first Archie comic story, originally published in PEP (December 1941) and many others; also includes vintage Archie comic cover art reprints and a forward by Stephen King; great condition; $12.00

"Best of the Fifties"; 1992; includes 16 stories and vintage cover art reprints and photos; great condition; $12.00

$20 for both Americana books!

Pachinko game and Money set-Jughead Pig-Out Pachinko Game sold!
1991, works great, no cracks, removed from package, but comes with original backcard

-Money Set $5.00
1990, "Real Play Money" bills (full set), Reggie money clip; great condition, removed from package, but comes with original backcard

Archie stencil sheet-Archie stencil sheet $2.50
1986, 5x9 inch pink hard plastic cut-out to draw outlines of Archie & Friends; some black ink around some edges, two rough spots on edge, no cracks