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Personal Sites
Kimberly's Attic -revamped in 2008
Character collectibles for sale including Disney, Archie, The Flintstones, Lassie, Sailor Moon,
Star Trek, and more...

Marissa icon
Oak Branch Woods -online since 2004
An original series of nature-inspired novels
Fan Sites
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We All Live in a Pokémon World... -online since 2000
Defending the misjudged series of games, animé, etc. since the height of the phenomenon
Dream Valley icon Dream Valley: A Collector's Guide to My Little Pony -online since 1997
One of the first and largest MLP sites featuring the original 1980s ponies
Heartbeat City icon
Heartbeat City: A Site About the Cars -online since 1996
My first site, and where I met my husband!
Owned Fanlistings*
Ash icon
DESTINED -approved July 2012
The TAFL.org-approved fanlisting for Ash (Satoshi), the Pokémon animé's hero
Pokémon Ranger Solana icon
On Guard for the Irreplaceable -series approved June 2010
The TFL.org-approved fanlisting for the Pokémon Ranger game series
*Joined fanlistings are listed at We All Live in a Pokémon World...

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